What Are the Features That Startups Need to Consider Before Developing a Lawn Mowing App?

To remove snow from a driveway or mow the lawn can be a time-consuming, challenging, and exhausting task. Since we live in a digital era where people can quickly request services through their smartphones, lawn mowing services can capitalize on this to create an app for ease of convenience for their customers. 

Eden app is one such app that allows homeowners to book for leaf removal, snow plowing, and lawn mowing services by providing quotes in just one minute and at their convenience. If you’re considering creating an on-demand yard work app such as Eden app for iPhone and Android users, you can incorporate the features discussed below.

Features That Startups Needs to Consider

There are several features to include in the app, but lawn mowing service startups can consider these four crucial features listed here before creating a mowing app.

Users Can Select and Schedule From Multiple House Chores Like Lawn Mowing, Snow Plowing, and Leaf Removal

Mobile app users always look for handy features that promote ease of use and convenience. A good on-demand service app should be easy, efficient, and fast to retain that customer. Ensure there are handy features so users can request multiples services such as snow plowing, lawn mowing, and leaf removal. Similarly, the app should allow users to book for additional services like mulch, yard cleanup, trimming, and pruning while allowing them to schedule services at their convenience.

Push Notifications and Real-Time Updates

Lots of people don’t enjoy clearing their lawns. For example, a young and working mom with a toddler may find it challenging to clean their yards, especially after a storm. These types of people are the one that truly needs the app. However, people may forget these house chores in their busy schedules. As such, ensure you include a feature in the app that can help them set automatic weekly reminders. They can also get updates when the job is done, maybe in a photo form or book a service in advance.

Live Chat

Startups need to include a feature that distinguishes them from other similar apps. The goal is to provide a quality that offers users a satisfying experience. One of the most crucial features an on-demand lawn care app should have is live chat, which allows the users to chat or resolve all their queries.

Ensure your platform provides an integrated chat or messenger feature within the app. Make sure real-time messaging is convenient and easy. It enables a stable connection between the server and platform, detecting whether app users are offline or online.

Schedule Services Now, Tomorrow, or Later on Eden App

You can include the option of scheduling now, tomorrow, or later in the app for ease of convenience. This feature is one of the many things that distinguishes Eden app from other similar lawn care apps. Also, users can access different options for yard size selection and for inputting lawn details.