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What Is the Best Time to Do Yard Work?

September 14th 2020

Before engaging in yard works such as mowing your lawn, consider the time. Cutting the grass at some periods of the day is neither good for your neighbors nor your plants. For people who work the regular nine-to-five, there's always a difficulty balancing the time to mow and at the same time, considering the disturbance on the neighbors. Remember, your neighbors and your lawns are living organisms, and therefore, they react to different stimuli in different ways. Mowing your lawn very early in the day will not only damage your grass but affect your relationship with your neighbors.

Yard Work Tasks

Essential yard work tasks include mowing, edging, watering, weed control, fertilizing, and repairing yard damages.



Ensure you don’t mow your grass too low as it can damage and expose it to diseases. Don’t cut off more than one-third of the grass blade.  Keep the grass height at the level recommended for your grass type. Depending on the season, mowing can be done weekly or biweekly.


Some people mow but forget to edge. This isn't good because the lawn will look unkempt when there are straggly grass edges. Consider investing in a good edge trimmer to put finishing touches on your mowed grass.



The watering needs of a lawn depends on the weather, although most grasses require around one inch of water weekly. We recommend watering less frequently and more deeply, which promotes healthy roots. Choose to water weekly instead of daily.

Weed Control

Applying herbicides in early springs and a spot treatment during the summer will ensure you eliminate the weeds. Also, a properly fertilized, watered, and maintained lawn will reduce weed infestation.



After seeding, next is to fertilize your lawn to achieve that lush appearance. The easy way to do that is to divide the yard into sections, and then fertilize it once a week until you cover everything.

Best Time of the Day for Mowing and Reasons its Best

The best time of the day to do yard work especially mowing, is mid-morning, around 8-10 am, just after the daily watering or dew has dried off, but before the weather gets scorching. This ensures the grass is dry and standing tall, making it perfect for a trim. Check if your lawnmower blade is sharp. Dull blades create ragged edges, which reduces your grass's ability to rejuvenate. Also, your neighbors are already awake or probably gone to work.

Benefits of DIY Yard Work

DIY yard work has lots of benefits besides saving cost, and they include:

  • Getting the hands dirty has a therapeutic effect on some people
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Doing yard work can serve as an exercise
  • Opportunity to know your lawn
  • Helps you mow the lawn to your taste Knowing when to attend to your yard without disturbing your neighbors will ensure you maintain a cordial relationship with them while spotting an immaculate lawn. Eden is available to do your yard work while you're at work so you can come back to a well-trimmed beautiful yard.