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The result of a snowstorm can cause inconveniences. It becomes even worse after the street plow has done its work, leaving your driveway with a mountain of snow. While you may contemplate whipping out a shovel, the task of shoveling snow is rigorous and lengthy. Afterward, you still have to devise a means to melt the snow.

If ‘By what time will they clear your driveway?’ has been your thought all over the winter, we are here to help you easily drive away.

One widespread practice every winter is the use of rock salt in melting snow. Salt decreases the freezing point of water, forcing the snow to melt and preventing re-freezing. It’s a quick, cheap, and effective method. However, its negative environmental and health impact doesn’t make it an ideal way of melting snow.

So, what is the best way to melt the snow?

Option 1: Hot Water

The easiest and cheapest method to get rid of snow is to use a DIY mixture using hot water. To prepare it, combine half a gallon of hot water, six drops of liquid dish soap, and two ounces of rubbing alcohol in a bucket. When you pour the mixture evenly on your driveway or sidewalk, the snow breaks up right away.

The hot water produces heat to melt the ice, while the rubbing alcohol speeds up the melting process due to its low freezing point. You can make more of this mixture to cover your entire driveway, and then easily shovel what’s left of the snow.

Option 2: Ice Melter

One concern with using rock salt as a de-icer is its toxicity to pets and plants. However, there are less toxic and environmentally friendly alternatives that you can purchase from local hardware stores.

Sprinkle them over your snow driveway according to their manufacturers’ instructions. They help break the bond between ice and concrete surface and prevent re-freezing when the ice melts.

Option 3: Snow Blower

snowblower is a good option when you need to move heavy snow. It’s also less physically demanding than a shovel. Depending on the size of your driveway, you can either purchase an electric or gas snowblower.

The electric snowblower may only go a short distance without a power source, but it’s lightweight. In comparison, the gas snowblower is heavier but perfect for longer driveways.

Option 4: Contact a Professional Snow Removal Service

If the snow pile becomes too much for you to handle, contact a professional snow removal service to haul it away. It’s more convenient and safer for your health. There’s also the advantage of speed and accuracy that a snowplow offers. In conclusion, you’ll get a better result from professional services.

If you don’t want to shovel the snow yourself don’t worry our trusty snowplow operator will clear your driveway! EDEN is just a Call away.
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