What Is the Best Way to Take Care of Your Lawn?

To maintain the evergreen freshness of your lawn, you have to be willing to make the relevant commitments. Everything you need to do for the wellness of your turf must depend on a routine. For starters, it’s vital to know the best time of the year to plant grass seeds to maximize the plant’s performance. Here are three helpful tips on the best way to take care of your lawn.

1. Remove Weeds

An increasing population of weeds on a lawn hinders the growth of turf grass by blocking air and nutrients from getting to the roots.

Lawn weeds can appear anywhere on your lawn because they have an efficient mode of dispersal and increased tolerance to harsh conditions. Unwanted plants commonly sprout as seed heads or flowers, that are distinct enough from your turf grass. You can eliminate them from your lawn or deter their growth in two ways; mechanically and chemically.

Mechanical control implies that you either pull out their roots by hand or with other gardening tools. In contrast, chemical control, suggests the use of low-toxicity organic weed control, such as fiesta natural weed control.

Another prominent, unwanted plant matter that impedes the growth of turf grasses is thatch. Thatch is a spongy layer consisting of root stems, dead leaves, and grass. It usually accumulates between the leaves and soil and blocks nutrients and moisture from getting to the roots of your lawn grass. Thatch is best removed from a lawn through a process called scarification.

2. Over-Seeding

You can revive worn-out lawns by spreading the entire area with a mixture of fertilizer and grass seeds. Over-seeding helps to fill in void patches on the lawn, restore dried areas, and keeps the weed population in check. If you own a large landscape, you can ease the burden of spreading your grass seeds by using good manual spreaders.

3. Improve Drainage

A poorly absorbent soil, ineffectual lawn plan, and inefficient drainage system are the leading causes of frequent water logging on lawns.

The water-absorbent quality of soil decreases with an increase in the amount of clay and thatch in the soil. You can resolve this issue by improving the aeration of the lawn soil or by changing the nature of the sod on your lawn. The topography of your turf also plays a defining role in preventing water logging.

How We Can Help

Eden provides lawn care services to give your lawn a perfect look. We can assist lawn owners in various ways, from cutting your lawn grass to pruning your trees. We can also help you create efficient drainage for your lawn and everything else landscaping-related you need.