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What is the cost of a leaf blower?

On an average, leaf blowers can cost around USD 149. Gas-powered leaf blowers tend to be more expensive, and can cost around USD 206 on an average. Corded electric-powered leaf blowers cost significantly low and can be bought for as low as USD 56. Battery-powered cordless leaf blowers are in the medium range, with average cost around USD 137. A high-performance leaf blower can cost as much as USD 619 while the small, handheld leaf blowers can be bought for as low as USD 17 at your local hardware store. 

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These are the average costs of non-commercial grade leaf blowers. The specific cost of a leaf blower varies greatly, depending on various factors, such as its manufacturer and performance power. To know more details of the cost of leaf blowers, keep reading this article.

Cost of leaf blower by type

The type of leaf blower you select will have a significant impact on the total price. Leaf blowers come in different types, including electric-powered, gas-powered and battery-powered, with each type having its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Homeowners usually spend most on gas-powered leaf blowers as these have the highest performance power.

Leaf Blower

Cost of Gas-powered leaf blower

Gas-powered leaf blowers cost around USD 206 on average. These are excellent for homeowners with large yards and lots of trees to look after. The higher horsepower in these leaf blowers also make it easier to blow leaved over a slope or a hill. 

Advantages of Gas-powered leaf blower:

  • More powerful than corded or battery-powered blowers 
  • User gets unrestricted mobility 
  • User is unrestricted to working near a power outlet 
  • User is not restricted to a limited runtime

Drawbacks of Gas-powered leaf blower:

  • Emit exhaust fumes that are harmful to environment and your health 
  • Gasoline has an unpleasant smell 
  • These leaf blowers are usually heavier than corded or battery models 
  • May be difficult to start for some users
  • Significantly noisy

Cost of Battery-powered leaf blower

Battery-powered leaf blowers are less expensive and can cost as low as USD 137 on an average. This type of leaf blower is considerably less expensive than gas-powered models but more costly than corded electric-powered models. This type of leaf blower is a smart choice for an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional gas-powered models. As these do not need to be connected to a power outlet, you get immense mobility with battery-powered leaf blowers. 

Advantages of Battery-powered leaf blower:

  • Battery-powered leaf blowers are eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered models
  • Easier to star.
  • Batteries are usually compatible with multiple battery-powered tools
  • User has immense freedom of movement 
  • Less expensive than gas-powered models
  • Less noisy than most gas-powered leaf blowers

Drawbacks of Battery-powered leaf blower:

  • Usually less powerful than gas-powered models
  • Additional weight of battery may make these heavier to use
  • Limited run time (usually between 15 to 60 minutes) 
  • More expensive than corded electric-powered models

Cost of Corded, Electric-powered leaf blower

Corded electric leaf blowers are the least expensive, with an average price around USD 56. These are the most eco-friendly models in leaf blowers and offer unlimited run time. 

Advantages of Corded-Electric leaf blower:

  • Excellent eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered models
  • Unlimited run time 
  • Most affordable models
  • Easy to start 
  • Least noisy of all types

Drawbacks of Corded-Electric leaf blower:

  • May not be as powerful as gas-powered models
  • Power cord restricts mobility 
  • Users are relegated to working near a power outlet (within the cord’s range)

Other Factors that affect Cost of Leaf Blowers

Besides the type you choose, the cost of leaf blowers is also affected by several other factors, such as:

  • The design of the leaf blower 
  • The power levels of the leaf blower
  • The manufacturer and brand of the leaf blower
  • The weight of the leaf blower 
  • The noise-level of the leaf blower when operating
  • The comfort and ease it offers when operating 
  • If vacuum kit is included 
  • If built-in mulch maker is included 
  • If there are multiple accessories with the leaf blower 

Additional Services:

Leaf blowers make it incredibly easy to clean up the yard. On the other hand, hiring professional garden maintenance services, such as Eden, means you don’t have to work at all. 

Let’s take a look to check the average cost of hiring professional landscapers to remove leaf litter from your yard or garden:

Leaf Removal Services

Professional leaf removal cost around USD 242.25 on an average, where most homeowners end up paying anywhere between USD 81.25 and USD 464.75

The total cost of hiring professionals for leaf removal is determined by the number of trees in your yard and the size of your yard. 


Mulching services cost around USD 85 to USD 300, depending on the size of your property and the volume of leaves shredded. 

A professional landscaping expert can mulch your garden or flower bed at around USD 17 and USD 68 per cubic yard using wood chip or bark mulch. Apart from this, professional installation of mulch may cost between USD 20 and USD 45 per cubic yard or around USD 43 to USD 98 per hour


You can hire professional garden services to clean the leaves off of your yard for around USD 45 to USD 112 an hour. This way, you can ensure that the job gets done well and quicker. 

Leaf blower

Cost of DIY Leaf Removal

The total average cost for DIY leaf removal is around USD 196.50, though the total cost will depend on the type of leaf blower, hearing protection, leaf rake and paper leaf bags you buy. For instance, leaf blower can cost around USD 149, hearing protection costs around USD 25, leaf rake can be bought for around USD 20 and 5-pack leaf paper bags cost around USD 2.50, bringing the total average to USD 196.50. 


The cost of leaf removal varies, depending on several factors, such as the type, brand, manufacturer, performance power and model. Make sure to buy the leaf blower which is best-suited according to your yard size and the number of trees. To get the job done well, you should hire professional landscapers, such as Eden. 

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