building a gazebo

What Is The Cost Of Building A Gazebo?

The median cost of building a gazebo is around USD 5,358 and USD 9,058, where most homeowners end up paying an average USD 7,857. You can expect to pay as high as USD 27,000 or over to build a custom-made gazebo, or you can buy a gazebo building kit for around USD 325 only. 

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Gazebos are common in larger yards, lawns and gardens as they provider shade and shelter. Gazebos are also excellent addition as outdoor kitchen or fire pit. You can choose to erect a simple, Spartan gazebo and pay for every addition to make it look more attractive, such as add tiles, lights, etc. 

The exact cost of building a gazebo varies and depends on several factors, such as if your gazebo is custom, kit or pre-assembled. Besides this, the overall cost of building a gazebo is also influenced by the type of materials used, whether you want flooring and roofing done, its shape, size, etc. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the different factors that decide the total cost of building a gazebo.

How much does a Gazebo cost?

  • National average cost – USD 7,587 
  • Typical range of cost – USD 5,358 to USD 9,058 
  • Lowest cost – USD 325
  • Highest cost – USD 27,000 + 

This is the national average price list for building a gazebo. Though most homeowners spend around USD 7,587 to install a gazebo, the total cost will vary drastically, depending on whether you choose to use a custom design, gazebo kit or premade gazebo

For instance, you can buy a gazebo kit for as low as USD 325, or if you have a higher budget then you can choose to get a custom gazebo built for over USD 27,000

Premade gazebos are pre-assembled and arrives completely built. All you need to do is to choose a suitable spot to install this type of gazebo. 

On the other hand, a gazebo kit is the most affordable option for homeowners. The material for the kit is marked and all you need to do is to put the nuts and bolts together, or hire a professional, such as Eden, to do it for you. On an average, you can buy a good and reliable gazebo kit for as much as USD 1,500

Besides this, you can also choose to create a customized gazebo. This is the most expensive type of gazebo and you will need to work with a professional to discuss the desired design. Be ready to pay a significant fee for installing a custom gazebo but it would be worth because you will have a unique and attractive gazebo in your garden. 

Gazebo cost by Material Type

The four most popular materials to make a gazebo are brick, wood, vinyl and metal. When choosing between these materials, you should also consider:

  • Budget 
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Maintenance level 
  • Suitability with environment 

The average cost of these materials to make a gazebo is:

  • Brick – USD 2,250 to USD 3,750 
  • Metal – USD 2,833 to USD 7,833
  • Wood – USD 4,200 to USD 6,667
  • Vinyl – USD 4,250 to USD 7,750 

Brick Gazebo 

Brick Gazebo

A gazebo made of bricks tends to retain heat, which makes it excellent for use in regions with colder climate. You can install a fire pit in, or near, the gazebo so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort in the cold winter months. This material of choice for a gazebo is excellent and aesthetically more appealing if your house is also made predominantly of bricks. 

On an average, a brick gazebo will cost anywhere between USD 2,250 and USD 3,750

Metal Gazebo

If you choose a gazebo made of metal, then you can be assured that it will last longer. Metal gazebos are less prone to sagging, twisting, chipping or warping over time, as seen with wooden gazebos. Though these gazebos may not have too much customization potential they give a sleek, modern look to your home exterior. 

Metal Gazebo

Metal gazebos are usually made of steel, wrought iron or aluminum. On an average, a metal gazebo will cost anywhere between USD 2,833 and USD 7,833.

Wood Gazebo

Wood Gazebo

Wooden gazebos often invoke scenes from your favorite Victorian novelist. However, despite looking elegant and classy, wooden gazebos have a higher maintenance. These can get damaged by wood-boring insects and the weather. In case of chipping and splintering, you will also need to perform maintenance touch-up, such as staining or sanding. Still, wood gazebos are commonly made of redwood, cedar, pine, hardwood or bamboo.

On an average, the cost of building a wood gazebo is anywhere between USD 4,200 and USD 6,667

Vinyl Gazebo

Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials and can be easily modified to resemble metal, wood and even brick. Vinyl gazebos tend to be more expensive but are more durable, low maintenance and highly desirable. 

Vinyl Gazebo

On an average, a vinyl gazebo can cost anywhere between USD 4,250 and USD 7,750

Some of the other factors that determine the total cost of building a gazebo include:

  • Shape 
  • Size 
  • Flooring material 
  • Roofing material 
  • Land preparation
  • Screen kits
  • Design plan cost

Gazebo Cost by Size

It’s obvious that a larger-sized gazebo will end up costing more as you will need to pay for more material and labor costs. To put this in simple words, an 8×8-foot gazebo can cost almost half of a 12×12-foot gazebo, depending on the type of material used. A larger gazebo will increase the cost of flooring and roofing materials. Besides these, the type of furniture you use also determines the overall cost of building a gazebo in your lawn or yard. 

The average cost of building different-sized gazebos can be around:

  • 8×8-foot = USD 3,150 to USD 5,850
  • 10×10-foot = USD 5,000 to USD 8,250
  • 12×12-foot = USD 7,150 to USD 11,200 

Gazebo Cost by Shape

The shape of the gazebo also influences the overall cost of building one. A hexagonal gazebo will definitely cost more than a conventional round gazebo. To put it in simple words, the more sides your gazebo has, the higher will be the cost of building it. The reason is that more sides means more complicated design and higher labor cost. 

Gazebo Cost by Roofing/Flooring Material

Gazebos are roofed structures so the cost of building one will also get influenced by the roof size, if it is a single or double roof and the material of choice. Some homeowners tend to choose asphalt shingles as these are most affordable roofing material for a gazebo. On the other end, slate roofs are most expensive type of roofing material for gazebos. You can also choose other roofing materials, such as wood, metal, glass or polycarbonate. 

The cost of flooring the gazebo is also added to the total cost. The exact cost of flooring a gazebo will depend on its size, shape and the choice of flooring material. Stamped concrete is the more expensive option while wooden floors can be affordable for a gazebo. 

Other Factors

Apart from these, the total cost of building a gazebo will also depend on the cost of landscaping, furniture, hot tub, lighting system, misting system, patio/deck, fire pit, kitchen, etc. 

It is strongly advised to consult with professional landscapers, such as Eden before installing a gazebo so you can get the most affordable and attractive gazebo designed for your yard.

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