Bush Trimming

What is the Cost of Bush Trimming?

On an average, bush trimming can cost you anywhere between USD 63 per hour or USD 10 per bush for a professional bush trimming job. Many contractors charge by the hour while some charge by the bush, the size of the bush and number of bushes you need trimmed. Usually, professional bush trimming charge range between USD 50 to USD 75 per hour or USD 6 to USD 15 per bush

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How much does bush trimming cost?

Bush Trimming

When you notice the bushes lining the front of your house begin to turn shaggy, you might want to hire a professional for bush trimming, such as Eden. Are you wondering how much you’ll have to pay for a professional bush trimming in your lawn? Here is a short breakdown:

  • National average cost – USD 63 per hour / USD 10 per bush
  • Normal price range – USD 50 – USD 75 per hour / USD 6 – USD 15 per bush 
  • Low-end price range – USD 25 per hour / USD 4 per bush 
  • High-end price range – USD 90 per hour / USD 20 per bush

The total cost of bush trimming depends on several factors, such as the area you live in, the contractor you hire and the number of bushes you need to have trimmed. In general, you should be ready to pay around USD 50 to USD 75 per hour, or USD 6 to USD 15 per bush

On the other hand, if you find an affordable contractor, then you may only have to pay around USD 25 per hour or USD 4 per bush. In contrast, a high-end contractor may charge you around USD 90 per hour, or USD 20 per bush

Bush Trimming Cost by Bush Size

Usually, irrespective of the type of contractor you hire, you will end up paying more to have a large-sized bush trimmed, as compared to a smaller bush. Thus, the per-bush flat rate increases with the bush size. The size of the bush also affects the per-hour cost of bush trimming, since larger-sized bush take longer to get trimmed, causing the bill to go higher. 

For instance, if you have 10 same-sized bushes that need to be trimmed in your yard, the overall cost of hiring a professional bush trimmer will be around:

  • Small bush (<2 feet) – USD 40 
  • Medium bush (2-4 feet) – USD 60 
  • Large bush (4-6 feet) – USD 100 
  • Extra-large bush (>6 feet) – USD 160 

Other Factors that affect Bush Trimming Cost

Apart from the size of the bush, there are several other factors including environmental and situational factors that can influence the overall cost of bush trimming by a professional landscaper. 

Some of the most significant factors that influence the overall cost of professional bush trimming services include:

  • Quantity: The quantity of bush, such as over 20 bushes, that need to be trimmed at a time can lower the price per bush. Some contractors even offer significant discounts for large jobs, same as buying in bulk. The amount of money you will be able to save will depend on the contractor you hire. So, it is advisable to request the contractor for bulk discounts when getting a quote.

  • Location: If the bushes are too close to buildings, fences or other structures, then they would be more difficult to trim than the bushes out in the open. The same applies to bushes in the middle of a landscape bed or growing in a tight corner. If you are hiring the contractor on per-bush basis, then you may have to pay a higher rate for trimming the bushes growing in confined spaces. If the contractor charged by the hour, the bill will also increase as it take more time to trim bushes in corners and near structures, which raises the rate in proportion.

  • Hauling debris: Once a professional landscaper like Eden has finished trimming the bushes, you will need to dump the trimmed branches, leaves and debris somewhere. Most contractors tend to charge an additional fee to clean up and haul the debris to a dump.  For hauling debris, you may have to pay an extra USD 25 to USD 100 to the overall cost of bush trimming by professionals. The specific rate for hauling debris after bush trimming will depend on the quantity of debris and if the contractor charges a dump fee.
  • Frequency of service: If you sign up for a regular bush trimming service (once or twice a year) you can get the package at a considerably lower price. Check to make sure that your landscaper offers regular service packages, and consult them on how you can save on cost.

  • Extra Services: There are several other types of landscaping services that are often combined with bush trimming. If you choose to add these services you will have to pay significantly more towards the overall cost. However, similar to getting a discount for getting a large swath of bushes trimmed, you can choose to bundle different landscaping services from your contractor to get a heavily discounted price.  It depends on the specific contractor whether they allow you to bundle different services together, or choose each service individually. Some of the additional services which are often combined with a bush trimming package include tree trimming, hedge trimming and mulching. 

Cost of DIY Bush Trimming 

Bush Cutting

Trimming bushes is not too difficult and even an amateur gardener can handle this task with the right equipment and knowledge. However, the ease of bush trimming yourself depends on the size, numbers and locations of the bushes on your property. 

The essential equipment required for DIY bush trimming includes:

  • Tarpaulin sheet – USD 10 
  • Gardening gloves – USD 10 
  • Safety glasses – USD 10 
  • Garden shears – USD 20
  • Total = USD 50 

To trim bushes by yourself, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Lay down the tarp at the base of the bush so it can catch the debris, such as twigs and leaves when you trim the bush. This setup makes it easier to clear debris after a bush trimming task.
  2. Begin at the bottom of the bush and work your way up using your garden shears to slice overgrown branches at the base. 
  3. Make sure to maintain the bush’s natural shape so the new growth looks streamlined. Also ensure that the crown of the bush (top) is narrower than the base so sunlight can reach the entire bush evenly. 

Make sure wear the gardening gloves and safety glasses before starting to trim the bushes as these help to protect your eyes and hands from stray debris and scratches. 


The average cost of bush trimming by professional landscapers is around USD 63 per hour, or in some cases around USD 10 per bush, depending on the specific contractor you hire. The overall cost of bush trimming varies depending on several factors, including the size, location and ease of access to the bush. 

Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with our timely yard work services that care for your yard according to the season. Call us today!

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