Tree Trimming

What is the Cost of Tree Trimming?

The average cost of tree trimming in the United States is between USD 315 to USD 750, with most paying around USD 475 for professional tree trimming services. For small tree trimming jobs, you should expect to pay around USD 85 while other larger trees may cost you as much as USD 1,267 to trim. There are various factors involved that collectively determine the exact cost of tree trimming. 

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For instance, the number of trees, their health and location on the property factor into the cost of tree trimming. You should be ready to pay additional if you want the tree stump to be removed as well. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what is the cost of tree trimming.

Tree Trimming Cost by Size of Tree

The size of the tree to be trimmed is the most common and important factor that will determine the overall cost of this landscaping service

Tree trimming

When you hire tree trimming professionals, such as Eden, they will need to bring in heavy-duty tools to cut large trees, which drives up the overall cost of the service. There is also a greater risk involved in trimming large trees, as compared to smaller trees. In short, the more difficult the job, the higher it costs. Companies usually classify trees into three sizes – small, medium and large. Usually, a tree less than 30 ft. tall is considered to be a small tree, a tree between 30 ft. to 60 ft. is considered as medium sized while a tree over 60 ft. is considered large. 

Factors that Affect Tree Trimming Costs

Apart from the size of the tree, there are several other factors that affect its cost, including:

  • Location: If your tree is located close to your home, or near a power line then the professional tree trimmer will need to be extra cautious to ensure that no falling branches cause damage to the house or the power lines, including any other surrounding structure. As such an instance would require the landscaping professionals to use additional equipment and put in more effort and labor, the total bill will be significantly higherMake sure to call your utility company if the tree is near to a power line. Many utility companies offer free tree trimming service for free if the tree is in close proximity to a power line.
  • Accessibility: The ease of access to the tree is also an essential factor that affects the overall cost of tree trimming. If your tree is located in a hard-to-reach place, you will end up paying more for tree trimmingMost professional landscapers use a bucket truck to reach the tree’s pinnacle. If the constricted space around the tree prohibits access to the bucket truck, the professionals would inevitably need to climb the tree manually. This increases the labor and risk, which in turn increases the overall cost of tree trimming.
  • Number of Trees: Most professional gardening companies tend to charge according to the number of trees that need trimming. Hence, the more trees there are to be trimmed, the more will be the final expense for tree trimming.
  • Tree’s Health: A tree’s stability usually depends on its health. Lightning strikes, weather damage and diseases can affect a tree’s overall health. If a tree is damaged, dead or unhealthy it poses a greater risk to the professional who climbs it to trim it. The lack of stability of the tree will require the professionals to use additional safety and trimming equipment which drives up the overall cost of tree trimming.
  • Pests: If the tree has pest infestation then it also influences the final cost of tree trimming significantly. Pests, such as woodpeckers and ants are usually signs that the tree is rotting from the inside, thus making it unstable. Besides, emerald ash borer and similar pests can also cause significant damage to healthy trees. If your tree is infested by pests, it may be unsafe for the professional to climb it. Consequently, the cost to trim an unstable, weakened tree is noticeably higher. 

National Average Cost of Tree Trimming

Across the United States, homeowners pay between USD 315 and USD 700 for a professional tree trimming service. 

Remember that the costs listed in this article are national averages. On a local level, these prices may vary significantly. Local demand and other factors usually add in to the overall cost of tree trimming. 

Additional Services with Tree Trimming

Along with tree trimming, you may often have to use a related gardening services too, such as tree removal, stump grinding or stump removal. These, in turn, add to the overall cost of tree trimming services. 

Tree Removal:

Imagine that you have planned a privacy fence for which you need to need tree trimmed and a stump removed to clear the way. Besides this, tree removal is also recommended tree removal to save surrounding trees from getting infected, or when the tree becomes a safety hazard on your property. 

Tree Removal

On average, homeowners usually have to pay around USD 385 to USD 1,070 for professional tree removal services, with most homeowners paying around USD 630. Removing a large tree can cost as high as USD 1,935, while smaller tree removal may cost as low as USD 150, on average. 

Stump Grinding:

The cost of stump grinding service by professionals is anywhere between US 158 and USD 450, for the first stump. The cost of grinding additional tree stumps is around USD 35 to USD 63 per stump

Stump grinding can help to boost your home’s curb appeal by improving the look of your yard or garden. It is also recommended if the tree stump poses a safety hazard on your property. 

Stump Removal:

On an average, professional stump removal services can cost around USD 326. For low-end projects, the cost is usually around USD 77 per stump while at the high-end, the cost can be around USD 1,033 per stump

Stump Removal

Stump removal requires removing the entire tree stump along with pulling out all the roots from the earth. This is usually required when the stump is posing an obstacle in your landscaping plans, or if it is causing problems with your drainage or plumbing systems. 

Cost of DIY Tree Trimming

Most homeowners with significant experience with gardening and landscaping often choose to undertake tree trimming on their property as a DIY project. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the average cost of tree trimming as a DIY project:


The average cost of hiring tree trimming services, such as Eden can cost between USD 315 to USD 700, with the national average cost at around USD 475. The high-end cost of this service can be as much as USD 1,267 or as low as USD 85, depending on several factors. It is highly recommended to hire professional tree trimmers from renowned garden experts, such as Eden for best results. 

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