What Is the Difference Between Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance? | eden

Lawn owners must nourish their lawns with adequate attention if they must maintain it’s inviting appearance. Lawn routines such as watering, pest control, and soil testing, among others, are examples of activities needed to nurture new lawns or preserve an existing one. These activities are classified into two: lawn care and lawn maintenance. These terms are often used interchangeably by the layman, but to the landscaper, there’s a clear difference. So, what is the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance? Let’s find out together.

What is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance includes all the efforts invested in cleaning up your lawn and outdoor property throughout the year. It pays little attention to the bloom of garden plants. Instead, lawn maintenance routines concentrate on mechanical activities to decorate your outdoor area and to keep it spick and span, regardless of the season. Lawn maintenance routines include:

·         Regular mowing

·         Routine watering and weed removal

·         Border edging for driveways and patio areas

·         Decorating outdoor walls for warm weather

·         Cleaning up lawns for summer

·         Pruning of trees and shrubs

·         Cleaning a concrete patio

Lawn maintenance is crucial to establishing a relaxing outdoor space. Still, it isn’t enough to take proper care of your lawn vegetation.

What Is Lawn Care?

Lawn maintenance keeps your lawn neat and sparkling, but lawn care keeps it lush and green. Lawn care routines aim to improve the bloom and vitality of lawn vegetation through the years, from turf grasses and shrub hedges to petaled ornaments and potted plants. Lawn care is sensitive to seasonal changes; therefore, it requires in-depth knowledge to do it effectively. Lawn care routines include:

·         Pest control

·         Fertilizer application

·         Soil testing

·         Weed control

·         Natural aeration

·         Mulching

·         Irrigation systems

Hiring Experts To Manage Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance and lawn care are delicate and demanding. Most homeowners tend to shy away from starting new lawns because they have a short supply of free time, working tools, and technical know-how. Keeping to a regular lawn schedule makes it even more challenging. But no worries, if your excuses are similar, Eden has the perfect solution.

Hiring a landscaping company to do all the work for you is one of the best things you can ever do to improve your home’s landscape, and still have time to spare on other interests. We can assist you with building a lawn from scratch, and introduce you to other fascinating ideas and designs to spice up the elegance of your entire outdoor area.

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