What Is the Importance of Aerating Your Lawn?

Homeowners usually focus on fertilizing, mowing, and watering the lawns when it comes to achieving and maintaining a beautiful yard. Many are unbothered with the fact that the nutrients they feed the grass through fertilization are probably not reaching the soil underneath. If you’re in this category, it’s time you include aeration to your lawn maintenance process. 

What Is Aeration

Aeration entails using a plug aerator or spike to puncture the lawn soil, allowing water, air, and fertilizers to reach the root of the turf. This process helps the grass grow, leading to a lush green lawn.

The Importance of Lawn Aeration

Aeration is a lawn care maintenance process that’s usually overlooked. However, homeowners are presently starting to see its benefits for their lawn. One of its importance is that it helps the grass to breathe while keeping the soil soft. Aeration is ideal for lawn areas that experience high foot traffic. However, the number of times you’ll need to aerate depends on your lawn’s soil type and quality. For instance, sandy soil requires less aeration than clay soil. More so, homeowners living in harsher climate regions will need to aerate more than twice in a year to ensure maximum turf growth.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

  • Aeration helps to reduce thatch or dead grass layers build-up on your lawn. Additionally, core aeration aids the soil’s microorganisms in decomposing thatch, allowing nutrients to penetrate deeply into the ground, promoting lush green lawns.
  • Fertilizer application that contained lime or sulfur after aeration is an excellent way to modify your lawn soil’s pH. When there’s a suitable pH level in the earth, the nutrients penetrate well, resulting in healthier turf.
  • Fertilizer and fall aeration is perfect for preparing the grass for winter dormancy. Aeration during fall will ensure deep penetration of nutrients, allowing the grass to store adequate energy throughout the winter months.
  • Consider aerating the lawn before and after seeding benefits the germination process since it helps the germinated seed to connect with the topsoil, creating a healthy environment for protecting the seedling.
  • Compacted and hard soils block the nutrients and air from reaching the soil’s core which weakens the grass, causing dead spot or patches on the lawn. Aeration helps to decrease soil density and relieve the compaction effectively.

Aeration Services at Eden

Homeowners are discovering the importance of aeration for their lawns. The failure to incorporate this maintenance process in the yard will likely result in a sickly looking lawn. Therefore, consider aerating your lawn so it can breathe some air and effect a lush green appearance. If you’re unsure about how to start, contact Eden services. We offer core-aeration service amongst several other lawn maintenance services like yard cleanup, leaf removal, and overseeding. Our experts are always available to attend to your lawn care and landscaping troubles professionally.