What Should I do for my Lawn in September?

Septembers in Toronto

In September, Toronto’s weather is slightly warm as the summer season draws to a close. The weather is not hot anymore, but not yet cold, with winter being several months away. At this time of the year, the city experiences an influx of visitors, who were trying to avoid summer’s heat.

September Weather– Last Days of Summer

As Toronto keeps up with the last days of summer, the weather is pretty moderate. Daily average temperatures can range from as low as 14 degrees Celcius to a high 23 degrees Celsius. The sunshine in Toronto drops to eight hours a day compared to July’s 11 hours. You can experience slight rains with little humidity.

Lawn Care

By mid-September, the leaves start to change color from green to orange, yellow, and red. They hit their peak of colorfulness at the end of the month, with several already falling off their trees. This change in weather indicates it’s early autumn, a time when your lawn needs the most attention.

In late fall, the weather becomes less warm, and during winter, you can’t perform any lawn care activity in preparation for spring. Therefore, September is one of the best times of the year to care for your lawn.

Here are specific lawn care activities you can carry out:


It’s essential to continue mowing your lawn during the fall. However, as the grass’s growth rate slows down, you should gradually drop the blade to its lowest setting. It will allow the grass to get more sunlight and withstand the wet winter months, as fewer leaves will turn brown.

Aerate the Soil

September is a perfect time to revive your lawn from winter’s damage by aerating. Depending on your property’s size, you can dig holes around with a garden fork or a lawn aerator. Aerating will aid the passage of oxygen, water, and fertilizer into your grass’ roots easily.

Rake the Leaves

Raking may not be fun, but it’s vital if you want to give your lawn grass the best condition for growth. Regular raking can prevent your grass from suffocating under the leaves. It also eliminates the breeding of fungal diseases, which occurs when wet and soggy leaves for an impenetrable mat over the grass.

Fill in the Bald Spots

If your lawn is experiencing bare and bald spots, fall is an excellent time to fix them. A quick option is to get a lawn repair mixture from a garden shop and spread across the affected areas.


September, which is the beginning of autumn, is a time to take lawn care activities seriously. You should consider hiring lawn care services if you’d like your lawn to have a professional look all through fall.

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