When To Use A Snow Blower

While some people clear their sidewalks and driveways using only a shovel, others prefer more sophisticated technology. They choose power tools over human muscles. While some have large enough property to justify a snow plow attached to their garden tractor or riding lawn mower, others do not. They opt instead of a snowblower.

Snow Blowers: A Brief History

Snow blowers are a wonderful piece of technology invented and patented by a Canadian for the first time in 1869. However, its inventor, J.W. Elliot from Toronto, never put the machine to use. It took another Canadian, Orange Jull from Orangeville, Ont., with the help of the Leslie brothers, Edward and Sam, to produce a viable machine in 1884. However, it was not until a Quebecer, Arthur Sicard introduced his finalized form in 1925 (He had been working on the machine since 1894), that you can truly say the snow blower had been born. It then took Toro, a Canadian company, to produce a hand-operated model – the Snow Boy in 1952. Since then, the technology had grown with various companies producing their own versions of the snow blower.

Using a Snow Blower to Your Advantage

Snow blowers caught on with the public for a number of reasons – many of which validate their use today. Snow blowers are advantageous for a number of reasons, but they are not always the best choice. However, do consider using a snow blower under the following circumstances

· When you have a long driveway to clear. In such cases, professionals, for somewhat obvious reasons, usually suggest a gas-powered and not an electric model snow blower. They also do not recommend a snow blower for long country laneways but instead a tractor – even a utility or garden version, with a snow plow attachment.

· If speed is required to clear a space from snow because you need to get somewhere quickly e.g. work, school, events

· When the amount of snow lying on the ground exceeds a minimum of 2 inches

· If health issues e.g. back strain, prevent you from clearing your own snow from driveways, sidewalks, and walkways

· When the snow is too heavy to shovel

Snow blowers are not suitable under certain conditions. They do not remove slush. They are also not made to remove the crusty layer that can form on certain types of snow under specific conditions. Moreover, if you are suffering from bad health, particularly a heart condition, a snow blower may not be your best choice. The weight of a snow blower and the stress of pushing it along can exacerbate certain medical conditions.

Snow Blowers and Alternatives

If you are not healthy enough to clear your sidewalks or driveway, or cannot do so for any other reason, do not purchase a snow blower or other snow removal device. Instead, arrange for a service to handle this issue. Consider obtaining a third-party service such as Edenapp, currently available from Android, Apple, or edenapp.com. They are there to help you make an informed choice on the type of snow removal services you require to ensure a safe and clear driveway and sidewalk, without risking physical injury. Using a snow plow contractor also makes sure your surfaces are reliably cleared when required, requested, and needed, making it easier for you to meet all your legal, physical, and psychological obligations.

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