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Trees are an excellent addition to your yard or front lawn. Healthy, well-kept trees improve the curb appeal of your house and add value to your property. Tree trimming and pruning, however, is a potentially dangerous activity. So, when it comes to cutting the trees in your yard, it’s best to play it safe and hire a professional. And don’t just hire any landscaper; make sure you employ a certified arborist. Arborists are people that specialize in taking proper care of trees and are equipped and trained to work on trees safely. Here are some top reasons why a professional arborist should be hired to prune the trees in your yard.

To Keep Your Tree Alive

Pruning your tree wrongly can cause severe damage to the tree, and even lead to its death. Every tree has a unique requirement when it comes to trimming and pruning. An expert arborist has adequate knowledge of trees and their needs and therefore knows how to cut your tree correctly. Arborists also know how to spot and take care of diseased trees.

Arborists Have the Necessary Equipment and Training

Professional arborists have equipment like tree cranes that helps them work on large or thick trees and branches.

Insurance Against Liabilities

Okay, imagine you were trying to get rid of a sizeable annoying tree branch, and it crashes down on your roof – or your neighbors’’. A scenario like that will no doubt cause many problems as your home insurance may not cover it.

However, professional tree care providers always have liability insurance, which covers you and your property in case of any damage, as well as a type of compensation insurance to protect tree care professionals in the field. So even though they are trained to avoid causing any damage, your home is protected in the event of any mistakes.

ProTip: Ensure you check the Arborist’s Certificate of Insurance before any work begins.

Staying Safe

One thing you should know is that tree pruning doesn’t just involve having a good saw and a ladder. Several homeowners have put themselves in danger and gotten severe injuries when trying to prune tree branches by themselves. In fact, according to statistics, tree workers experience six deaths per 100 accidents. So if you don’t know how to keep safe doing tree work, it’s just best to leave pruning to the experts.

Whenever your trees need pruning, or you just want to keep them healthy, an arborist is the right professional for the job.

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Zoe Campos
6 months ago

Thanks for reminding me not just to hire a simple landscaper and instead choose an arborist for the tree service. We were told that we might start experiencing heavy storms in the upcoming months and we thought that the old tree next to our property might cause some accidents. It would probably be safer for us to hire professionals who offer tree removal services.

Ruby Osburne
4 months ago

Nice Blog!! The content you have shared is very elaborative and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of knowledge with us.

Grace Thwaites
4 months ago

Thanks for writing this great article for us. I have gained good stuff from this website. Looking forward to your next article. I am happy to share this post to my friends. Keep it up.

Eric Davis
3 months ago

Thanks for sharing this very good post. Very inspiring! (as always, btw)

Cairns Tree Removal
3 months ago

This is so true. People that try to do any kind of tree service themselves can often end up causing even more damage than what they were trying to prevent/fix.

Thanks for sharing!
-Cairns Tree Removal

Vincent Taylor
Vincent Taylor
2 months ago

This article is very right as I had recently experienced with Tiny Timber Town & Tree professional services of tree pruning.

Arborist Okotoks
2 months ago

Good Stuff!! Hiring an arborist makes sense, when it comes to caring and assessing the health of your trees. It’s not enough to simply start cutting branches here and there. An arborist will ensure you don’t get in over your head and cause more problems and distress to your trees. Thanks for sharing!!

2 months ago

Thank you for this article! This message really needs to be known. My friend is a professional arborist and it’s ridiculous the amount of people who attempt to cut their trees and end up severely damaging the tree. The stats say enough… 6 deaths per 100 accidents! I’d rather put my trust in a professional any day.

Firewood Lower Hutt
2 months ago

I really appreciate you for publishing this blog here about why a professional arborist should be hired to prune your trees; it’s really a helpful and very useful for us. This is really appreciated that you have presented this data over here, I love all the information shared. Great article!