Why Fall Lawn Care Is So Important

As the warm summer days drift into mere memories and the nights get cooler, it’s easy to assume that the workload is done when it comes to your lawn. However, the truth is, the to-do list for proper lawn care carries on well into the fall and until the green grass is long covered by fluffy, white snow. While the continued workload may seem daunting, there is some good news. To begin with, taking care of your property during the fall can help to save your lawn major damage come spring. Secondly, with a couple quick thumbs taps on your Eden App, we can happily handle the dirty work. Let’s take a look at some of lawn care practices to keep your grass and garden springing back into action after the winter.

Debris & Leaves 

While many people think that fallen leaves and broken branches under the snow are no biggie, they would be wrong. When it comes to lawn debris, “out of sight, out of mind” is not the way to go. Although fallen leaves may leave a nice colorful tapestry on your grass, they are in fact dead, and will soon rot. This means, after that frozen snow layer melts, you’ll be left with a sticky, soupy mess of mold and rot. As for the broken branches and debris left behind, this means you won’t be able to clean up the mess with a machine, you’ll have to use your hands – So prepare to get dirty. Yuck!

Rogue Branches & Pruning 

Trimming back shrubs and branches in the fall has several benefits. To begin with the obvious, overgrown branches and bushes can take away major curb appeal from your lovely home. While the idea of a haunted-looking house is fun and festive for October, after that, it just starts to look like the bad house on a good block. Additionally, it can prevent snow piling on branches and causing damage from the weight, and promotes healthy regrowth come spring – Look at that, you’re already marking stuff off your spring checklist!

Aeration & Fertilizer 

Just because summer is dead, doesn’t mean your grass has to be as well. Keeping your grass healthy and happy until the snowfall means less time and money spent after winter. Since a lot of the grass will die off, with healthy regrowth to come, it’s best to let it die naturally and peacefully with the snow. By initiating proper aeration and fall fertilizer you can help revive your grass from the summer heat and give it enough strength to bounce back once the ground thaws.

Grass Mowing 

Mow, don’t grow. It may be too chilly to run your bare feet through the grass, but that doesn’t mean you can just let it grow wild. By keeping up with regular grass cutting throughout the fall, you are keeping your grass healthy and strong to allow it to survive the harsh winter. Much like trimming your hair, cutting your grass regularly throughout the fall leaves it fresh, nice looking and ready to regrow in the spring.

Power Washing 

Typically, most people don’t think that power washing in the fall makes sense. On the contrary! By starting the winter with a freshly washing deck, you can prevent existing mold and bacteria from accumulating underneath the insulation of snow, which means less chance of rotting wood and replacing boards come spring – Just straight to the patio parties!