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Save Time, Stop Stress And Save

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

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Artificial Grass

Starting Price $50


Starting Price $50

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Starting Price $50

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December, January, February

Services Recommended : Snow Removal

With no contracts or seasonal fees, Eden only charges for snow removal when you need it.

March, April, May

Services Recommended : Lawn Mowing, Weed Removal, Yard Cleanup, Fall Cleanup, Leaf Raking

With several lawn mowing packages to choose from, Eden helps eliminate your outdoor chores.

June, July, August

Services Recommended : Lawn Mowing, Weed Removal, Water Features, Irrigation Systems

We specialize in landscaping services that fit your personal style and the aesthetic of your home.

September, October, November

Services Recommended : Lawn Mowing, Weed Removal, Fertilization, Aeration, Leaf Removal

Our easy, on-demand services cover all of your outdoor yard maintenance and lawn care.

Lawn Care Services in Hamilton

A lush, healthy grass demonstrates pride of ownership and diligent care of your property, and it is an essential component of your home’s look and curb appeal. A well-kept lawn, on the other hand, might create issues. While some of these typical lawn issues are similarly simple to address, others are more difficult to identify, much alone fix.
For instance, when it’s summertime in Hamilton, most homeowners start to deal with brown lawns. Most people feel it’s usually because of drought, and they continue to water their lawns without seeing results. While drought can be a problem for lawns in Hamilton during the Summer, there are several other reasons why you can have brown lawns.
Your brown lawn might be a result of an infestation of grubs, bugs, and other insects. Even if you do everything correctly, pests can still cause damage to your grass. Surface insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms, and cutworms are common in Hamilton, and they can stress your lawn, causing it to die.
Weeds can also be a big problem in Hamilton. Many homeowners go through the trouble of weeds without even knowing. Notorious amongst them is the Crabgrass that continues to compete with your lawn grasses in the Summer. Because it is a warm-season grass, it does well at the expense of your lawn grasses. If your lawn has any of these problems, your grass will appear dry, uneven, and thin even with consistent watering.
Sadly, those are not the only issues you can have with your lawn in Hamilton. To get rid of these issues, you will need a lot of patience, time, and effort, which, unfortunately, you might not have. More so, it would help if you had a bit of knowledge to detect the issues and find a means to solve them. That is why Eden is offering to help you with your lawn situation.
Think about the beautiful city of Hamilton and all the activities waiting for you. The excellent golf courses and the fantastic skate parks where you can relax. You should be out there having a great time rather than getting behind your brown lawn trying to figure out how it can get green again.
Instead, you should put the chores behind and allow the capable hands of Eden professional service to take care of you. With Eden Professional lawn care, you will enjoy easy and affordable management of your lawn. Our experts have the experience and training to help you find fast and practical solutions to get your lawns green and healthy in no time.
Our Comprehensive Services
Our job is to make sure that you are happy with your lawn. To that end, we offer everything you need to keep your property looking green and healthy. Because we know that Hamilton lawns differ, we also provide custom requests. You can have us handle your request, or you can even have us figure out what you need for you.
At Eden, we offer comprehensive lawn care services in the following areas:

  • General lawn maintenance
  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • pH Balancing / Lime
  • Power Seeding
  • Tick and Mosquito Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Weed Control
  • Debris removal
  • Landscaping
  • Fertilization and many more.

Why You Need Eden Lawn Care Services in Hamilton, ON

Do you need a landscaping business that you can trust with your lawns? Or maybe you need a lawn care service that is trustworthy, dependable, and productive and gives you fair and affordable pricing? Then, by all means, choose Eden. With us, the answer is a resounding yes!

As our client, you will receive the following additional benefits from using our services:

  • All of our technicians are licensed and insured;
  • We have a customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to all of your concerns;  
  • You can track the procedure on your phone.
  • We are based here in Hamilton, which means we will be at your door right on time anytime you need us. 
  • Our services are reasonably priced and affordable.

Please speak with Eden now to book a professional lawn care service today anywhere in Hamilton, ON. 

Lawn Care FAQs in Hamilton, ON

Aerate your lawn with cool-season grass in the early spring or autumn and warm-season grass in the late spring. Aeration is recommended when there is a protracted period of dryness or drought. When watering is limited, this will enhance the route for water and nutrients to reach the lawn’s roots.

The cost of lawn mowing is determined by the size of your lawn and the amount of work required. A one-time visit could cost roughly $60 per hour, or a regular service agreement could cost $50 to $40 per hour. The typical hourly rate is $40. However, riding lawn mower services typically cost approximately $120 per hour.

Excess organic debris is removed from the grass by power raking. Aeration is used to break up compacted soil and promote grass-root development.

Dethatching does significant damage to your lawn and should be done when the grass is actively growing so that it can repair the damage before the next dormant period. After it begins to grow, dethatch warm-season grass in late spring or early summer. It’s advisable to avoid doing it around the middle or end of the summer.

 The adjacent property owners are not permitted to use hazardous chemicals or materials in the public right-of-way or on public land unless the city council has approved the use of such chemicals or materials following a recommendation from the parks, recreation, and trails committee.

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