Introducing Eden Hybrid. Automated snow removal all winter long, paid per snowfall.

Automated Snow Removal at your fingertips.


Automated so your driveway is cleared after every snowfall that has enough to be plowed


Billed per snowfall so you only pay for the service you use


Snow will be removed within 12 hours after the snowfall is complete

Sign up with your neighbours and enjoy a discounted rate. Email info@edenapp.com for more details

*within 2-3 blocks, contact info@edenapp.com for more details

Let us do it for you


Eden Hybrid will send you a receipt with an after photo of your property after every clearing


Your house will be handled by the same local contractor, to ensure consistency and eliminate surprises


Rest assured that your driveway will be cleared each snowfall

Why choose Eden Hybrid

  • Only pay per plow
  • No contract
  • Commitment free
  • Competitive rates

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