Deck Styles

Types of Deck Styles: A Beginner’s Guide

Outdoor decks provide a cozy and comfortable space to homeowners. There are various types of decking styles, which include attached deckdetached deckfloating deckwraparound deckmulti-level deckswimming pool deckentryway deckcolonial deckasian style deck and mountain style deck.It can be difficult to choose the right style for your property if you don’t know the features of each style.

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The factors that influence these styles, the best material for constructing the deck and the deck style, which is the most difficult to build. Wooden decks are generally the most widely known, but there are various categories even under wooden decks, and apart from these, composite material, vinyl and plastic can also be used to construct decks. In this article, Eden will be discussing different aspects of a deck in detail.

Attached Deck

Attached decks are the decks that are directly attached to a house, typically at the back of a U-shaped or L-shaped house. They resemble a patio in their construction, and the difference between the two is that a patio is made of hardscaping material like stone or pavers while a deck is constructed with wood or a variation of it like composite material made with wood fibers and plastic base.

These attached decks connect the exterior doors of the house at the back. They can be a simple construction with only a raised wooden surface or a slightly more extravagant one with a roof and railings and elaborate seating arrangements that can serve various purposes like hosting dinners, spending leisure time, etc.

Detached Deck

Detached decks are the decks that are not attached to the side of the house. They can be constructed anywhere on the property, even if the terrain is uneven, which is a characteristic that can help a homeowner reclaim an area of their landscape that may have poor drainage.

These detached decks can be simple and small constructions with a deck surface attached to some steps or large or elaborate constructions that resemble a pergola attached to a walkway, depending on the size of the backyard. Therefore, this type of deck is suitable for homeowners with different budget ranges. 

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck, like the name suggests, wraps around the house and thus resembles a traditional wraparound porch. The characteristics of a wraparound deck that differentiate it from a wraparound porch are that the decks are slightly elevated, and their shape and size can be uneven, while the porch is evenly shaped and sized all around the house.

The construction of a wraparound deck can be such that it is a simple extension of the house, or it can be elaborate where it is extended in some places to create a room-like space outside. This type of construction is perfect for homeowners who spend a lot of time in their outdoor space or like to host or entertain frequently.

Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck is a deck that has different levels which are connected via paths like walkways or steps. This type of deck style is perfect for properties with landscaping that covers hills and has slopes and uneven terrain that might not allow for the construction of concrete patios throughout the area at different elevations.

In this type of multi-level deck construction, one deck is constructed at the level of the house, and another deck or multiple decks can be constructed above the first deck or below the first deck or both, depending on the elevation and the terrain. 

This is an elaborate decking style that is good for properties with large square footage as the construction of levels will require space to make the deck structurally sound. The different levels can be designed to create a distinct atmosphere for each, which can be aesthetic or functional, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Side-Yard Deck

A side-yard deck is one that is constructed in the small, narrow space that usually connects the front yard to the backyard and runs along the side of the house. This space is generally not used by homeowners, and even if it is used, it’s a place where trash cans are placed for easy access and to keep them hidden from view. 

You can construct a deck in this space which could be functional like an extension of the room it is connected to (bedroom, kitchen, dining room, etc.) or a cozy private nook for relaxing with added privacy screens or it could be used for aesthetic purposes like placing potted plants. This is usually a simple construction as the space is too small for an elaborate one.

Swimming Pool Deck

A swimming pool deck is one that is constructed in the area that surrounds a swimming pool. This type of deck can be level with the ground or can be a raised platform. Constructing a wooden deck around the swimming pool will allow some respite from the heat compared to concrete or stone for swimmers who have to walk barefoot, as wood does not absorb as much heat as hardscapes.

A raised deck is also a good choice to install around a swimming pool as it provides space to relax in the warm sun and for parents to keep an eye on their children playing in the pool. Swimming pool decks are also a great choice for above the ground pools as they provide a convenient space to move and access the pool.

Entryway Deck

An entryway deck, like the name suggests, is constructed at the entrance of the house. Its construction resembles a porch; the difference is that an entryway deck may not be completely covered.

The characteristic of this type of decking style is that it is constructed to look like a direct extension of the house and like it was built by the same builder, using the same materials. The design also matches that of the house perfectly so that there are no awkward gaps in the style that make this deck look like an afterthought.

Colonial Deck

Colonial style decks are decks that incorporate the colonial architectural elements in their style. The characteristics of this style are symmetrical patterns, white and brightly finished railing for the deck, broad posts and typical colonial style spindles. The more elaborate designs of decks in colonial style have matching pergolas and built in planters and benches in the same style.

Colonial homes convey a sense of grandeur through their construction and this style is used when designing the deck as well so that the deck looks a perfect part of the largeness and grandeur of the house. For the white railings, homeowners use vinyl or composite material railings to give an elegant and clean finish. 

Asian Style Deck

Asian style decks are decks that incorporate Asian design elements in their construction and style. The main characteristic of the Asian style is a balance between the various opposite elements like light and dark, gentle and rough, firm and soft, etc. Instead of only the deck being in this style, like was the case for all the above types of decks,

To incorporate this idea into your deck style, you can surround a dark wooden platform deck with hardscaping elements like landscaping rocks or pavers; add some plants and ornamental grasses to create a balance between the living and nonliving elements of your outdoor space. 

12. Mountain Style Deck

Mountain style decks are decks that have a rustic natural style to them, and they are mostly constructed as a lookout space in places that have an elevated natural view outside. They are characterized by the use of heavy-looking posts and railings in their design and are styled to give the feeling of living in a cabin in the woods or a log cabin in the mountains.

Mountain-style decks are inspired by nature. Therefore locally sourced timber can and stones can be used to create a space that is harmonious with the natural view around it. This type of deck is constructed to look massive and stronger than other deck styles in this list. 

What Factors Influence Deck Styles?

Choosing the right deck style for your property involves understanding the various factors that influence deck styles. Eden brings you the three main factors:

  • The Space Available – The deck you choose to install on your property should be able to fit correctly in the space available in your yard without overwhelming it. Installing a very large or elaborate deck can make small yards look even smaller as there’s not a lot of open space left after installation. 
  • Architectural Style of the House – When a deck is installed to an already existing property, it should complement the design and style of the house as well as the shape and size. For example, a small platform or attached deck will look odd and not match the size of a property that spans a large area over different elevations. 
  • The Primary Function of the Deck – It is important to have an understanding of what you will be using the deck for before constructing it so that you can use the space effectively and construct it in the right place on your property. If you are going to have small kids playing on a raised deck, then it will be better to install railings on the deck to keep the children safe. 

What is the Most Widely Used Deck Style Pattern?

The most widely used deck style is the attached platform deck, which is usually built with boards that run parallel to the house. This provides an easy, functional and low maintenance space that can be constructed to match various preferences and to match different budget ranges. There is usually a door that will directly allow the owner to access the deck from the interior of the house. 

What is the Best Decking Material?

The best decking material is pressure-treated wood as it is the most popular material used for decking material, especially in newer constructions. Pressure or chemically-treated wood is wood that has been treated with chemicals to make it rot, insect and mold resistant. 

It gives a natural wood finish and is easy to cut, handle and install, which makes it a popular choice for DIY constructions. It is also durable and visually appealing, adding to its charms and making more and more homeowners gravitate towards pressure-treated wood. If you want to know more about the various materials used for deck construction, you can read Eden’s article about decking materials.

Does Eden Offer Customization of Deck Styles?

Yes, Eden offers customization of deck styles. From the first consultation to the final product where the deck is installed and functional, we work with our clients to make sure all their requirements, preferences and expectations are met while offering our professional opinions to ensure the final result is the best possible one. We have been providing reliable and high-quality landscape and deck installation services across the United States and parts of Canada for many years now. Therefore, you can rest assured that the professionals at Eden will install the best possible deck style for your property. For more information, contact Eden.

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