Designs of Fire Pits

Types of Fire Pits Designs for Landscaping

A fire pit is a container in which a fire can be built outdoors. Some of the popular fire pit designs include statement piece fire pits design, private oasis fire pit design, Atlantic Idyll fire pit design, brick and bluestone fire pit design, fanyon cool fire pit design, mid mod marvel fire pit design, modern primitive fire pit design and low slung lounging fire pit designs

Fire pits have evolved from this basic level to various designs made of different materials and shapes. Since rocks like sandstone, limestone and pumice are porous and therefore can absorb heat easily and explode, they are not used in fire pits. Materials like lava rocks, poured concrete, lava glass, fire-rated bricks, on the other hand, are most suitable to be used in a fire pit.

In this article, Edenapp brings you a list of beautiful fire pit ideas for every kind of space.

The various fire pit designs that Edenapp is going to discuss in detail are as follows:

  • Statement Piece Fire Pits Design
  • Private Oasis Fire Pit Design
  • Atlantic Idyll Fire Pit Design
  • Brick and Bluestone Fire Pit Design
  • Canyon Cool fire Pit Design
  • Mid-Mod Marvel Fire Pit Design
  • Modern Primitive Fire Pit Design
  • Low-Slung Lounging Fire Pit Design

1. Statement Piece Fire Pits Design

A statement piece is an item that is bold and stands out wherever it is placed. This term is typically used in the fashion industry, where a statement piece is the first element that is noticed in someone’s outfit. The term is also used in the interior design industry, where a particular item is the focal point of the room. The statement piece fire pit design is inspired by these.

In this design, the fire pit is constructed and placed in a way that makes it the center of attention. To make the fire pit the statement piece, the rest of its surrounding is generally kept bare or minimalistic so that a viewer’s attention is not divided. 

Edenapp suggests constructing a bold and unique fire pit and placing it at the center of the location you have chosen. Surround it with minimalistic seating, keeping everything simple so that the fire pit stands out.

2. Private Oasis Fire Pit Design

An oasis is typically defined as a location in a desert where the water comes up from the ground and thus makes the surrounding area fertile. Therefore, an oasis is the representation of a place of respite or refuge from difficult situations, just like travelers in a desert would stop at an oasis to take a break from the hot and dry desert conditions. This is what the private oasis fire pit design is inspired by.

In this design, the fire pit is constructed in a space where it is surrounded by tall native grasses to give a sense of seclusion and privacy. Along with the tall grasses, perennials and annuals can be mixed and planted to add color to the surroundings of the fire pit. The fire pit itself can be structured in a way that the property owner desires.

The fire pit and its seating area are generally not made large in this design to perfectly represent the quiet and intimate feeling of a private oasis. Edenapp suggests using a gas fire pit in this design to ensure the embers from wood fires don’t waft towards the grass surrounding the fire pit.

3. Atlantic Idyll Fire Pit Design

The word ‘idyll’ evokes a picturesque, peaceful and happy atmosphere, an ‘ideal’ atmosphere in other words. Combine this with ‘Atlantic,’ and you get an ideal scenery of sunset at the coast. This is what inspired this Atlantic Idyll fire pit design.

If your property is near the harbor or borders the coast, then this fire pit design is perfect for you. In this design, the fire pit is constructed to overlook the sea, ocean, or even a lake if you prefer that. The seating around the fire pit is constructed or placed in a way that does not obstruct the view of the water. 

Flagstone or any other stone that will give a rugged natural look to the fire pit and make it blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings can be used to construct this fire pit.

4. Brick and Bluestone Fire Pit Design

As mentioned earlier, there are some stones that should not be used in the construction of fire pits, as their low heat-bearing capacity might cause them to explode. But if you want variety in your landscape, there needs to be a certain level of departure from the traditional materials. The good news is that masonry techniques like adding veneers and coping increase the insulation and thermal performance of some stones, making it possible to use them in constructing fire pits.

The creation of the brick and bluestone fire pit design is an example of this technique. In this design, the patio surrounding the fire pit is made of bluestone, and the house itself is a brick house. To complement these, veneer and thermal coping are used to create a fire pit that uses blue stone on its top circular opening surface (called the ‘cap’), and the chairs that make up the seating area around the fire pit are made of teak wood to complement the brick house.

5. Canyon Cool Fire Pit Design

A canyon (originating from the Spanish word cañon) is a deep and narrow valley with steep mountain slopes rising on either side. The canyon cool fire pit design is inspired by this and is perfect for properties on higher altitudes.

This fire pit is designed to overlook the beautiful view below, with a railing on the edge of the property for safety purposes. Edenapp recommends keeping the fire pit design minimalistic, so it does not take away from the surrounding view. But minimalism does not have to be boring.

Incorporate California chic vibes with wide cushions on the seating area and stone side tables surrounding a primitive stone container fire pit. You can also add wide floor pillows to the bare spaces on the patio. 

6. Mid-Mod Marvel Fire Pit Design

Mid-mod expands to mid-century modern architecture and style. The design characteristics of this particular style are neutral tones, minimal ornamentation, clean and geometric lines, muted curves and a blend between the outdoors and the indoors. These features have inspired the mid-mod marvel fire pit design.

In this design, a gas fire pit is constructed with materials that are either the same as the materials used in the structure of the house or are perfect complements to them to ensure a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. The shape of the fire pit is square or rectangle to create clean lines.

The seating arrangement is basic and minimal, with a gravel base and benches whose seats and cushions match and complement the color of the fire pit stones. The surrounding decor is kept minimal with no small ornaments, but a single statement piece can be incorporated if the property owner desires.

7. Modern Primitive Fire Pit Design

Modern primitive fire pit design implies exactly what the name suggests – a blend between modern and primitive styles. This type of fire pit design is inspired by primitive fires and follows the aesthetic of creating fire in a rocky surrounding, borrowing the feel of the rocky caves of the primitive age.

This fire pit design is created by surrounding the fire pit with various craggy rocks placed strategically; a stone staircase can also be added to lead up to the property or lead down to the fire pit. The key point here is to ensure that the rocks look rugged and not polished. Some native grass and other textural plantings can be interspersed between the rocks to add to the primitive aesthetic. 

The fire pit, in this case, has a rustic stone look, and its surrounding is made of gravel to add to the grittiness of the look.

This entire primitive and rugged look will complement a sleek modern house with full paneled glass windows perfectly. Therefore the name – modern primitive fire pit design.

8. Low-Slung Lounging Fire Pit Design

A low-slung fire pit is one that does not have a raised body or container. Instead, the fire pit is more in-ground and flush with the paver or patio surrounding it. This fire pit design is inspired by the lounge-like informal setting that a low-slung fire pit creates.

This kind of fire pit design is made by constructing the fire pit into the ground (below ground level) and then creating the patio on top of the surface surrounding the pit. This fire pit will have no part of it above the patio level. Small, colorful gravel can be used to surround the fire pit to finish the look.

This in-ground or low-slung fire pit is then surrounded with comfortable seating, recreating an informal lounge-like atmosphere. For a sophisticated look, polished stones can be used to build the patio and for a more rugged look, pavers can be used.

Which type of Fire Pit Design is easy to Build?

The easiest fire pit design to construct is the low-slung or in-ground fire pit. It is a good design to start with if you want to construct a fire pit yourself. Edenapp brings you an easy DIY method.

To build an in-ground fire pit, you have to first choose an area in your outdoor space where water is unlikely to puddle. Mark the dimensions of the fire pit and the surrounding area and then start to dig. The depth of the fire pit must be more than that of the seating area you are going to create on top. 

Fill the fire pit with some filler material like sand and then arrange concrete blocks or on top of it to form the border of the fire pit. Slowly start filling the entire area with paver material till it reaches the desired level. Make sure to fill the concrete blocks as well.

Once the desired level is reached, you need to smoothen the surface before you lay the pavers. To do this, lay PVC pipes equidistantly so that one end touches the edge of the fire pit and the other touches the inner edge of the seating area. Pour more paver material and level it using a 2×4 wooden plank. 

Check the level and once you are satisfied, start laying the paver stones on top. Once the entire area is covered, fill the gaps between the paver stones with bonding sand. Clean off the extra sand using a leaf blower and then water the area.

Which type of Fire Pit design is less Expensive?

The cost to construct a fire pit depends on multiple factors like the materials used to construct the fire pit, the type of fuel used, whether you hire a contractor and if you want to construct a full patio or just a simple seating area around the fire pit.

Installing a gas fire pit is convenient, but it is only cheap if you install a pre-made fire pit. If you want to install a custom gas fire pit and connect the gas line to the one that runs your house, it becomes a pretty expensive option. Wood burning fire pits are a cheaper alternative to this.

Regarding the materials used to construct the fire pit, concrete blocks and mortar are the cheapest, while quarried blocks or natural stones are more expensive. And even within the natural stone group, not all of them are created equal, so the price varies.

Some people prefer constructing a full patio complementing the fire pit, while others prefer a seating area. The former is more expensive than the latter.

The final factor that will determine the cost of your fire pit project is whether you hire a contractor to install the fire pit or do it yourself. While DIY projects are cheaper, not every fire pit can be installed without professional expertise and knowledge. For example, if you want to construct a custom gas fire pit that requires a gas line connection, then it is natural that you will need a professional to install it.

Based on these factors, the in-ground or low-slung fire pit mentioned above is a less expensive fire pit design as cheap materials like concrete blocks, mortar and sand are used to construct it. This design also includes only a seating area instead of a full patio, and no professional assistance is required for construction. If any of these aspects are changed, the price will become higher.

Other less expensive design options on this list are the statement piece and the mid-mod marvel fire pit designs. The common factor in these two designs is minimalism. The fire pits are the main attractions in these designs, and therefore, other elements are not required.

When the fire pit is used as a statement piece, the seating area and the surroundings are kept simple. Therefore, the main investment in this design is only the firepit, thus reducing the cost of other elements. The average price range of a fire pit is $300 to $1400. If you purchase a unique and bold fire pit that belongs in the lower half of that range, then that is going to be the most you will be spending on one element in this design. Every other element will be designed around the fire pit.

Similarly, in the mid-mod marvel fire pit design, everything is minimalistic, including the firepit. The focus is on creating a space that can blend in with the house itself. Therefore, the space will be small, with only a simple gravel seating area and no extended patio. The materials used can be the materials left over from the construction of the house, and even if new materials are purchased, they won’t cost a lot since the construction area is small and the structure simple.

Which type of Fire Pit Design is Expensive?

In this list, the brick and bluestone fire pit design is the more expensive one. This is because the bluestone used here is a natural stone, and therefore it is more expensive to acquire. Moreover, the bluestone is used to cover the entire patio area, which is quite large, implying that more amounts of bluestone need to be purchased. This increases the cost further. 

Bluestone also has higher heat retaining capacity and is lighter in color than other natural stones like flagstones, and these qualities increase its cost even further. The average cost to install a 10 ft x 10 ft square bluestone patio can range anywhere from $1750 on the lower end to $2250 on the higher end. Therefore, while bluestone is a versatile and sturdy material, to use it in the extension of your outdoor living space, you need to ensure you have the budget for it.

How to Enhance a Fire Pit Design?

While the fire pit itself needs to be constructed with materials that can withstand the heat, the area surrounding the fire pit has no such restrictions. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose any kind of stone or material to create a seating area or a patio around the fire pit. This will surely enhance your fire pit.

If you want to use sandstone pavers or slabs in your seating area, you can incorporate these on the outer wall of your fire pit as well so that the seating area looks like an extension of the fire pit and the entire construction looks like one entity. 

Homeowners also prefer contrasting and complementing elements in their landscapes. For this, if the fire pit is constructed with simple flagstone, then a patio can be constructed around it with marble or other colorful stones that complement the gray of the flagstone.

If you are installing a gas fire pit, you can add some functional ornamentation like fire glass which are tumbled and tempered broken glass pieces, specifically designed and manufactured to be used in gas fire pits and gas fireplaces. They come in the form of shattered glass and even pebbles. When laid on top of a gas fire pit, they cover the burner and create this stunning look of fire coming out of a bed of sparkling glass.

Other fire pit ornaments like ornamental burners, steel sticks, steel logs, ornamental steel balls, etc., are also available to enhance the visuals of a gas fire pit.

Fire-pit bowls of various sizes, shapes and designs can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a wood-burning fire pit.

Does Edenapp provide Fire Pits Designs consultation?

Yes, Edenapp provides consultation for the installation of fire pits. The professional contractors of Edenapp are equipped to install, clean and maintain any kind of outdoor fire feature, including all types of fire pits – gas, wood-burning and electric. We work with the client to choose the location that will be best suited for the installation and construct the space according to the vision and needs of the client. If you want to install a fire pit to upgrade your outdoor living space, you can contact Edenapp for a consultation.

From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!

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