Uses of Fire Pits

Uses of Fire Pits

A fire pit not only adds aesthetic value to your house, but also has several important uses that are listed below.

  1. Fire pits create a cozy outdoor environment
  2. Fire pits are a source of natural ambient light
  3. Fire pits expand your living space
  4. All year round use
  5. Fire pits can be used for barbecues
  6. Fire pits repel mosquitoes
  7. Fire pits can add value to a property
  8. You can reuse the ash from the fire pit as fertilizer

Let’s check them all out in detail.

1. Fire pits create a cozy outdoor environment

Fire pits provide warmth on chilly nights. You can have a fun get together with your friends and family and stay outdoors, even on chilly nights. The round design of a fire pit is suitable for group activities such as sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, and playing games. This type of environment is also great for relaxing after a long day or spending time with a romantic partner.

2. Fire pits are a source of natural ambient light

Fire pits can be used as a source of light at night for a change from the traditional outdoor lights. While the light coming from the burning fire is not as bright as the traditional ones, you can still do activities that do not require much light like enjoying a cozy evening under the night sky with your friends and family.

3. Fire pits expand your living space

The outdoor living trend is hot at the moment and it looks like it will remain so for some time. A fire pit fits perfectly in this trend. After sunset, it gets dark and cold outside forcing you to move indoors. But, a fire pit provides heat and light that enables you to enjoy your beautiful outdoor landscape even when it gets dark. Natural light provided by a fire pit is low cost and doesn’t affect your electricity bill. 

4. Year-round use

Fire pits are associated with warmth on cold winter nights. But this is not their only use. No matter the season, fire pits create a peaceful environment for relaxing in your backyard. During summer, you can use your fire pit for roasting marshmallows, barbecues and to keep mosquitoes away. And this holds true for fall and spring as well.

5. Fire pits can be used for cooking outdoors

Use your fire pit as an outdoor kitchen to toast marshmallows, roast hot dogs, cook speared veggies, sausages and much more. You can also use the fire pit for barbecues with your friends and family in your yard. For this, you need to buy a special metal fire pit that can fit a grill on top of the hot charcoal.

6. Fire pits repel mosquitoes

Research published in the Malaria Journal confirms that burning certain herbs like eucalyptus and thyme is an effective way of warding off mosquitoes. So, the next time you want to spend time outdoors after sunset, especially during summer, just throw some thyme leaves into your fire pit and enjoy a nice, mosquito-free evening.

7. Fire pits add to a property’s market value

In a survey conducted by Homelight, fire pits ranked at the top of the most popular outdoor features buyers are looking for after being picked by 54% of the real estate agents that participated in the survey. 

According to a report by the National Association of REALTORS, homeowners can recover about 67% of the amount they invest in a fire pit for a more expensive installation (~ $6000); this recovery value can rise to 80% for a less expensive fire pit. This is a good ROI as individual enhancements are usually not able to recover much of their investment.

8. You can reuse the ash from the fire pit as fertilizer

Wood ash as fertilizer is gaining recognition. A study published in Frontiers in Plant Science reveals that potassium, phosphorus, and other trace elements present in wood ash (calcium, magnesium, and sulfur) help improve a plants root and shoot growth along with its drought tolerance. Thus, even the waste from a wood burning fire pit can be reused for a beneficial purpose.

Does The Use Of Fire Pits Differ Depending On Its Type?

Yes, different types of fire pit are used for different purposes. Fire pits are grouped into four categories depending on the kind of fuel they use – wood burning, propane, gel and natural gas fire pits. 

Wood burning fire pit is good for homeowners, but is fairly high in maintenance. A propane fire pit allows a beautiful quality flame, but food cooked over it is unlike the quality you get with a wood burning fire pit.

Gel fire pits burn without producing a scent or smoke, but they don’t give enough heat as compared to other types of fire pits. Natural gas fire pits have to be permanently fixed in your backyard, so you don’t have the option to move your fire pit but its advantage is that it never runs out of fuel. 

To conclude, a fire pit is versatile and offers many benefits like repelling mosquitoes, creating a cozy atmosphere, providing natural ambient light, and adding to a property’s market value, to name a few. Contact Eden if you want to set up a beautiful fire pit in your backyard.

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