Tools for Artificial Grass

Best Tools for Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance

Caring for your artificial turf can always promise the best look. Maintaining artificial grass is very simple when compared to natural grass. Scheduling some simple maintenance plans can help you keep your turf in the right shape. All you need is to carry out some simple maintenance acts. If your lawn is free from trees, there is no need to worry about the debris making the maintenance a hassle-free experience.  

However, if you have trees around, it can increase your work to a certain extent. Yet, maintaining the artificial grass is a simple affair. So, when it comes to taking care of your artificial turf, it is always recommended to use the right tools. This prevents damage to your artificial grass. In this post, we will be checking some of the best tools to take care of the artificial lawn, have a look: 

Leaf Rake

Leaf rake is a brush having synthetic bristles, which are 5 inches long. The leaf rake is one of the best ways to get rid of the debris by pulling them out from the surface coming from the blades and over your artificial grass. You can even buy the rakes that can help in making the artificial having nylon lines. 

Leaf Rake

There are several pros and cons of using leaf rakes. The pros include simple and easy cleanup during the fall. Using a hard or metal leaf rake can likely damage the turf, which counts as the only con with this turt maintenance tool. Raking becomes an enjoyable experience if you choose the one from the best brands. The top three brands include Fiskars, Anvil and Hooyman. You can further explore the Leaf Rake guide for knowing its effective use. 

Push Broom

As the name suggests, a Push broom is a broom exclusively used on artificial grass to brush away the debris and trash from the side surface. It is mainly found in a thick bristle pattern, which has the required strength to push away large particles without losing the smaller debris. You can find the boom in different varieties depending upon the waste content it deals with. 

Push Broom

Some of the benefits of using a push broom include – cleaning the debris, powder, dust and other fine and big waste particles over the artificial grass and easy and comfortable cleaning. The only downside is that if you are using a hard bristle push broom, it will likely damage the artificial grass. It is used for different particles; however, the purpose for cleaning remains the same. Some of the top brands include Alpine Industries, Carlisle Sweep and Quickie Bulldozer. Checking Push Broom guide can help you gain insight about its usage.  

Electric Leaf Blower

It is a gardening tool that works with an electric supply. It allows the air to pass through its nozzle to get rid of the yard debris like leaves and other things. Leaf blowers, also called Shock Vac, are blowers that help you to clean your artificial grass. It is also used on natural grass lawns to get rid of the debris and other waste from your yard. It has the same power as what gas power leaf blowers work. 

Electric Leaf Blower

However, the best part of an electric leaf blower is that it does not produce any fumes or even an ear-blasting noise. Compared with a gas-based electric blower, the electric leaf blower is available without any fumes and ear-blasting noise. Also, it is light and inexpensive. On the other hand, the only con included is that the overheating of the blower stops it. The top brands include Toro, Worx and Ryobi. Know more about using this tool by exploring the Electric Leaf Blower guide. 

Power Brush

A power brush is a vital gardening tool, often seen in artificial turf. It helps convert all the brush areas to get rid of the waste due to foot traffic. Artificial grass is crushed down inside the turf due to the turf’s excessive use. Using a power brush can revive the artificial grass. Also, using the power burh can help maintain the integrity of the artificial grass blades. 

Most professionals carry this tool while installing the artificial grass or maintaining the same. It is the latest addition to power brooms, which helps clean up big-size turfs without any hassle. It helps in making your artificial turf clean and green. The only downside is that it is slightly expensive and stops working when power fails or due to overheating. The top three power brush brands include Futchoy, Turfmatic, and SenderPick. Checking the Power Brush guide can help you in this regard.  


A good cleaner is a very valuable tool when it comes to artificial turf maintenance. This tool is more important, especially when you have pets that often remain on the artificial turf and use the space like a bathroom. Using cleaners can help you kill the viruses and bacteria being the part of any artificial grass maintenance cleaning services. Going through the Cleaner guide can help you know its effective use. 

The ones you kill remain part and parcel of your enzyme culture that remains completely safe and moves around the pets and children. It remains a non-toxic and environmentally friendly turf to consider. The pros include good cleaning effect, and getting rid of the bacteria due to pests, while the cons include skin irritation when you come in touch with the cleaner. The top three brands dealing with cleaners include OUTi, Odormute, and Natural formula. 

Water Hose

Water hoses are gardening tools that help in watering your lawns. It helps in rinsing off your turf. You can find the stains on your turf due to food, drink, etc or any other natural occurrences, including mud. Depending upon the stain type, you need to get rid of them using a water spray. The best tool at this juncture is a water hose. 

The water hose helps in rinsing the turf, thus allowing water to reach all the areas of your lawn with artificial grass. It helps in cleaning the yard and adds aesthetic value. The only con you face is the leakage while using the extended water hose. However, it can be fixed with some tweaks. The top brands include Flexilla, Melnor, and Craftsman. Check the complete water hose guide for more details.

Sponge Mop

The mops with a sponge attached as a cleaning agent are known as sponge mops. These have excessive use, which also includes cleaning the artificial turfs. These are used to clean the minor and significant spots on your turf, get rid of the pet patrol spots, and flush out the mold and fungus to name a  few. You can also get rid of stubborn stains. 

There are several advantages of using a sponge mop, and these include getting a good cleaning of stains, thus making your artificial turf clean and green. The only problem with using a sponge mop is that it does not glide across artificial grass. The top three brands dealing with sponge mop for artificial turf include Casabella, OXO, and JFB Home Products.A Sponge Mop guide can unleash the best use. 


A spatula is a flat, broad and flexible blade used to spread, mix and lift material. Using it in artificial grass helps raise the unwanted weeds in your yard and trash them away, lifting the same. When you schedule your maintenance drive on any free weekend, using Spatula can help work your artificial turf to clean and lift unwanted weeds coming out in your yard. 

Spatula in artificial turf is mainly used to remove the weeds and lift them away to the trash. It has a few pros and cons. These help a lot in making your yard clean and thus keeping the artificial grass at par. The only con you have is that it cannot lift heavy debris or trash found on your synthetic turf. Some of the top brands dealing with Spatula include Rubbermaid, Fish Winco and Oxo. Know more about its effective use by exploring Spatula guide. 

How can Artificial Turf Cleaning Tools be Used?

Artificial turf has several advantages over natural grass, and first comes easy maintenance. These remain stain-resistant, which means cleaning is simple. Thanks to the availability of several artificial turf cleaning tools that can help you clean and maintain the yard without any hassle. However, using them effectively is essential to get the best result. 

Most of the tools named above are simple to use. We often encounter such tools in our daily chores, and working with them becomes easy as you get accustomed to them. It is always good to collect these tools in your toolbox and keep them handy when you are on your DIY maintenance venture during any free weekend. A clean and adequately maintained artificial turf will always increase its life. 

What Type of Maintenance Practices does Artificial Turf Need?

When installing artificial turf, it is essential to take care of the artificial grass. It helps in maintaining the greenery and its durability in the market. Several maintenance practices keep the artificial turf in the right shape. Some of these are enlisted below: 

  • Taking care of the infill levels – We have several high traffic areas in the field having infill. These are areas of vital activities, and it has to be kept high. You have found this area and take care of the same. 
  • The grooming habit – Grooming is always the best practice you can implement in your field. It helps in keeping the performance at par during the maintenance schedule. 
  • Secure the artificial grass for special events – You can have several events like your graduation day celebration or any other get-together on your property. However, you must secure the grass from unwanted things like erecting tents on the turf without proper protection. 
  • Check for potential safety hazards – As you groom your yard with regular maintenance, keep an eye over the different issues or risks you can find in your yard. It can include loose sinkholes, inlays, metal or debris. Checking the field conditions can keep the minor issues at bay and allow them to become significant challenges. 

All these points fall under the garb of good maintenance practice. You should bring them into practice so that your artificial grass remains in the right shape. You can further explore more about the Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips.

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