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Best Aerators For Lawns And Yards

Aerating your lawn is important as it creates holes in the soil to reduce compaction so water, air, and nutrients can reach grass roots. A plug aerator helps in removing a plug or core of grass and soil from the lawn. This process is beneficial for the grass to grow, resulting in a lush green lawn. Spike aerators make shallow holes in your yard or lawn with a spiked machine and provide uniform coverage. If you have freshly planted seeds, using a spike aerator decreases the risk of rain washing the seeds downhill.

Popular branded lawn aerators, such as UPP Manual Rolling Lawn Aerator, Greenkey Rolling Lawn Aerator, Faithfull Faicouaero Countryman Aerator can help you aerate  your lawn properly. UPP Manual Rolling Lawn Aerator is priced around 49 euros, efficient to aerate medium-sized lawns. Greenkey Rolling Lawn Aerator is priced around 47 euros, efficient for aerating small gardens. Faithfull Faicouaero Countryman Aerator is priced around 20 euros. It doesn’t help in getting rid of weeds but prepares the soil for better growth. Let’s discuss some of the best lawn aerators in detail.

1. UPP Manual Rolling Lawn Aerator

The UPP Manual Rolling Lawn Aerator is constructed using solid steel, making it stable and durable. This lawn aerator can bear a lot and can be used for many seasons.

The nails on this tool are quite long, penetrating 3.5 cm deep. This lawn aerator is also 42 cm wide, making it more effective to aerate medium-sized gardens.

Each nail is narrowed at the end, making it quite sharp. However, you can still use this manual lawn aerator on a soft, damp lawn, it is not heavy enough to penetrate very dry ground.

This aerator is not expensive, but it costs a little more than many other rolling lawn aerators. This is probably because it is quite a large device. Additionally, it is constructed entirely of steel, making it very rust-resistant.

If you are looking for a rolling lawn aerator for your lawn to increase water and oxygen supply to roots, and require a wider aerator to improve efficiency, this tool is worth considering.

2. Greenkey Rolling Lawn Aerator

A rolling aerator is a great choice because they enable you to aerate your lawn efficiently, eliminating the need to buy an electric walk-behind aerator.

Specifically, this rolling aerator is reasonably priced, and is quite wide, at 30 cm. It is not the best choice for large lawns, but is efficient for aerating small gardens.

Although it doesn’t have hollow tines, the solid tines are quite deep, at 4.5 cm. This rolling aerator is also easy to push and won’t get stuck, while your lawn is a little damp before aerating.

Greenkey Rolling Lawn Aerator

Assembly is required, but is easy and quick and it comes with a full fixings kit before you start using this lawn aerator. Also, the included instructions to assemble are easy to understand.

The main problem with this lawn aerator is its weight. If you need to aerate a very compacted lawn, it might not be sufficiently heavy to penetrate the ground completely. You may require to put some weights around the handle that will aid it to push down into the grass if the dirt is very compacted.

3. Faithfull Faicouaero Countryman Aerator

The Faithfull Countryman Aerator features a carbon steel tubular frame and handle with 5 hollow tines, created to make holes in the soil in which lawn grasses grow. It does not remove weeds but prepares the soil for better growth. The size of this aerator is ‎13 x 93 x 5 cm.

4. Einhell GC-SA 1231/1 Electric Scarifier/Aerator

Einhell GC-SA 1231/1 Electric Scarifier/Aerator is a combination of electric rake and hollow tine tool made up of plastic that enables fast and easy vital maintenance of small to medium size lawns and grass areas of up to 300 m². Its dimensions are 93 x 58 x 105 cm and weighs about 9 kg.

The scarifying roller has eight high-grade stainless steel double blades that rigorously remove moss and weeds deep down to the roots. All debris is stored in the large catch bag for easy and clean disposal.

Just switch to the aerator roller consisting of 42 stainless steel claws to efficiently aerate the soil while protecting your lawn. With this aerator hours of back-breaking forking is turned to minutes of effortless work.

It provides variable working depth as it can be adjusted to 3 different levels to adapt to the particular needs of your soil and growth. A handy transport position protects both the blades and the surface on which it stands.

5. The Handy Plug Aerator 101 cm

The Handy Plug Aerator 101 cm is made up of alloy steel utilizing the 25 cm pneumatic wheels. The heavy duty weight tray can withstand even the toughest of soil conditions. It has 133 × 99 × 85 cm dimensions and weighs 35 kg. 

This highly efficient hollow tine aerator is suitable for medium to large gardens. Just hitch the aerator to your garden ride-on mower or tractor to remove plugs of soil to bring water, oxygen, and nutrients down to the grass roots for a lush, green and healthy lawn.

Handy Plug Aerator 101 cm

Fast and effective aerating is possible with 24 sharp metal corers that cut firmly into the soil and a wide 101 cm width provides more coverage quickly and effectively. 

You can adjust the depth for shorter or longer soil plugs up to a maximum of 7 cm (3″) long by simply moving the one-handed lift lever to change the working depth. 

6. Strongway Drum Plug Aerator

This Strongway Drum Plug Aerator is a lawn roller that assists you to create a pretty landscape or level field. The 18 inch diameter, 36 inch working width drum, offering a total filled weight of 490 lbs is covered with 54 separate 6 inch plugs that penetrate into the ground, aerating while rolling for turf that is level and uniform. A great choice for aerating hard, compacted soil or clay to provide nutrients and water to the roots of grass or plants.

Fill the drum with up to 40 gallons of water to obtain the desired weight and create a heavy, flattening drum roller that has spikes to aerate and flatten at the same time, keeping your lawn healthy and looking good. Plugs are removable for sharpening or replacement and have a pin-style hitch for easy pulling. Durable metal frame has a powder-coated finish to help resist rust. 

7. The Handy Hollow Tine Aerator

The Handy Hollow Tine Aerator has a tough all-steel construction for solid strength, the aerator removes soil plugs to bring water, nutrients and oxygen down to the roots to refresh the grass for a lush, green and healthy lawn. 

Its five hollow tines remove soil-cores down to a depth of 50mm, allowing air, water, and nutrients to better access the root system. In addition, it reduces moss proliferation and allows any fertilizer you apply to work more productively.

Hollow Tine Aerator

It is strong and durable and equipped with a collection tray that means your lawn won’t be scattered with soil-plugs when you have finished aerating. Additionally, it consists of a tread-plate that makes it easy to dig-in the tines; and a fold-away handlebar for closely-packed storage. This model has a 20 cm working-width and weighs just 3kg. The dimensions are 14 × 28.5 × 97.5 cm.

8. Kent And Stowe Stainless Steel Lawn Aerator

Kent and Stowe Lawn Aerator is a traditionally styled, high quality 4 Prong aerator made from stainless steel and beautiful ash wood. This tool has the perfect height to easily work, also eliminating the need for bending. Therefore, it prevents back strain. It has a 15 year quality guaranteed. Available in 107 cm length.

This aerator features a high quality stainless steel head. The handle is made from beautiful ash wood with a T grip handle for easy-handling. It provides excellent rust resistance and minimum soil adhesion. The 4 hollow tines help to remove core from the earth to relieve soil compaction and stimulate root growth. The tines are conically shaped to easily penetrate into the soil. 

Improves the movement of water, oxygen and nutrients to the grass roots during autumn. Use the aerator in autumn to maintain a healthy lawn. Push the tool into the lawn using the footplate to remove cores of the grass and soil and in turn improves the movement of water, oxygen and nutrients to the grass roots.

What To Know About Aerators?

Aerators benefit in several ways. Listed below are some of the benefits they provide.

  1. Alleviate soil compaction: Soil compaction prevents water, air, and fertilizer from reaching your lawn’s root system, causing patches, dead spots, and/or thinning. By getting rid of cores in the aeration process, soil density is reduced, thus eliminating compaction.
  1. Helps in thatch removal: Thatch is the layer of dead grass that gathers on your lawn and can build up to a thick layer, stealing essential rain and nutrients from your grass which can be damaging to your lawn if left untreated. Core aeration helps to remove that build-up by introducing thatch-decomposing microorganisms from the soil to the thatch layer on the top.
  1. Increases nutrient availability: Aerators enable water, air and nutrients to penetrate the soil. When nutrients penetrate deeper into the root system, they become accessible to the turf. This improves the productivity of your fertilization and ongoing watering to promote a healthy turf.
  1. Advantage of pH modification: Applying sulfur or lime after aerating your lawn encourages the change of pH deeper into the soil profile.
  1. Builds a thicker lawn: Aerators stimulate the root development and growth, but cool season grasses require overseeding to help fill in bare spots and thicken up the turf. Overseeding accompanied with aeration promotes seed to soil contact essential for germination and promotes a moist, protected environment optimal for seedling growth and development. 
  1. Reduced water runoff and puddling: If you notice your yard has puddling or runoff problems after a rain, aerators can help you fix it.
  1. Prepares grass for winter dormancy and a green spring: Before your cool-season grass becomes dormant, make sure it’s in the best shape by pairing fall aeration with fall fertilization. Aerating before fertilizing will help the nutrients soak in more efficiently. Planning for fertilization and aeration in the fall gives cool-season grasses enough time to protect the grass from summer drought stress and preferably also enough time before the first winter frost arrives.

What Is The Best Aerator For First Use?

Agri-Fab 45-0544 40-Inch Spike Aerator is the best for aeration during the growing season, when the grass can heal and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed. 

The unit offers a few features that make it specially attractive. A transport lever adjusts for rolling across driveways and sidewalks. A universal hitch works with lawn tractors, ATVs and UTVs, and folds away for easy storage. The 7-inch flat-free tires can withstand rough use.

The aerator features a single bar tow-behind design. Ten galvanized steel rotating spikes penetrate 1.5 inches deep. Spikes don’t bend easily even in hard soil. Can hold up to 100 pounds to push deeper into soil. 

What Is The Best Aerator For Ponds?

Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 consists of two outlets, excellent for aerating either end of a pond. It comprises two 25-foot (7.6 meter) rolls of silicone airline that already have non-return check valves installed. This prevents water from back flowing into your pump if there is a power failure.

The kit also contains two 4-inch air stones that are weighted so they will stay at the bottom of the pond. The pump has a capacity of putting out 0.5 CFM and the manufacturer rates it for up to 2,000 gallons (7,570 liters) at a maximum depth of 8.5 feet (2.6 meters). The two outlets allow you to aerate different areas of the pond together. Weighted air stones remain in place when air is turned on.


What Is The Best Aerator For Cleaning The Faucet?

2 Pack 2.2 GPM Sink Faucet Aerator is the best aerator for cleaning the faucet. It provides the perfect flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute (Gpm). It is a maximum flow aerator. This faucet aerators saves water and energy used to heat water. The water-Saving faucet nozzle aerator provides high water efficiency since it is watersense certified. The standard dual thread fits most male and female threaded faucets and works with either kitchen or bathroom faucets.

What Is The Best Aerator For Home?

Swivel Kitchen Sink Aerator by Water Nymph is the aerator for home. This kitchen sink faucet sprayer is made of high-quality brass that is anti-breakage, wear-resistant, and anti-rust. 360 Degree rotation makes water reach every corner of the sink, which makes it simple for washing and cleaning. 

You can switch from soft bubble stream to strong sprayer shower only by one hand. Faucet spray head is crafted for water saving and reducing energy cost. The faucet swivel attachment can raise the water pressure, air and water fully mixed to obtain a better cleaning effect. The chrome kitchen faucet aerator consists of a female thread that fits for male thread faucet.

How To Choose A Plug Aerator For Buying?

Consider the factors listed below when buying a plug aerator.

How Wide Is the Aerator?

Clearly, the width of your plug aerator will determine how much soil you can aerate on a single pass. An aerator that is 4 feet wide will aerate 33 percent more soil on each pass than an aerator measuring 3 feet wide, which can significantly save your time for large lawns. Aerating an area 12 feet wide would need just three passes with a 4-foot aerator as compared to four passes with a three-foot aerator. The average cost to aerate a lawn using plug aeration is $129. 

Hand Pushed or Tractor Powered?

Some small aerators are created to be pushed by hand, while others are made to be towed behind a lawn tractor. Hand-pushed aerators provide the benefit of simplicity (all they need is muscle power to operate) and are cheap as well, but they are more exhausting to use and are not designed as wide as aerators pulled behind a lawn tractor. For small lawns, a hand-pushed aerator is fine, but for large yards, a larger unit for a lawn tractor is a better choice.

What Is The Alternative Of Plug Aerator?

A Spike aerator is the alternative to plug aerator. A spike aerator is designed to just punch holes in the soil to improve aeration, whereas plug aerators actually remove some soil plugs from the ground.

Plug Aerator

Usually people prefer plug aerators when deciding between plug vs. spike aerator, though it also depends to some extent on the soil type of your lawn. Clay soils may become compacted in some cases by the use of spike aerators, so a plug aerator is the better option, but for lighter soils a spike aerator can be a feasible option.

When To Use A Plug Aerator?

Many people wonder about what is aeration. Aeration is the process of creating holes in the soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. As plug aerators are very effective at decompacting soil in the yard, use them just once a season, or even once after every few seasons unless your soil type is actually compacted. 

In clay soil, use a plug aerator in place of a spike aerator. If your grass is full and thick such as Bermuda grass, you may require to aerate a little more frequently because this type of grass can quickly form a layer of thick thatch, especially if you don’t dethatch regularly.

Do Lawn Service Providers Use Plug Aerators?

Yes, lawn service providers include the use of plug aerators in their lawn services to remove small plugs of thatch, turf and soil from your lawn. Plug aerators dig much deeper into the ground and create larger holes as compared to a spike aerator. With larger holes, plug aerators help seedlings grow stronger, deeper roots, and better absorb rain water. Plug aerators are much more productive but are also more labor-intensive.

Edenapp provides professional lawn aeration services to keep your lawn lush, green and healthy. Book a visit with Edenapp’s professionals today so they can check out your lawn or garden and determine what method works best for it. Our professionals are available at your service throughout the year, so ensure your lawn is at its best condition with Edenapp.

From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!

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