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Common Mulching Tools for your Lawn

Mulching is a time-consuming job that requires a good understanding of using various tools. Using mulching tools can make the mulching task simple and effective. Over the years, we have seen garden tools have evolved a lot. From simple digging sticks to highly developed and specialized tools, the modern-day gardeners have become well-equipped. 

Mulching tools help install quality mulch, which offers multiple benefits to your home gardens. It gives your landscape a well-kept look. Also, it plays a vital role in controlling weed growth. Different seasons have different activities for the home-based gardens. This brings in a different set of tools developed for various activities on the lawn, and mulching is no exception. 

Using mulching tools can help maintain your garden and keep it in the right shape. In this article, we will be covering the important and useful mulching tools. We will check their benefits, use, features and role in making the job of mulching a simple job. Let’s begin. 

What is mulching & why it is required? 

A mulch is a 2-4 inches layer of material covering the topsoil in your lawns. People apply it during the spring and even add it during the growing season as and when needed. It should cover the entire soil without touching the tree trunk or plant stems. 

Mulching plays a vital role in landscape development as it restricts weed growth and protects soil moisture. Also, it boosts the fertility attribute of the soil organic compounds. Hence conserving your landscape soil is an important task that demands hiring a professional. The professionals help in maintaining the soil moisture content and keeping the landscape soil intact. 

There are several benefits of taking care of landscape via mulching services. They ensure that the soil remains rich and fertile, allowing the plants and grass to grow effectively. If you hate weeds, mulch is your best friend. An adequately installed mulch will discourage weed seed germination. This prevents the weed from squeezing the nutrients and water from the soil without disturbing the grass and plants in your lawns. .  

Also, a properly installed mulch will play an important role in water conservation, as mulch helps retain soil moisture. Thus your garden requires less watering. Mulch also keeps the soil warm even during the cool spring nights. During the summer season, it keeps the soil cool. As you see the rise of temperature, it brings down the soil temperature keeping it cool. You can further explore Mulching: Advantages and disadvantages. 

Compost Bin 

It is a plastic container where you can place numerous organic materials to decompose. A compost bin helps create a nutrient-rich and suitable mulching material for your yard. As it decomposes, it gains weed prevention and water retention properties. It also increases the earthworm activities and offers several nutrients to plant roots and soil in your lawn. 

There are several compost bins available online, and you can shop as per your requirements. Also, you have the choice of making it at home. However, regardless of your choice, it should have some key features. It should be durable, easy to clean, have no or minimal environmental impact, and have no odor. 

Some of the compost friendly materials which you can place in the compost bin include fruits, fallen leaves, wood chips, vegetable scraps, grass clippings, sawdust, and coffee grounds, to name a few. A good quality compost bin helps produce quality compost, which can have a good impact on your lawn soil. 

Mulching Mower 

The next tool is a mulching mower. It is a machine with a mowing deck and blade designed to chop the grass several times. Using side-discharge mowers can help in directing the grass to the side. You can also attach a bag that collects the grass clippings. 

These mowers help in catering finely cut grass cuttings that offer shade and fertilizer for the soil. This activity in lawns is known as mulch mowing. When it comes to using a mulching mower, you need to keep in mind a few tips. Avoid mowing when the soil is wet; mow frequently and lastly, mow at a certain height. 

A mulching mower offers several benefits. You do not require any cumbersome bag while using it; hence you do not have to worry about disposing of grass clippings. You can mow and fertilize at the same time, and lastly, you do not have to worry about putting moisture and nutrients into the landfill. 

Leaf Shredders

A leaf shredders, also known as a leaf mulcher, is a powered tool with a series of specially designed blades. These blades are designed to tear the leaves into tiny pieces. You can now use these shredded leaves for mulching or place them in a compost pile. It is a convenient tool for people who have large-sized lawns with trees. 

Fallen leaves contribute an excellent mulching material. A leaf shredder helps chop the leaves and even speeds up the decomposition process. Experts recommend using fallen trees in lawns with flower beds, shrubs and trees. Dry leaves are put inside the shredder for better results as wet leaves can clog the blades. 

If you are raking big leaves, you need a leaf shredder as it allows you to use these valuable organic materials for mulching. A leaf shredder is an important tool for lawn owners who do not wish to use mulching blades on their mower. It is also for people who want to speed up the decomposition process of the leaves. 

Wood Chippers

Wood chippers are portable powered tools that help chip the tree trunks, branches, twigs and leaves. It helps get rid of the large size woods found in your yard. If you have lawns with trees in your lawn, you can always get in-house wood chips. The resulting mulch with wood chippers is effective as it gives a good outcome. 

Using a wood chipper offers several benefits. It quickly gets rid of unwanted wastes without any mess. It saves time and energy. It offers an environment-friendly solution for lawn owners. It produces useful material. Lastly, it is a profitable solution in the long run. 

These are beneficial for landscapers and gardeners based in locations where it is illegal to hire sanitation workers to pick up the waste or burn it. The wood chips produced by this machine are put in flower beds, used as compost, or placed over walkways. It is confusing for novices to find the difference between a wood chipper and a shredder. However, the two differ in several ways. 


A shovel is an important hand tool used for mulching. It is used for digging and moving materials within the yard. The blades of the shovel are very strong, and these are made of hard plastic or sheet steel. The handles of shovels are wooden or glass reinforced plastic like fiberglass. 

Using mulch shovels helps move mulch materials, including wood chips, sawdust and pebbles. Sometimes, it is also used to loose straw mulch. For fine mulch like dry sawdust or needles, you can use a large scoop shovel for quick results. 

However, it is different from the garden shovels, which are round and have pointed edges. These types of shovels are used for digging in the soil. If you do not have anything else in your hand, you can always use an empty plastic flower pot for scooping mulch. 


Rakes are an important tool used for spreading much. There are different types of rakes; however, the most suitable one that helps spread the mulch is the sturdy bow rake. These types are known to have sturdy and short tines, which are often three inches long. Leaf rakes are only used to move the fluffiest mulches. Bow rakes have small sizes and sturdy tines of three inches in length. 

It helps you gain precision and strength and measure the mulch layer depth. Rakes are used to transfer mulch in the garden. For the effective use of this tool, using to handle small piles of mulch can help adding one big pile in the yard. This technique helps in spreading the mulch with great ease. The mulch depth may vary with the choice of material. However, it is used to spread pebbles one inch deep and 2-3 inches of organic mulch on your garden soil. 

Gardening Gloves 

Gardening gloves are an essential tool you need for mulching activities. It guards your hands and fingers apart from keeping them clean. It also helps in preventing scratches and scrapes. If you want to use a good pair of gardening gloves for mulching, consider using rubber or leather padded gardening gloves. These are effective for handling wood mulch. It gives you good protection. 

Gardening gloves are available in different styles and sizes. The cloth gloves are primarily used for planting purposes. However, for mulching activities, the above-said gloves suit you the best. Make sure you test the pair before procuring it. Gardening gloves are also used to handle the wet soils and pull weeds in your yard. 


A hoe is an important tool for mulching and other gardening activities. It helps the mulch to remain under the gardening shed. Hoes help to get rid of the stubborn weeds, which is one of the critical steps while installing mulch in any new area. The wood mulch offers a natural division and prevents new growth. 

Before mulching, you should completely remove the weeds from the yard. It helps prevent the spread of roots and enables you to put less labor and time into weed control in the coming weeks. Hoes are found in different head shapes and sizes and have remained the oldest tool for landscaping projects. 


A wheelbarrow, also known as a garden cart, is an essential tool in your garden. The bulk wood mulch users mostly use it. A good quality wheelbarrow can help you transport the mulch from one place to another without any hassle.

The ideal garden cart for gardeners is the one with a 600 lb capacity. Consider the one with a 36 x 20″ tub, preferably made of polyethylene plastic. This makes the wheelbarrow tub durable and also very light to work. It has four pneumatic tires, which allow easy rolling over terrain.

What are the things to consider in buying a Mulching Tool?

When you plan to buy any of the above mentioned mulching tools, you should know certain parameters for getting the right products. So, how will you ensure you choose the correct mulching tool while buying them? The following points will help you in choosing the right mulching tool as per your requirements: 

While buying a wheelbarrow, check the material first. These are usually made of steel or plastic. The steel wheelbarrows are strong and sturdy, but it requires strength to use these garden carts. The plastic wheelbarrows are lighter and easier to use apart from being inexpensive. The type of material you choose mostly depends upon your requirement. 

Similarly, before buying shovels, check the material of the handle, its length and the material of the shovel blade. It is made of polypropylene, aluminum or any other metal. The aluminum based shovels are light and easy to use; however, they are not long-lasting and can break easily. The metal-based shovels are strong and sturdy but can be a bit heavier than aluminum shovels. 

Before buying a rake, check its handle, head, durability, weight, and ease of assembling. A good quality rake is known for its heavy-duty construction and ergonomic no-slip handle. Take your time to explore the top shopping sites to find out the right rake for mulching activities. You can explore more garden tools here. 

How to Clean and Maintain the Mulching Tools?

Regardless of the brand you choose for buying mulching tools, maintain them on a regular basis. The following are some of the basic tips to clean and maintain the mulching tools; let’s check them: 

  • Dry your mulching tools after you use them. This will prevent the rust from forming on them. Always wash them to get rid of the soil and other unwanted particles. But make sure you dry the tools with the help of any dry rag. This will keep your tools in good condition. 
  • Once you use the tools, make sure you clean them. It will prevent the spread of pests and diseases in your garden. Wash the tools using antibacterial liquid after you complete your mulching activities. Most of the essential oils from your kitchen can work as a good cleaning agent. 
  • Oil your tools as it will help in preventing rusting and cracking. You can use vegetable oil, allowing them to remain for a while. It will help in cleaning the tools and make them light. Apply oil to the wooden handles to keep them strong and sturdy. 
  • Keep the tools in a secluded place away from the reach of your children. Some tools having blades can be sharp enough to injure your kids and pets. So, keep all the mulching tools safe and tidy. 

When is the best time to buy Mulching Tools?

The best time to get them is before you need the tools in your yard for your landscape maintenance and care activities. It means that you should be able to complete all your DIY mulching activities without any hassle. Start researching for the right set of mulching tools before you enter spring. However, if you plan to mulch during the fall, consider buying the tools in the early fall. 

However, if you are looking for professional mulching tools with competitive landscape providers who offer quality mulch, then you can contact – Edenapp. It offers a wide range of mulch materials and offers quality installation services. 

 In conclusion, if you are committed to installing quality mulch in your garden, you need to invest in getting the required mulching tools. Having these tools handy in your yard can help you take up the mulching activity as and when you plan. If you do not have all the tools, you can seek the help of a professional landscape contractor like Edenapp. 

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