Lawn Care and Lawn Maintanence Difference

What is the Difference between Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn care and lawn maintenance are two terms that are frequently used in the landscaping industry, and they are often used interchangeably. But, there is a difference between the two. Lawn care refers to the tasks that focus on improving the health of the soil and the turf, while lawn maintenance implies performing regular cleanup tasks to maintain the appearance of the lawn.

Three differences between lawn care and lawn maintenance are their aim, the tasks involved, and the tools used for each. The main difference between them is their area of focus – lawn care focuses on the health of the lawn, while lawn maintenance focuses on the appearance of the lawn, which leads to differences in the tasks involved and the tools used. Edenapp thoroughly explains the definition of lawn care and lawn maintenance, their differences and the services included in each in this article.

What is Lawn Care?

Lawn care is the process of maintaining the health of your turfgrass along with the soil condition. This process includes tasks like appropriate fertilization, soil amendments, irrigation, disease management, etc. The aim of lawn care tasks is to ensure your lawn looks lush and green throughout the year by customizing the tasks according to the requirements of the season.

The services offered by Edenapp under lawn care are as follows.

  • Aeration: Aeration is the process of loosening compacted soil to allow proper flow of air, water and nutrients in the soil. Edenapp landscapers will puncture the soil in the landscape to improve breathability and encourage deep root growth.
  • Dethatching: Thatch is a tight layer of living and dead organic matter that forms between the growing turfgrass and the soil beneath it. Excessive thatch reduces the permeability of air and water and restricts access to nutrients. Edenapp landscapers will dethatch your lawn to ensure your turf gets all the resources it needs to grow healthily.
  • Arborist: Proper tree care requires knowledge and skill, and Edenapp’s certified arborist promises to deliver on both fronts. An arborist takes care of pruning, emergency tree care, planting, tree removal, bracing and cabling for added support, among other things.
  • Soil: Healthy soil is essential for effective plant growth, and its composition will also impact drainage. If there is too much sand, it will drain too fast, and if there is too much clay, it will stay moist for far too long, putting your turf at the risk of fungal infections. Edenapp experts will examine your soil to determine its pH levels, the amount of nutrients and organic matter, and the sand to clay ratio. They will make amendments as required to promote healthy growth.
  • Top Dressing: Topdressing is the process of adding a thin layer of mixed material on top of existing turfgrass to improve soil biology with the addition of microorganisms and organic matter. Edenapp landscapers will mix the topdressing material according to the requirements of your lawn.
  • Fertilizer: The process of fertilization involves feeding your lawn with additional nutrients that are not readily available so your turfgrass and plants thrive and are resistant to disease, pests, and weeds. Edenapp’s experts will select high-quality fertilizers according to your soil requirements while keeping the overall health of your landscape in mind.
  • Mulching: Mulching refers to covering the top of the soil with a layer of organic or inorganic material to retain soil moisture, prevent weed growth, regulate soil temperature, and even for aesthetic reasons. There are different mulching materials like bark chips, leaves, straw, cardboard, rubber mulch, plastic mulch, etc., and Edenapp landscapers will choose the one that fits your needs.
  • Irrigation Systems: Though all turfgrasses need water to survive, the amount of water they require is not the same. Irrigation systems need to be installed in a way that every plant and area of your lawn receives an adequate amount of water. Edenapp’s irrigation experts will inspect your landscape to provide appropriate irrigation solutions.

Lawn Care

What is Lawn Care Definition?

Lawn care is ‘The care and treatment of grass on a lawn’ as defined by most online dictionaries. A frequently asked question is, “Is lawn care one word?” No, lawn care is not one word, but it is one term made of two nouns, ‘lawn’ and ‘care.’ The term is written in this way to imply taking care of the lawn through various activities. In the landscaping industry, lawn care is not just limited to the grass on the lawn but extends to pruning shrubs and trees and installing appropriate irrigation systems.

What is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance is the process of performing regular cleanup tasks to keep the lawn looking well-kept and manicured all through the year. This includes mowing your lawn, removing leaves, edging driveways, walkways and borders and pruning shrubs and trees. Special cleaning tasks like spring yard cleanup and fall yard cleanup are also included to prepare your lawn for the coming season. The aim of lawn maintenance tasks is to create the best impression through the appearance of the lawn by customizing cleanup tasks according to the season.

Lawn Maintain

The services offered by Edenapp under lawn maintenance are as follows.

  • Grass Cutting: Grass cutting or mowing your lawn to the right height contributes to turfgrass density and encourages deep root growth, which ultimately makes a lawn strong and resistant to weeds and stress. Edenapp offers both one-time and recurring grass cutting services, and our expert landscapers will mow the lawn to the recommended height for your grass type.
  • Organic Weed Control: Weed problems are inevitable in most lawns as they are tenacious species that quickly take over lawns at the sign of the first weakness. Edenapp offers organic weed control services to get rid of the weeds in your lawn without the use of chemicals that can harm your turfgrass and the overall health of your lawn.
  • Initial Cleanup/Spring Cleanup: After passing through the harsh temperatures or dormancy of winter, it is essential to prepare the lawn for the oncoming growing season in spring. If your lawn is not appropriately cleaned and prepared for the spring season, it could become susceptible to lawn diseases like snow mold. Edenapp offers a spring yard cleanup service that includes leaf and debris removal, tree pruning, dethatching, and checking for snow mold, among other things.
  • Fall Cleanup: Fall yard cleanups are essential to ensure the lawn absorbs all the nutrients and water it needs to survive the harsh winter. Appropriately preparing the lawn in fall will give you a healthy landscape when spring comes. The tasks covered under Edenapp’s fall cleanup service are leaf removal, weeding, dethatching, aeration, fertilizing, overseeding, drainage cleanup, and landscape bed cleanup, among other things.

What is Lawn Maintenance Definition?

To define lawn maintenance, let us look at the dictionary definition of the two nouns that make up the term, lawn maintenance, ‘lawn’ and ‘maintenance.’ According to the Collins dictionary, a lawn is ‘an area of grass that is kept cut short and is usually part of someone’s yard, or part of a park,’ and maintenance is defined as ‘the process of keeping it in good condition by regularly checking it and repairing it when necessary.

When we combine these two definitions, lawn maintenance can be defined as – the process of keeping the area of grass in one’s yard in good condition through regularly required tasks and fixing when necessary. An example of the usage of lawn maintenance in a sentence is as follows.

Lawn maintenance is not limited to grass cutting alone and involves other tasks like weed control, pruning, and edging.

Lawn Care vs. Lawn Maintenance

As mentioned above, there are three differences between lawn care and lawn maintenance. Edenapp explains each of these differences in detail in this section, and they are as follows.

  1. Lawn Care Differs from Lawn Maintenance in its Aim: The focus of lawn care tasks is on improving the health of the turfgrass and the soil, while lawn maintenance tasks focus on improving the overall appearance of the lawn. Lawn care involves looking inside the soil to check if the grass has all the nutrients it needs and assess the conditions like pH, compactness and composition of the soil. Lawn maintenance involves checking the outward visuals like maintaining an uneven height of grass throughout the lawn, ensuring the lawn is free of leaves and other debris, removing and controlling weeds as they are unsightly, etc.
  2. Lawn Care Differs from Lawn Maintenance in the Tasks Involved:  Since the aims of the two processes are different, the tasks involved in each are also different. Lawn care includes tasks such as soil amendments, fertilization, disease management, appropriate irrigation, dethatching and aeration, and mulching. On the other hand, lawn maintenance includes tasks like mowing or grass cutting, weed control, and seasonal cleanups like spring and fall yard cleanups. The one task that is common between these two is pruning shrubs and trees as pruning is done to both improve the health and appearance of the plant.
  3. Lawn Care Differs from Lawn Maintenance in the Tools and Products Used: Since the tasks involved in each process are different, the tools and products required for lawn care and lawn maintenance are also different. Lawn care requires tools like soil test kits for testing the soil before making amendments, fertilizer products, mulching material, and irrigation systems. Lawn maintenance involves the use of tools like lawnmowers for grass cutting, pesticides and garden trowels for weed control, pruning shears, and leaf blowers for leaf removal. A landscape rake is a common tool in both lawn care and lawn maintenance as it is used for both dethatching and aeration and to rake leaves.

Do Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services differ?

Yes, lawn care and lawn maintenance services are different as the tasks involved under each category are different. Lawn care services aim to improve the health and condition of the soil in order to promote healthy turf growth, and therefore they are different from lawn maintenance services which aim to improve the appearance of the lawn to make it look manicured and well-kept.

Lawn care services include aeration, dethatching, arborist, soil, topdressing, fertilizer, mulching, and irrigation systems. Lawn maintenance services include grass cutting – both one-time and recurring, organic weed control, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup.

All of these services are offered by Edenapp, and we guarantee the highest quality and professionalism. You can visit our website or contact us through phone or email for more information.

Lawn care is all in the details, and we take care of every single one to give you the lawn of your dreams. Contact us today!

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