How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on Lawns?

You can do several things to secure your lawn from urine spots. Learning the solutions like washing out the spot on timetraining your pets to pee at particular spots, etc., can allow your pets to coexist with your family members on your lawn. This post will help you understand what damage pee can make on your lawn and its solution in detail. Let’s begin:

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How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on lawns? 

Fixing the dog urine spots on your lawn is no rocket since. You can quickly fix them with simple hacks, allowing you to enjoy the best lush green grass. Have a look at the same. So, as discussed above you have tried all your preventing ideas, yet there are problems as you could find the urine spots on your lawn. Don’t worry, and the following ways can help you fix this problem, have a look:

Dog Urine Burns Grass

  • Rake the damaged spots to get rid of the dead grass and debris as much as possible. 
  • Apply a thin layer of lime on the affected spot, and then add water thoroughly. It will help in improving the grass growing conditions.
  • Allow the coating to remain there for a  week, which will keep your dog away, allowing lime to showcase the magic.
  • You can apply a thin layer of topsoil over the affected spots. 
  • The next option is to lay grass seeds on the patch using seeds of the current grass type to gain a good and seamless look. 
  • If you find any urine-affected lawn in your area, you need to water it daily for not less than three weeks. However, this will depend upon the climate and grass type. If it rains, you can skip watering to prevent washing the grass seeds. 
  • When you are in the process of growing the grass in your lawn, make sure to keep your dog away from the spot. New grass is soft and delicate, and your dog will likely damage its growth with its urine and even wayward paws. 

Other Lawn Repair Hacks

We can find a few products in the market that can help prevent this problem. These keep the dogs from peeing on your lawn and affecting the grass. However, the result can be mixed in a single place, and you must add the lawn strength. 

  • Dog Rocks – These mined rocks will help your dog’s water dish, and it helps reduce the nitrate from water. Dogs consuming this water will slash their urine, which can save your lawn to a great extent. 
  • Yard Stake – These are designed to allow your pets to urinate on it instead of on the grass. All you need to do is tap the yard stake on your lawn’s surface and allow your pet to sniff and do the rest. 

You can try these products as the other lawn repair hacks to prevent the urine spots on your lawn. 

Why Dog Urine Burns Grass? 

You can find a dog’s urine wreaking havoc on the grass in your yard and burning it. You can see the bare and burned lawn spots or find discolored grass caused by dog urine. The spots are visible as a dog’s urine is naturally rich in nitrogen and other salts, which cause the grass to lose color or burn.

Usually, female dogs get blamed for ruining the grass more than male dogs, but this is not correct, as their urine is also the same as that of male dogs. When we see the concentrated urine collected in a single location, it appears like fertilizer burn because both are caused due to excess nitrogen.

When urinating, dogs of all age groups and gender are more likely to burn the grass. These include elderly dogs, puppies, females, and adult dogs. These burn the grass when they pee in one location. Dogs tend to pee at a single point that creates a mark. They tend to make the spot as they pee regularly, seeing the grass burn. 

Different grasses tend to react in a different way to urine. A few types of grass are very sensitive to specific components of their urine. For instance, cold-weather grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, are more vulnerable to urine damage owing to lactic acid. You can check for more details in the Best Grass for Dogs article. 

How to Prevent Dog Urine Burns? 

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and it is always a good idea to follow this adage. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent urine damage. You can carry out the following steps to prevent the dog urine burns, have a look: 

  1. Wash it out – Once you find your dog peeing on your lawn, spray ample water on the soiled area. It will help dilute the nitrogen content and thus prevent damage to the grass. Ensure you apply water less than three times within 12 hours to follow the thumb rule. 
  2. Hydrate your dogs – If your pet is properly hydrated, it is likely to have diluted urine, reducing the damage’s intensity. So, you must encourage your dog to consume fresh and cool water to keep them healthy and happy. 
  3. Feed your pets wet food – Allowing your pets to consume wet food can help reduce the damage by increasing the animal’s water consumption. However, keeping a strict watch on your animal and making sure it consumes wet food is impossible. So, it is fair to check their urine; if you find it dilute, it is logical to consider that your animal is properly hydrated. 
  4. Check your pet’s food intake – If it is consuming protein-rich dog food, it is likely to boost the nitrogen in your pet’s urine. It will increase the risk of lawn damage. If your animal does not demand a protein-rich diet, you can switch to some other food. If you think your pet does not need a high protein diet, you can consult your vet and get some alternatives. 
  5. Avoid unwanted dog supplements – Many dog supplements claim to add miracles in saving your lawn from getting pee spots. It is not true. Some of these supplements are offered with too much salt, aggravating the canine conditions, including kidney or heart ailments. All these products can give a headache to your animal. 
  6. Consider a urine sample test – If you come across any brown spots on your lawn or some discoloration, visit your vet for a urine test. You can have some abnormalities, including canine, which can create problems. 
  7. Raise the bar – Raise the level of your lawnmower a bit higher when you cut. It puts less stress on the grass and reduces the appearance of browning. 
  8. Regular lawn care – A healthy lawn can handle the wear and tear better, and bounces back quickly after damage. Extreme temperatures can add some rough patches on the grass, bringing in more urine issues during the summer. Make sure you keep your lawn adequately watered to avoid such damages under such conditions. 
  9. Consider dog-friendly grass – It is always a good idea to consider dog-friendly grass that can bring life with it. These animals fail to remain sensitive to different varieties of grass, which can be a problem. 
  10. Establish proper potty boundaries – You need to set up an appropriate pee-friendly spot on your surface, not grass and soil or gravel. You must train your dog to pee outside the lawn or any other spot that remains in your yard. It will reduce the risk of your lawn getting burnt due to dog urine.

Do we have any dog food to prevent dead spots? 

No, no such good food can prevent the dead spots in your lawn. However, you have the choice of regulating the nitrate content in your dog’s urine with a proper diet switch to any low protein food. Generally speaking, the best dog food is to opt for traditional kibble instead of protein-rich food. 

Will baking soda reduce the effect of urine on grass? 

The answer is no. Baking Soda cannot neutralize the nitrogen content in a dog’s urine, which is the big reason for causing spots on the grass. It contains salt, which causes unrelated grass damage. 

Dog Urine Grass

Will gypsum reduce the effect of dog urine on grass?

No, like baking soda, gypsum carries salt that can bring in additional lawn issues instead of neutralizing dog urine damage to grass. 

Will soap be able to neutralize dog urine seen on grass? 

Theoretically speaking, soap can easily help water to move with greater efficiency. However, soap manufactured with chemicals can end up adding other damage to your lawn’s grass. 

Will you get new grass growth after dog urine damage? 

It depends upon the health of the grass and the rainfall you get in your area. A healthy lawn, is more resilient, and the rain can easily wash away the extra nitrate in your grass. 

Is there any specific breed among the dogs that create more lawn spots than others? 

No, there is no such evidence. Urine from any dog can have similar damage on your lawn. However, the intensity of the damage will depend upon several factors like the health of the grass and other conditions.

Is there any supplement that can reduce the chance of having lawn spots? 

No, there is no such supplement. Urine from any dog can have similar damage on your lawn. However, the intensity of the damage will depend upon several factors like the health of the grass and other conditions.

In conclusion, a dog’s urine can damage your lawn’s grass. There are ways to prevent them, yet, if you find your dog peeing too often despite the preventive measures, there are ways to fix the spot. 

Learning the solutions like washing out the spot on time, and training your pets to pee at particular spots can help you deal with the issue. The above tips can help you in addressing this issue. Try them, or you can even seek professional help to eliminate this problem. 

Lawn care is all in the details, and we take care of every single one to give you the lawn of your dreams. Contact us today!

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