Tİps for Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the Lawn: Methods, Tips and Tricks

Mowing the lawn is the practice of cutting the grass to level it and give a manicured and well-kept appearance to the lawn. When lawn grass is mowed according to the recommended height for the grass type, it preserves the health of the lawn by making the grass grow healthily to compete against weeds, diseases and pests. However, there is a right way to mow your lawn and a wrong way. Edenapp explains the correct way to mow the lawn in this article to preserve both the appearance and health of the lawn.

There are several steps involved in mowing the lawn. It starts with sharpening the blade, checking the mow timing, making changes in your mowing pattern, leaving the clippings, and so on. While pushing the movers, moving forward is essential. Always rest after mowing, and using closed-toed shoes is highly recommended. Eye covering is essential to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. To avoid slipping, always move on the side instead of going up and down. Lastly, keeping an eye on children and pets while mowing.

1. Set Your Mower to a High Setting 

Understanding the law of mower height settings has great importance. The way the mower deck is kept will help keep the height settings high. Mowing the lawns at the right height enhances its health and makes its appearance very pleasing. Mowing the grass right can help in preventing issues like weeds from germinating. Setting the mower right can help in giving the best results while employing the lawnmower. 

It is simple to find out the exact cutting height of your mower. All you need to do is put your mover over your driveway or sideway. Now, measure the distance you find in between the cement surface to the bottom of the blade protection. The lawnmowers often have adjustments that help in mowing height between 2 & 4 inches. 

When you start, keep these points in mind:

  • For choosing the correct mower height, the time of year remains a vital factor that helps set the mower height setting you can use. 
  • Always keep the mower height at least set to a minimum of 3-inches from the middle of April through September. 
  • It is always a good idea to mow the lawns once a week without taking one-third of the grass blade height. 

Setting your mower to a high setting offers too many benefits. These include: 

  • The lawns can easily conserve water 
  • Gain good deep digging roots 
  • Increase turf density 
  • Enhance turf color 

Thus, we can have several reasons for opting the same. It offers the establishment of a more extensive root system that remains drought tolerant. It offers broadleaf weed and crabgrass regulation with the help of proper soil surface , and lastly you can get an excellent grub-tolerant lawn with a higher root mass. Setting up a higher mower height is not abrupt. It is worked out somewhere between 3.25 and 4 inches. It proves to be the best lawn. However, setting the height up to 4 inches can have issues like laying over turf blades, which is annoying for a few people. Hence, a few people prefer 3 or 3.5 inches calling it to be an ideal height to cut the grass.

2. Mow Your Lawn When It Is Dry

During the early summer or rainy spring, mowing is troublesome. At such junctures, mowing every third or fourth day becomes challenging. However, as the temperatures warm and rains disappear, mowing becomes simple. People tend to skip mowing; however, this can make the grass uneven in clumps. Mowing the lawn when it dries helps you enjoy a lush green and even grass. When you start, you can keep these points in mind:

  • Always sharpen the mower blade at an interval of 10 hours of lawn mowing.
  • Keep your mower blades at a level and in proper balance. 
  • Set the mower blades a little higher.
  • Cutting 1.3 of the grass stalk helps in maintaining uniformity. 
  • Before mowing, always check if the grass is completely dry. 
  • Let the grass clipping fall over the lawn. 
  • Try a diverse mowing pattern every time you mow your lawn.

Mowing the lawn when it is try has several benefits, and some of these are listed below:

  • Easy to do 
  • Effective results
  • Safer to choose 
  • Manicured Lawn 
  • Healthier grass 
  • Instant work with no exhaustion

Similarly, there are several reasons to consider mowing a dry lawn. Cutting dry grass will never hurt your lawn. Mowers remain in the right shape, and it is entirely safe to work in a dry field without any extra effort.  Always choose a dry day for mowing your lawn. Preference should be given to morning or evening time for the mowing activity. Cutting too short grass can hurt your lawn. Also, it can promote issues like weed growth, thus hampering grass health. Knowing the grass type is also essential before you start mowing. Keep changing the mowing pattern to encourage upright growth. Lastly, while dealing with shaded grass, make sure more height.

3. Mow in a Variety of Patterns

Mowing a lawn is never monotonous. Thanks to the variety of patterns you can try on your lawn. It is fun creating a variety of designs and aesthetic value. Trying different patterns can transform a simple into pleasing ones. You can try patterns like stripes, diamonds, checkerboards, circles, and waves. As you try diverse patterns on your lawn, keep these points in mind: 

  • Mow the grass taller 
  • Refer to hardscape features while mowing in a variety of patterns
  • Consider a lawn roller 
  • Always start in a cool-season as the grasses will remain the best 
  • And lastly, check the position of the sun, as it will have an impact on the pattern.

Mowing in a variety of patterns are beneficial in the following ways: 

  • Reduce damages to your lawn
  • Transform into a healthy lawn
  • Coverup all the imperfections found in your lawn. 

Sticking to the same old pattern on your lawn every time you mow, you will see similar tire tracks. It can hamper the compact grass, reducing airflow and inculcating diseases. However, if you try a variety of patterns, it will allow good soil breathing, allow vertical growth and avoid getting stuck in a rut. Trying a variety of patterns is the best way to keep it different from your neighbors, allowing them to envy. It would help if you explored the popular patterns you can quickly try on your lawn while mowing. Trying them can certainly make the entire neighbor envious of your lawn. 

4. Mowing on a Schedule Isn’t Necessary

Mowing lawns make these spaces look cool and healthy. However, how often you should mow is a big question to answer. One popular mowing rule is that you do not have to follow any particular schedule. Mowing is essential, and hence knowing how often you should mow your lawn will suffice. Following different schedules would get rid of issues brown, burnt grass, and weak roots to name a few. The following are some of the key points to keep in mind while following different schedules for mowing: 

  • Mowing your lawn at a frequency of once a week will suffice; however, it depends on your grass type. 
  • The frequency during spring and fall will depend upon the quantity of rain received and the fertilization process. 
  • Adjust your mowing schedule as per the rainfall. 
  • Know the Best Time to Mow the Lawn

There are several benefits of not following a fixed schedule for mowing. Some of these are enlisted as under: 

  • Having a different schedule for mowing the lawns can help your grass to remain green and healthy.
  • It breaks the monotony in your mowing schedule and adds diversity and fun.
  • It keeps your lawn away from any damages due to overcutting of grasses. 

Having a set schedule for your grass mowing is fine, but it is not necessary. The reasons are obvious, nothing in the lawn is fixed, as we see something unwanted growing too often. It comes at random, thus, maintaining a fixed schedule is not essential. However, it would help if you opted for mowing once a week, depending on your availability and requirements. At the same time, you should unnecessarily delay the task, as it can become too daunting to deal with. 

5. Wait a While Before You Mow a New Lawn

If you are wondering that mowing the new lawn is a similar experience to the older ones, you are wrong. New lawns take time to root well in the soil. Thus, zooming over the turf will only kill your time and money. These lawns take time to settle down before you start the stressful mowing procedures on it. Hence, before you think of mowing a new lawn, you should wait for a while and then start. 

  • Once the turf is laid down, start watering 
  • You need to wait till the new lawn is well established
  • Check the roots of your lawn 
  • Fix the right mowing height or know the Ideal Height to Cut the Grass.
  • Feed your new lawn. 

Besides, you reap several benefits of waiting for a while before you go mowing a new lawn: 

  • It prevents the damage 
  • Giving time to the lawn to become healthy and stable 
  • Easy to maintain 

We know the new lawns to be highly delicate; starting the mowing process early can lead to issues like damages. When you wait, you prevent adding any pressure on the newly laid grass. Thus, you have to avoid activities like walking and mowing on the new lawn. 

6. Grass Clippings Should Be Left Where They Are

As per lawn care experts, grass clippings can do good for your lawns. These prove healthy for the lawn, contributing to a process known as grasscycling. It helps in developing a healthy lawn. However, a common misconception among homeowners is that grass clippings create thatch buildup, thus damaging the grass. Before you start the process, you should keep the following key points in mind about lawn clippings:

  • Choose the appropriate length 
  • Select the best equipment 
  • Add sharpness to the blade 
  • Rotate directions 
  • Allow clippings to remain on the ground

These add several benefits to your lawn; some of these are: 

  • Transform into natural fertilizer 
  • Provides shade 
  • Helps in your mowing strategy 
  • Grass grows greener, thicker and healthier 
  • Reduce waste 

Grass clippings have the exact composition of your lawn as the rest of the grass. These include nutrients and water, which returns to the lawn’s soil. There is no question of thatch growth in your lawn as clippings can easily break down and that too in a few weeks. Clipping offers additional height, making mowing effective. You should reduce the use of bags for lawn clippings. 

7. Maintain the Sharpness of Your Mower Blade

If you have a dull lawn mower, you have to sharpen it. It will help if you point your blade at least twice every season. It helps in maintaining a green, healthy lawn. A sharp blade adds productivity and reduces the work time on the lawns. The following are the steps you need to follow for sharpening the mower blade, have a look: 

  • Collect the required tools to remove the blade
  • Remove the blade from your mower 
  • Sharpen it with clamp and file or on a bench grinder
  • Now fix it over the mower, and you are good to go

There are several benefits of sharpening your mower blade, and a few includes are enlisted below: 

  • Easy to mow in all the seasons 
  • Reap healthy lawn quality
  • Quick green look on your lawn 

Once you sharpen your mower blade, it becomes easy to cut the grass. At the same time, you will find less engine drag. It means that you can cut the grass quickly, thus increasing the blade’s life. On the other hand, the dull blades give uneven grass length. A smoother mowing process also prevents several fungal diseases, keeping your lawn free from any attack. 

What is the Importance of Mowing the Lawn?

Every homeowner aspires for a green and pleasant lawn. It makes them the proud owner of perfectly groomed lawns, allowing envy around their neighborhood. It is only possible with regular and proper mowing efforts. There are benefits of mowing the lawn, making this process vital for every lawn owner. You get stronger grass that makes your lawn healthy. The next significant benefit you gain is getting consistent growth that gives a magnificent view of the grass in your lawn. Consistency is a crucial factor that you get with proper lawn mowing, which eventually contributes to making the space beautiful. 

Mowing also allows the process known as mulching, which plays a vital role in supplying the nutrient value to the grass in your lawn. You can fix any damage within the lawns with mowing, thus giving a faster recovery. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out the mowing process frequently. It promises you both healthy and attractive lawns. If carrying out mowing on your own is a difficult job, you can always consider any of the best Lawn Care Services. So regardless of taking mowing as your DIY project or calling any professional group, the importance of this process remains enormous. 

What is the Best Way to Cut Grass in the Lawn?

If you want to make your lawn look good, you should know the best way to cut grass on your lawn. First things first, you have to take care of your yard’s edges, as it will make your task simpler and faster. In the next step, you should choose a pattern. Start with a popular mowing pattern – stripes. Make one pass, and then make a 180-degree turn in the next pass. Continue this till your entire lawn is moved. Opt for changing directions every time you mow. For instance, in the first week, you can go vertically and then go for the horizontal pattern next week. For the edge, you can follow in rows. 

Regardless of the pattern you choose, it would help if you kept on mixing and blending the others next week. It will help prevent grass growth unilaterally, making your lawn less attractive. Not only that, even rowing becomes a difficult job to accomplish. At the same time, you should know how to sharpen the lawn mower blades. Every time you start the mowing activity, start cutting ⅓ of the grass blades at one go and then follow the next. It will help in making your grass blades gain a deeper root system. Moreover, this helps feed the nutrients and water to the lawn soil. 

When is the Best Time to Mow the Lawn?

The snow melts during the spring, and soon you will see your grass drying out, giving you the time to mow. However, you should know the best time to take up this task when you are ready to mow your lawn. The best time to mow your lawn is mid-morning, usually between 8 am and 10 am. During these two hours, you find the sun higher in the sky, making the grass dry out or having some amount of dew. The key reason why this is the best time is that the sun has just set in , and the heat has just started for the day. It is regarded as the most comfortable time slot for the mowers. 

The next best time for the mowers is to consider it in the late afternoon time duration. It is from around 4 pm to 6 pm. During this time slot, you find the temperature has gone down, making it less stressful for the lawn. You find ample time to cover before the sunsets. The other significant benefit of choosing this time slot is that it regulates fungal diseases, which can hurt the grass. However, the worst time slot is from 6 am to 8 am when there is lots of dew around the lawn. The wet grass can make the mow clog, thus making the process challenging. 

What are the Grass Mowing Height Recommendations?

The first rule to consider is to decide the height of grass mowing. Usually, everyone follows the one-third rule. It helps in maintaining the right balance. However, the short mowing height is a gross mistake many homeowners commit. It can create issues like adding stress plants and mowing frequency reduction. The following are some of the key recommendations about mowing height: 

  • During the active growth periods during the spring and fall, you have to stick to the height between 2 and 3 ½ inches. 
  • The height recommendation is slightly lower during the warm season, which is around 1 to 3 inches. 
  • In the drought season, the tallest of heights is considered. 
  • Lastly, you can move the grass a little short during cool weather without causing any stress. 

If the grass becomes too tall during the non-mowing time or rainy season, you have to wait to see it dry. However, you will still follow the same ⅓ rule. After mowing for a few times, you can return to the desired height. 

Why Should You Hire Lawn Care Services for Mowing the Lawn?

Lawn care is about maintaining existing lawns’ vitality, color, and health. Some of the known services falling under lawn care include pest control, soil testing, weed control, seeding, aeration and root-feeding for trees, to name a few. The professionals taking care of these activities are recognised as lawn care experts. We often consider mowing lawns to be a DIY venture. However, the number of resources and time you need for the lawn rowing process make things difficult for your DIY project. The scarcity of time and equipment brings us to a solution of hiring professional lawn care services. The biggest reason to hire these services is a time-saving experience. 

You cannot afford to invest the whole day trying mowing activity in your lawn and getting shabby results. However, that is not the case with professional lawn care services. They have the expertise and the required equipment to accomplish the job. The next reason to hire them is that they give you more than you can earn through your DIY venture. The lawn care services professional can go beyond the essential mowing services to you. They are skilled people who are good at tasks like weeding, brush removal, weeding and seasonal yard cleanup. Besides, you can also gain services like landscape design and installation services. 

Thus, hiring a competent lawn care company can ensure that your lawn remains gorgeous even when you fail to have time for it. They boast quality work, seeking the help of experienced staff who are skilled enough to deal with any lawns. Finding the right group can help you keep your lawn in the right shape. 

Lawn mowing taking up all your time? Call us, and we will do it for you!

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Charles Beaverson
2 months ago

I’m glad you clarified letting the mowed grass clippings lay where they are. I hear so many homeowners saying you got to bag them or rake them up. Thanks