termites in your yard

What attracts termites in your yard?

Some factors that attract termites in your yard include outdoor woodpiles, tree stumps, mulch, roof problems and tree stumps. Termites are among the most hated pests for homeowners as they cause considerable damage. They can wreak havoc in your yard if they remain untreated.

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1. Outdoor wood piles

It’s common to see wooden piles in yards. These are primarily used in the fireplaces in your yard. The biggest problem outdoor wood piles face is the termites that damage them, thus ruining everything on your lawn. In addition, the stacked wood remains in open spaces on the lawn or under a shade, which can attract termites easily. 

Once the piles are affected by termites, the only solution is to burn them in the fireplace and eliminate them immediately. Hence it is fair to say that preventing the termites from infesting the wood piles is the best option to keep the pests away from your lawn. Some best prevention methods are often exposing the outdoor wood piles to sunlight. 

Spray some boric acid solution over the wood to clean it and keep it moisture-free. Carrying out the oil treatment can help secure the wood. You can make a cardboard trap and add cardboard boxes that can remain effective traps for termites. Try all the time-tested practical solutions for keeping the wood piles safe from termites. 

2. Mulch

A layer of mulch applied on the lawn can help conserve soil moisture, enhance the fertility of the soil, and improve its health. Also, it helps reduce weed growth and enhances the visual appeal of the lawn. 

However, mulch also attracts termites that become a concern for homeowners. To prevent the issue of termites, make sure the mulch is kept six inches away from the foundations. Using gravel can also help in keeping away termites. In addition, the space prevents termites and other pests from entering. 

One effective way of getting away from the tiny creatures is to apply the known termite-killing products over the mulch area. In addition, applying boric acid to vulnerable spots can keep termites away from your lawn. Lastly, you must ensure that mulch remains in the right shape by maintaining it. 


3. Tree stumps

Tree stumps in a yard can attract two types of termites – Dampwood and Subterranean. The former consumes wood that is on the verge of decay, while the latter consumes all the types of wood that carry cellulose, posing an immediate risk. Holes in the wood are an indication of these termites. Remaining unattended, you can see the infestation can spread inside your lawn, thus making things worse.

However, the good news is that you can prevent these tiny creatures from affecting the tree stump. The most common idea to get away with this problem is to remove the stump quickly; however, this is a partial solution to your problem.

Whether you remove the stump immediately or not, you have to flush out the termites from it. If you can get rid of the termites, removing the entire tree stump is no longer necessary. Several ways to solve the termite issues include using liquid termiticide, baiting and perimeter barriers. Once you kill the termites, you can carry out a few prevention methods, like maintaining the tree stump by polishing it.

4. Basement problems

Many homes have built-in crawl areas or have some unfinished cellars or basements. Termites often target these. These spaces are notorious for attracting moisture and making the wooden structural supports vulnerable and open to infestation. 

Once any termite colony gets over the home, it damages too much. So, once you realize any termite infestation, you should start the treatment process. First, start working on the prevention aspect by stopping the moisture content. Next, keep the basement clean and well-maintained to keep the issues at bay. 

You need to prevent clogs that can reduce the moisture content, reducing infestation. You can use termite repellents, and one of the known repellents is Borate. Spray Borate on wood before priming and painting. It soaks into the wood and prevents termites from attacking and nibbling on it.

5. Roof Problems 

One of the known issues that can invite termites is roof problems. Roofs allow termites to enter your home yard. Low-hanging branches touching your roof can behave like a bridge for termites, especially if you have clogged gutters, which encourage termites. 

Doing these things can make the areas appealing. Unfortunately, in all these locations, you can find too many termites that can cause roof and infestation, as found in entire homes. You can prevent termites on the lawn by repairing the leaks in the roof and preventing moisture. 

Also, discard all the waste that can attract termites. Scrap the wood and other firewood to fix these issues. Use boric acid to address the infested areas. These will kill the termites ready to become a colony and prevent the issue. Calling a professional to fix these issues can help you get an effective solution. 


What are the signs of termites in your yard?

You can confirm the presence of termites in your yard with a few signs. Some ways to find out the termite infestation are as follows: 

  • Mud Tunnels – This is the most significant sign of termites on your lawn. Termites often lay tunnels of feces and saliva, and they move via different water and food sources. 
  • Termite Excrement – The termite feces appear like grass on tree stumps, and once you see them, it proves the presence of the same. 
  • Tree Nests – The next sign of the white ants is their nests that appear like ugly gray ulcers seen over any tree. 
  • Termite Wings – Both types of termites leave their wings once they mate. Hence you find piles of termite wings around the yard, which is a sign of infestation. 
  • Blowholes in Trees – Another sign is the blowholes as showcased by both types of species of termite. 
  • Hollow Sounds – If you tap any tree in your yard and hear a hollow sound, it can indicate the presence of termites. 

If you sense the presence of white ants, panic is inevitable. Hence the next step is to check the intensity of the infestation. You must check the following places to confirm the infestation: 

  • Check the firewood
  • Gutters and roof eaves
  • Trellises and fences
  • Electrical meters and exterior fuse boxes 
  • Wooden items close to your pool
  • Stumps and old dead trees 
  • Porches 
  • Patios and sidewalks

Check these spaces thoroughly to find out the infestation. You check for more on types of termites. In conclusion, some factors that attract termites in your yard are outdoor wood piles, tree stumps, mulch, roof problems and tree stumps. After seeing the signs, take immediate action to control the infestation.

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