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We’re proud to serve Detroit, MI

Detroit, Wayne County is the largest city in the state of Michigan. It is recognized as a welcoming city, with an open culture and enterprising people. The city’s vitality is irresistible with all the sights to see and activities to perform. Founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a French merchant in 1701, it is now synonymous with the American Automotive Industry by the 20th century.

This evolving city is famed for its automobile industry, historical art, expansive road networks, and health institutions. You will find everything here, including restaurants, shopping districts, boutiques, festivals, and cultural attractions. Read more about Detroit below.

About Detroit, MI

The city of Detroit is located close to the Detroit River and bordered by Ontario, Canada. It is the largest city in South-Eastern Michigan, USA.

The economy of Detroit is made up of construction, information, transportation, finance, health, and hospitality sectors. Several companies such as Quicken Loans, Deloitte, KPMG, Shinola, Computerware, and many others are situated there.

Detroit has an expanded manufacturing and shipping center with a focus on automobile production. This hub is home to the big three auto brands; Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford. It also hosts the North American International Autoshow every other year. Also, the city has a thriving chemical, steel, shipping, and machinery industries.

Detroit is big on the music scene; it has played a role in the growth of punk, jazz, rock, and hip-hop music. Besides that, it has inspired the development of techno and Motown music genres. Besides, dozens of music concerts are held every year in venues like the DTE Energy Music Theatre. Other exciting music events that Detroit hosts are Detroit International Jazz Festival, Hip-hop Summer Jamz Festival, and a lot more. The music concerts offer aspiring musicians a chance to reveal themselves to the industry.

There are many health facilities in Detroit, including the Detroit Medical Centre. It is the biggest private employer of labor in Detroit. It sources staff from Wayne State University and is officially the United States fourth largest medical school.

As a popular tourist destination, the city attracts tourists to its architecture, recreational spaces, stadiums, revitalization projects, and theatres. Tourist sites include Detroit Zoo, Lake St. Clair, Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Data Center, and others.

Geography and climate

Detroit has a total area of 370.03 km2 (142.87 square miles). The land area is 359.36 km2 (138.75 square miles) while 10.67 km2 (4.12 square miles). Detroit’s climate has a humid continental, according to Köppen climatic classification Dfa. Its environment is strongly affected by Lake Michigan and has by cold winters and mild rainfall. The coldest month is January (-8°C to 1°C). In summer, humidity is a little high and hot in summer. The hottest month is July, with a temperature of 28.5°C (83.4° F). June records the highest rainfall while May has the highest precipitation of 3.9”.

In Detroit, it snows from January to April as well as October through December. However, January records the greatest number of snowfall days (10.4 days), and snow accumulation is usually 12.6ʺ.

Detroit is categorized into Downtown, Midtown, New Center area, North, West, and East. The city of Detroit’s Department of Public works has the responsibility of removing snow on major roads. However, residents have an obligation too. For snow removal policies and ordinance use the resources below:

  • Detroit Snow Removal Policy
  • Snow Removal Ordinance That said, if you’d like a certified snow removal company in Detroit, here’s a tested and reliable snow removal company at your service.

Landscaping FAQs in Detroit, MI

What Type of Grass Seed Is Suitable for Detroit, MI?

Kentucky bluegrass is a suitable grass seed type to plant in Detroit. It can be varied with perennial ryegrass to boost faster germination. It takes a few months to germinate. It is perfect for cold temperatures and suitable for sandy soil. Make sure you maintain and water it properly if you decide to grow this grass.

Does Detroit Have Any Grass Cutting Ordinance?

Yes, it does. To learn the laws on grass cutting in Detroit city, use this resource:

Detroit Grass Cutting Ordinance However, for reliable and professional grass cutting services, use this company.

How Can I Grow an Attractive Lawn in Detroit, MI?

You have to be passionate about it. We urge you to consult professional advice before proceeding with any planting activity. Use the following guidelines below.

• Clear and clean the area of the lawn.

• Aerate it.

• Apply compost.

• Plant lawn.

• Mow it.

• Irrigate the soil sufficiently.

• Effectively control weed and pests away from the lawn.

We also present you with some essential tips that you will find very useful in the course of growing a lawn in Detroit, Michigan.

• Climate Type: Humid Continental.

• Growth Season: Middle August – Late September.

• Spring Cut Height: 1.5” - 2.5”

• Fall Cut Height: 1.5”- 2.5”

• Summer Cut Height: 1.5” - 2.5”

• Best Grass Seed: Kentucky Blue Grass

• Soil Type: Acidic

• Best Water Pattern: 1" of water per week, every morning before 10 am and every evening.

• When to Fertilize: Early Spring.

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