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Armando Clark
Armando Clark
October 28, 2020.
I have had wonderful service this whole year. My lawn is pretty rough to cut through and they do a great job. Very responsive to my emails. Thank you Eden
Dwayne Wilcox
Dwayne Wilcox
October 14, 2020.
I’ve had a few different crews and they’ve all been very good. Even if things aren’t perfect, they’ll contact you and make things right which I appreciate.
Bunny Riot
Bunny Riot
September 12, 2020.
Great value for a serviced performed. Very professional and responded quickly to questions I've had.
Samantha Kites
Samantha Kites
September 4, 2020.
We love the way it ‘greens up’ the lawn. Thanks Eden!
Hattie Wills
Hattie Wills
August 29, 2020.
My lawn looks great! They treat your lawn as if it were their own and provide personalized care that suits your needs and budget. I am happy to recommend the Eden team to anyone in need of lawn maintenance.
Charla Tapia
Charla Tapia
August 14, 2020.
Eden took the time to snipper the entire edge of my front and back yard - I have never seen it looking so good. They did a fantastic job and even swept up my back deck. They are professional, prompt with great customer service. I highly recommend them.
Jonathan Walter
Jonathan Walter
July 16, 2020.
Eden Landscaping did excellent work in my front and back yard as well as a new patio. My house truly has curb appeal now. You will be just as pleased when you choose them to make over your yard too! Thank You Edenapp
Jenifer Winget
Jenifer Winget
July 9, 2020.
I loved all of the Eden's creative ideas that they suggested. I would highly recommend Edenapp’s Landscaping to anyone looking for a high quality service at a fair price.
Cathy Walter
Cathy Walter
July 3, 2020.
We have been using Edenapp for our landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal needs for more than a year. They have provided prompt, thorough, and professional service through the months! I recommend them highly!!
James Nora
James Nora
June 26, 2020.
The Eden's Lawn Care never disappoints! They have been providing lawn care at my office for year or so. The entirety of the folks are extremely proficient and their tender loving care is top notch. They even go well beyond the ordinary assistance.I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job!

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Katrina B, newmarket


Two months back I have hired Eden to deal with the damaged grass in my yard. They performed surprising job at lower cost and I am soo happy with the results.

Winsten C, newmarket


 Eden grass cutting services are best in (city name). Every year I hired them during grass growing period and they always performed an amazing job!

Peter B, boston-ma


I have hired Eden’s bi-weekly grass cutting services and they were so professional and efficient. If you are looking for a high-end finish, Eden is the best option at affordable cost.


Services We Offer

Eden is a professional lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal company that offers an array of services to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Our services are categorized into four parts that are lawn care, landscaping, yard work, and snow removal services.

Eden’s professionals have expertise in creating landscape design from scratch and also maintain your prized lawn and garden with proficient skills. By opting for our grass cut, snow removal services you can reclaim your free time. We have no lengthy contracts or seasonal fees for any of these services.

Don’t wait up! Hire our Team of professionals to get all your outdoor work and maintain personal style and the aesthetic of your property.

What can Eden do you for you?

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We handle everything for you!

Save Time, Stop Stress And Save<br> More

Save Time, Stop Stress And Save

Hire Eden to eliminate your outdoor chores and reclaim your free time

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Our personalized services render effective maintenance and designing strategies

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

Skilled hands of Eden’s professionals can achieve aesthetically pleasing exteriors

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

With no contracts or seasonal fees, Eden only charges for any services when you need it

We’re proud to serve Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is a coastal city in South West Florida. It is also the capital and industrial metropolis of Lee County, which also comprises of Cape Coral. Fort Myers is famous for its numerous beaches, serenity, golf courses, mild winter, historic estates, and hospitality.

About Fort Myers, FL

During the second Seminole war, Fort Myers was built upon the ruins of Fort Harvie. It got named after Colonel Abraham Charles Myers, a veteran in the Seminole war. In 1889, Inventor Thomas Edison acquired 13 acres of land around Caloosahatchee River and built a personal winter retreat house, which he named Seminole lodge. The building adjacent his would later be bought by Henry Ford, who called it the Henry Ford winter estate.

Fort Myers operates a council-manager government where the municipal council comprises one Mayor and six members of the council. It also has an estimated population of 82,254 residents as of 2018. The population spans Black communities, Hispanics, and Whites. Fort Myers alongside neighboring Cape Coral, make up the Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The City of Palms annual classic hosts a yearly basketball tournament in the city, drawing several guests from far and near to Fort Myers. Public properties that serve as tourist sites include the Edison and Ford winter estates, which comprise of twin estates that served as personal winter escape homes for Inventor Thomas Edison, and Automaker Henry Ford. Murphy-Burrough’s House was the private home of a successful cattle rancher whose daughter bequeathed edifice to Fort Myers government before her demise.

The Imaginarium Science Center is a state of the art edifice stocked with dinosaurs, aquariums, fossils, and a lot more, all for thrills. An engaging session on science-related themes such as weather and nanotechnology are other experiences that will make your trip even more memorable.

Geography and climate

Data obtained from the United States Census Bureau indicates that Fort Myers has an area of 40.4 square miles. 31.8 square miles of the total area makes up the land, while 8.6 sq. miles make up its water body. According to Köppen’s climate classification, it has a tropical climate. In Fort Myers, the daily temperature rarely rises above 38°C or becomes less than the freezing point.

Also, the average level of rainfall every year is 56 inches, and much of it comes in the rainy season, which starts in June and ends in September. Fort Myers’s rainy season is characterized by constant rainfall and thunderstorms. There’s less rainfall between October and May. In that period, the average monthly rainfall is no more than three inches.

Every month, the daily mean temperature spans from 17.9°C (64.2°F) in January to 28.6°C (83.4°F) by August. The annual average temperature is 23.9°C (75.1°F). The city of Fort Myers has never experienced snowfall before. This condition is a result of the cold air which blows through the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, thus keeping the air above Fort Myers from freezing.

Eden is offering more than 15 lawn care specialists to create an aesthetic yard for you. Our professionals are pro at lawn maintenance. By applying best practices, we will provide you the thicker and greener lawn in Fort Myers. According to expert’s opinion, Late march is the perfect time to apply fertilizers in your yard. To grow thicker and greener grass, you can mow the lawn weekly in grass growing period. After that, reducing its frequency up to 15 days will be beneficial. To control weed growth on the lawn, April is the best time. During this month, you can apply organic weed control methods to the yard to get rid of unsightly appearance. Adding perennials and annual summer flowers can be done after 2nd week of May. Before planting any flower, make sure you are not in the probable freeze periods in your area. We are offering number of services such as fall clean-up, tree trimming, shrub pruning, landscape stonework along lawn maintenance. In Fort Myers, you can set your custom lawn care plan according to your budget. This year, we have weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting offers. You can switch between these two anytime according to the season. So, what are you waiting for….call us today to hire the best services in Fort Myers and set yourself to enjoy the weekend in Fort Myers.


Landscaping FAQs for Fort Myers, Fl

Our monthly lawn services include:

• Edging

• Trimming

• Mowing

• Hedging

• Debris picking and removal

• Weed removal

The goal is to provide our patrons with complete services on their lawn. When we complete working on your yard, there will be no other job left to do on it.

Yes, you will. Occasionally, you may see one new happy face replacing a sick worker or one on vacation. However, if everybody is around, you will see the same group of smiling workers every other workday.

I Don’t Know The Grass Cutting Ordinances In Fort Myers, Florida

For your delight and digest, here’s a link for you to study the Fort Myers grass cutting ordinances. You are encouraged to do so, before contracting any grass cutting company.

Here are the steps you can follow to grow a healthy-looking lawn.

• Clear and clean the designated area

• Aerate the soil

• Apply compost

• Plant the lawn

• Mow often

• Irrigate it adequately

• Remove pests and weed as often as possible.

Also, consider using the information below to guide you while growing grass in Fort Myers, Florida.

• Climate Type: Tropical ( Köppen climate classification ).

• Growth Season: Between April – July.

• Spring Cut Height: 4″ 5 for St. Augustine.

• Summer Cut Height: 4″ 5 for St. Augustine.

• Fall Cut Height: 4″ 5 for St Augustine.

• Best Grass Seed: St. Augustine (Floratam), Bahia.

• Soil Type: Slightly acidic.

• Best Water Pattern: Twice every week and 2″ of water every week.

• When To Fertilize: In any season. But don’t fertilize with Nitrogen or Phosphorous containing fertilizer during the rainy season.

Neighborhoods We Service in Fort Myers, FL

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