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We’re proud to serve Long Island, NY

Long Island, New York is the principal island connecting the United States. The island used to be occupied by Native Americans before Europeans colonized it. This expansive city was once a fishing, oystering, horticultural, and whaling center. Now it’s a fascinating recreational center. Long Island attracts many visitors and holidaymakers and sightseers every year to its parklands, hotels, harbors, golf courses, beaches, and yacht basins. You will find the famous Montauk Point Lighthouse on Long Island. It’s also home to good music, delicious cuisines, world-renowned educational facilities, sports teams, and horse racing events. Find out more about this exciting Island below

About Long Island, NY

Long Island is one of the largest islands in the United States of America. It was once a primary aircraft and electronics industrial center, but the energy and research industries have become the economic mainstays.

An advanced and effective highway system serves long Islanders. It comprises of bridges, ferries, and tunnels rail and subway lines that connect the island to other parts of New York. Besides as a pivot for the aviation industry, it’s the location of two of the busiest airports in NY, which are the JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport

Biotechnology establishments, medical and scientific research institutions play a significant part in Long Island's economy. Some of the facilities include Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York Institute of Technology, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine.

Long Island is home to the Hauppauge Industrial park, the most significant industrial park on the East Coast, holding more than 1,300 establishments. The island's eastern side is moderately agricultural with vineyards, potato pumpkin, fish, duck, and fruit farms. The Island has a culturally diverse population, good food, music bands, and sports teams.

Geography and climate

Manhattan lies to the west of Long Island and is separated from it by the east river. Bordered by the Upper New York Bay on the Southwest, the Lower New York Bay, and the Narrows. To the east, it shares a border with a part of Rhodes Island called the Block Island.

Long Island lies between the humid subtropical climate and humid continental climate. Some of its characteristics include hot, humid summers, mild springs, and fall weather.

Long Island annual sunshine averages 2400-2800 hours of sunshine and has its coldest periods in January with temperatures reaching -4°C to 2°C. In July, the temperature rises to between 24°C to 29°C. The lowest temperature on the Island usually falls to about -21°C but never below, while the Upper limit of temperature on the Island is generally around 38°C.

The island usually experiences mild to freezing winters with an average of 51 – 89cm (20-35inches) of snow. It snows a lot, and the Long Island Ordinance on Snow removal requires property owners to remove snow and ice from the paved walkways and sidewalks. Residents can also hire snow removal companies to help.

Landscaping Questions in Long Island, NY

What are the Best Grass Seeds to use in Long Island?

Due to the peculiar nature of the area, fine fescue is suitable for areas with plenty of shade, little sunlight, and low foot traffic, while Bluegrass is suitable for high foot traffic spaces because they are resilient.

What are the Best Lawn Practices for Long Island, NY?

You need to spray your lawn with 1-2 inches of water weekly. If the PH levels of your garden are below 6.5, add lime to your yard to raise the standards. Avoid using pesticides because they pollute the groundwater. Use them cautiously and only when necessary to harness the full benefits of lawn care.

What is the Best Fertilizer Technique for Long Island, NY?

Fertilizers should be used on Long Island lawns heavily in the fall and lightly during the spring season. Doing this will ensure that your compost starts to produce results before the cold winter comes. During spring, ensure you properly schedule your fertilizer regimen to account for the hotter day of the summer. Make sure that you complete the fertilization process before summer. You can use either slow or quick-release fertilizer with one pound of Nitrogen per thousand square feet.

Are There Any Grass Growing Laws in Long Island, NY?

Long Island, New York has four counties, which are Queens, Suffolk, Kings, and Nassau. Although these districts do not have distinctive grass cutting laws, there’s a Guide for Planning and Zoning for New York. Both Nassau and Suffolk County have legislation regulating the times of year that fertilizer can be applied by professionals and homeowners in an effort to reduce groundwater nitrate pollution. They also have laws prohibiting lawn fertilization at certain times of the year. In Nassau, this period is November 15–April 1 and in Suffolk, November1–April 1. There are other provisions, restrictions and exceptions in these laws. For a complete guide use these resources:

NY Fertilization and Care of Lawns

Suffolk County Fertilizer Application Rules

Nassau County Laws.

That said, here are soil and climate conditions for getting the best lawn in Long Island, NY.

• Climate type: Humid subtropical climate

• Growth season: Late Summer to Early Fall

• Spring cut height: 1⅟2

• Summer cut height: 1⅟2

• Fall Cut Height: 2⅟2

• Best Grass Seed: Fine fescue or Bluegrass

• Best Water pattern: Soak your lawn once a week

• Soil Type: Acidic Soil

• When to fertilize: Early Fall and Mid Spring

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