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EDEN has been proudly serving both commercial and residential property owners in Philadelphia Pennsylvania since 15+ years now. The reviews of our esteemed customers can actually become the face of our service desk, which can be viewed on our website as well.

Our services include landscaping, yard work, lawn care and snow removal for both residential and commercial properties in Philadelphia. Curb Appeal is a term used to describe how attractive a property is seen from the street and we at EDEN specialize in enhancing this very curb appeal.

But as the landscaping adds value to your home, it needs to go beyond just the planting of some shrubs and colorful flowers. That is where we come in. Not only the landscape designing, but also the maintenance is done proficiently by us.

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Save Time, Stop Stress And Save<br> More

Save Time, Stop Stress And Save

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

Services I need this month in Philadelphia, PA

December, January, February

Services Recommended : Snow Removal, winterizing fertilization, lawn mowing

With no contracts or seasonal fees, Eden only charges for snow removal when you need it.

March, April, May

Services Recommended : Aeration, Fertilization, Dethatching, Leaf Raking, Overseeding, Weed Control, Lawn Mowing

With several lawn mowing packages to choose from, Eden helps eliminate your outdoor chores.

June, July, August

Services Recommended : Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control, Lawn Mowing

We specialize in landscaping services that fit your personal style and the aesthetic of your home.

September, October, November

Services Recommended : Initial Cleanup, Fall cleanup, Leaf cleanup/removal, Weed Control, Shrub maintenance, Mulching, Aeration, Lawn Mowing

Our easy, on-demand services cover all of your outdoor yard maintenance and lawn care.

Successfully Completed Projects in Philadelphia, PI

Antionette R.


I would just like to say a GREAT WORK Eden for the work they did in creating my patio this fall. They were very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me design it and did a BEAUTIFUL job of executing it. I have wanted a patio for years, and I am so happy with the results. It’s gorgeous!!!

Daisy L.


Much thanks to YOU for the excellent work you’ve finished with our property! We genuinely value your services. Our landscaping finally looks intentional! We look forward to continuing with our relationship and enlightening others regarding the incredible work you’ve done

Catherine S.


From estimate to fulfillment of the task was on time as guaranteed. The work was exceptionally proficient and the interface with the owner was charming and responsive. To date the venture has lived up to my desires. Thank you Eden!

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Snow Removal FAQs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Snow accumulates up to one inch for more than one-sixth of the snowfall season. Snowfall measures up to five or more inches on some days in January and February. It might get up to ten inches for a day throughout the whole year.

Try the Bully Tools 92814 Combination Snow Shovel. It has a full scoop and a long handle, which is suitable for moving snow.

Use salt and calcium chloride or an ice melt that contains calcium chloride to melt ice and snow on your property.

Philadelphia’s code 10-720 obliges house agents, owners, and tenants to remove snow and open a path not less than 36 inches from pavements and sidewalks bordering their property. Snow removal should be done within six hours after a snowfall. Also, residents aren’t supposed to shovel snow into the streets and be penalized. The city also asks residents to remove snow from fire hydrants and storm drains, although not included in the code. Owners and residents are also penalized.

City residents are required to follow these rules because they are enforced strictly. After a week’s grace period to clear snow from your property, the city will issue a fine between $50 and $300 to those who haven’t removed snow from their sidewalks.

There’s also a slip and fall personal injury lawsuits related to a premises liability. Read more on personal injury law because it’s complicated.

When snow piles up on your property and it’s not attractive anymore, then you’ve got to remove snow from your property. Here are instructions to aid you with the process. If, for some reason, snow heaps up around your residence, and becomes a burden, speak with our snow removal professionals for help.

Landscaping FAQs in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weeds that spring up during spring grow to become more significant nuisances if allowed to remain in the lawn. You can control weeds that germinate during spring with herbicides. There are different types of herbicides for you to use including:

• Selective herbicides – these target weeds precisely and do not harm turf grasses

• Non-selective herbicides – these kill all plant tissues they come across.

There are organic weed control methods you can consider too. What are the Best Ways for Spring Lawn Care in Philadelphia, PA? Spring is the best time to start giving your lawn the best care. During spring, the ground recovers from a long, cold winter, and plants begin to grow. Here are the steps to take for optimum spring lawn care:

• Clean up debris and rake leaves and dead grasses

• Repair your irrigation system if need be

• Weed and prune any shrubs

• Aerate the lawn and overseed where needed

• Fertilize your lawn

• Mow

• Water your lawn

According to the city’s zoning code information, Philadelphia is zoned into the following districts: Commercial districts, Residential districts, Industrial districts, and Special Purpose Districts. And when it comes to landscaping, these districts are guided by the city’s ordinance on the garden which can be found in the link below: Philadelphia gardening and zonal landscaping laws

For the best lawn care in Philadelphia, here are some conditions to consider meeting first.

• Climate Type: Humid Sub-tropical • Growth Season: May – September • Spring Cut Height: 2.5” • Summer Cut Height: 3” • Fall Cut Height: 2.5” • Best Grass Seed: Kentucky Bluegrass • Best Water Pattern: Every day during June-August • Soil Type: Slightly acidic to neutral • When to Fertilize: Early Spring and Fall.

We are proud to serve in Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania. This beautiful place is blessed with a rich history, famous notably as the home of the site where the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. The town has grown to become a massive economic hub in the state, with several points of interest for tourists, art lovers, science enthusiasts, and so much more. Learn more about this iconic city below.

Planting at Philly; Landscape Designing at Philly; Lawn Care at Philly all by EDEN

We know it very well that every winter in Philly your landscape will definitely go off to sleep, well we ourselves are under sheets let alone viewing our landscapes.

Your gardens would surely be hibernating even if the stretch between December and March has been on the milder side. But as the winter starts reclining your yard’s tiny shrubs are ready to show itself to the world again. That is when landscaping needs to be done to have a perfect outdoor space.

As Philly is comprised of diverse, charming neighborhoods, upgrading the outdoor space will add value to the neighborhood. As the warmer months approach, take a look at the 6 spring landscape ideas to get your yard ready.

  • Getting the basic yard cleanup done
  • Breaking out the Leaf Rake
  • Initiating the Pruning Process
  • Garden Edging
  • Multi-layering with Mulching
  • Fertilization of the Soil

If your lawns and gardens could communicate, then they would surely tell you how much pain the weeds cause them. Yes, weed controlling is a must while taking care of the lawns. Weeds can cause real serious problems to the landscape and are more than just unwelcome.

Along with the yard work and landscape services, EDEN also provides snow removal services during the chilled months in the ending and the beginning of the year.

EDEN is the key to all your outdoor related necessities in Philadelphia. So, get a free quote of our services today.

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