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All Eden Operators Are Licensed & Insured Professionals. Named for the HMS Ajax, a Royal Navy cruiser from World War II, the town of Ajax is in the Durham Region in Southern Ontario, located in the eastern part of Toronto. Its population is 119,677 based on figures from 2016, and is bordered by the City of Pickering to the west and north, and the Town of Whitby to the east.<br /> Ajax was established in 1941 with the construction of a Defence Industries Limited (DIL) shell plant. In 1974, the Ontario Legislature enacted Bill 162 to merge the Town of Ajax and the Village of Pickering, as part of the creation of the new Durham Region.The unique history of the town lives on in many forms with historic sites and landmarks that tell tales of times long ago. Each new street is named in honor of the officers and crew that served on the Ajax, Exeter and Achilles ships. Trees are planted on these streets when a veteran or family member visits.