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We’re proud to serve Waterloo, ON

A fantastic place to live in, Waterloo is a small city in Ontario. this quaint city is usually joined with its nearby city, Kitchener to make up an area called Kitchener-Waterloo. Waterloo has its own prominent landmarks, cultural attractions and the city hosts several events annually. The city offers many activities for you to indulge in, including exquisite wining and dining. Here are more details about Waterloo.

About Waterloo, ON

Nestled in the middle of Ontario’s southwestern greenbelt, Waterloo is a quaint city. This mid-sized city is one of the duo cities that form the “Twin Cities” (Kitchener-Waterloo), and also a part of the regional municipality of Waterloo. Waterloo, along with the other members of the local municipality – Cambridge and Kitchener make up what is called the “Tri-Cities.” It is the smallest of the three cities that form the regional municipality of Waterloo. Waterloo sits south of Cambridge and north of Kitchener.

Although not very large, this city has all the features and amenities of a large modern city while still maintaining that small-town charm and character. The city boasts of a thriving economic scene with several high-tech firms, including Blackberry, manufacturers of the world-famous Blackberry phones. Aside from its tech industry, Waterloo is home to innovative firms and several think tanks like the Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum Nano Centre. Two of the top-rated universities in the country – the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University have their main campuses in this bubbling city too. Uptown Waterloo is one of the major metro centers in the region as it teems with exquisite shops, world-class restaurants, and top-notch architectural structures.

Geography and climate

Waterloo sits in the Grand River Valley, surrounded by three great lakes – Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. The savvy city covers a land area of about 64.02 km2 (24.72 sq mi), and it's perched at an elevation of about 329 m (1,079 ft.). With Kitchener to its south, the small city has the Grand River flowing southwards along its east side, and Cambridge to its north. The municipal has a tributary (Laurel Creek) that runs through its entire city length, including the Waterloo Park and the University of Waterloo. West of the city lies the Waterloo Moraine.

As with most cities in Southwestern Ontario, Waterloo has a humid continental climate of the warm summer subtype (Dfb under the Köppen climate classification). In effect, the town has a relatively moderate climatic condition, albeit with significant seasonal differences. In winter, the days get very cold, and temperatures can drop as low as -10.3 oC (13.5 oF), with an annual average low temperature of 2 oC (35.6 oF). Summer comes with the heat as temperature may rise above 30 ℃ (86 ℉) during some months. The average snowfall yearly is about 63 inches, and the city enjoys about 140 frost-free days annually too. The people living in Waterloo are charged with clearing the snow and ice on their yards and sidewalks by the city’s snow removal ordinances. However, there are several snow removal companies they can hire to clear the snow.

Landscaping FAQs in Waterloo, ON

Is Compost Suitable For Landscaping In Waterloo, ON?

Compost is a soil conditioner formed from purely natural sources. A great way to enrich your soil, compost is usually very rich in nutrients. Compost is great for landscaping in Waterloo, Ontario.

What are the Best Lawn Care Techniques for Waterloo, ON?

Taking good care of your lawn involves all the activities put into keeping a turf green, lush, and fresh. And these activities should be done regularly. They include:

• Regular mowing: Make sure you mow your lawn regularly but remember to cut no more than one-third of the grass blade when mowing.

• Regular weeding: You can also apply herbicides – even if your lawn is organic, there are natural weed control methods you can use.

• Pruning and foliage trimming

Overseeding when necessary

• Watering

• Application of suitable fertilizers (chemical or organic), and occasional use of pesticides.

Are there landscaping ordinances in Waterloo?

Yes, there are laws controlling landscaping and land use throughout the town of Waterloo. These laws are stated on the city’s website. You can check out the laws here: City of Waterloo Landscaping Laws.

In addition, here’s the type of climate and a list of conditions you can consider fulfilling to enable attain the best lawn care in Waterloo, ON

• Climate Type: Humid Continental

• Growth Season: Early May – September

• Spring Cut Height: 2.5”

• Summer Cut Height: 3”

• Fall Cut Height: 2.5”

• Best Grass Seed: Perennial Ryegrass or Kentucky Bluegrass

• Best Water Pattern: every other day during June - September

• Soil Type: Slightly Acidic

• When to Fertilize: Early Spring and Fall.

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