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In the whole of the Ontario province, nestled at the banks of the Grand River is our city Waterloo thus holding an important position of being the economic epicentre for the province of Ontario. The area is in itself rich with natural resources, and loaded with serene natural beauty. We at EDEN enhance this beauty more by adding manmade beauty to this beautiful land without hampering nature. We specialise in designing, building and maintaining the outdoor space through landscapes, lawn care, yard work and snow removal as well.

On the same hand, to ensure the health of our natural landscape for generations to come we ensure that we respect the local environment and passionately work towards promoting environmentally-cognizant gardening practices.

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Save Time, Stop Stress And Save

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

Services I need this month in Waterloo, ON

December, January, February

Services Recommended : Snow Removal, lawn mowing

With no contracts or seasonal fees, Eden only charges for snow removal when you need it.

March, April, May

Services Recommended : Aeration, Fertilization, Dethatching, Leaf Raking, Overseeding, Weed Control, Lawn Mowing

With several lawn mowing packages to choose from, Eden helps eliminate your outdoor chores.

June, July, August

Services Recommended : Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control, Lawn Mowing

We specialize in landscaping services that fit your personal style and the aesthetic of your home.

September, October, November

Services Recommended : Intial Cleanup, Fall cleanup, Leaf cleanup/removal, Weed Control, Shrub maintenance, Mulching, Aeration, Lawn Mowing

Our easy, on-demand services cover all of your outdoor yard maintenance and lawn care.

Successfully Completed Projects in Waterloo, ON


Elijah T.


This is my 1st year with Eden and I will definitely continue. Ben and his staff gave me excellent and caring service. The gardener who took care of my lawn was friendly and did the work well. . Any request I made through the office was looked after.


Benjamin R.


They were quick and did a great job. Cleaned up areas that my last mowing company kept ignoring. It looks wonderful outside my windows now. Thanks Eden!

Residential Landscaping

Oliver Y.


I found an excellent garden keeper in Eden. I am very happy with the service I have in my rental property. Eden’s professionals are very friendly, communicative, and best at their work.

Customer Reviews

Henery Green
Henery Green
I've been using this service for a couple of months and couldn't be happier. They are very professional, timely and do great work. Highly recommend it.
James Little
James Little
A Lawn Care Company You Can Rely On! We've been using Eden for a long time and they've always done a fantastic job. They look after our lawn throughout the year and keep it looking wonderful. Their service comes highly recommended.
Janet Jones
Janet Jones
Enjoyed the ease of use for this app. I'm getting too old to maintain my own yard and Eden made finding help so easy. The response time was amazing! They also set you up with other landscaping services beyond just mowing.
Clive Bixby
Clive Bixby
Easy to order landscape service....nice app. Will keep using.
Johnny L Bui
Johnny L Bui
Done a fantastic job!! Thanks for all the hard work you put in!! I'll definitely be recommending them and calling them up again for the next job.
Gregory Ruch
Gregory Ruch
Very satisfied with the work. I am absolutely delighted to have stuck with Eden! They are very accommodating and share every detail about the work done. I recommend their services to everyone.
Evelyn Capote
Evelyn Capote
Will definitely be using regularly. Well done job!
Eddrick A
Eddrick A
Very Convenient Service! I will continue to use.
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis
Excellent Service!!!!
Jonathan Harmon
Jonathan Harmon
Great job! well done
Landscaping FAQs in
Waterloo, ON

Compost is a soil conditioner formed from purely natural sources. A great way to enrich your soil, compost is usually very rich in nutrients. Compost is great for landscaping in Waterloo, Ontario.

Taking good care of your lawn involves all the activities put into keeping a turf green, lush, and fresh. And these activities should be done regularly. They include:

• Regular mowing: Make sure you mow your lawn regularly but remember to cut no more than one-third of the grass blade when mowing.

• Regular weeding: You can also apply herbicides – even if your lawn is organic, there are natural weed control methods you can use.

• Pruning and foliage trimming

• Overseeding when necessary

• Watering

• Application of suitable fertilizers (chemical or organic), and occasional use of pesticides.

Yes, there are laws controlling landscaping and land use throughout the town of Waterloo. These laws are stated on the city’s website. You can check out the laws here: City of Waterloo Landscaping Laws.

In addition, here’s the type of climate and a list of conditions you can consider fulfilling to enable attain the best lawn care in Waterloo, ON

• Climate Type: Humid Continental

• Growth Season: Early May – September

• Spring Cut Height: 2.5”

• Summer Cut Height: 3”

• Fall Cut Height: 2.5”

• Best Grass Seed: Perennial Ryegrass or Kentucky Bluegrass

• Best Water Pattern: every other day during June – September

• Soil Type: Slightly Acidic

• When to Fertilize: Early Spring and Fall.

Snow Removal FAQs in
Waterloo, ON

It varies. Sometimes snowfall is 2 inches (less than five centimeters). At least for ten days every year, the amount of snow equals five centimeters spreading throughout the season. During snowstorms, it can equal ten centimeters, which happens two to three times a year. Besides, significant blizzards will leave twenty-five centimeters of snow behind.

Because the area gets their drinking water from the groundwater, Waterloo limits the use of salt for snowmelt. Sand is a preferred alternative in Waterloo, Ontario. You can reduce the amount of salt for de-icing by picking snowmelt with tinier grain, following product instructions, using a little amount, and scooping excess leftover amounts from the ground.

The city and property owners contribute to snow removal efforts. The city removes snow from streets and roads. It also removes snow from sidewalks that are not attached to any business or residence. However, it is the responsibility of asset owners to remove snow from sidewalks bordering their properties. If you don’t know how to clear snow from your property, here’s a comprehensive guide.

According to the snow removal law, property owners must remove snow from their sidewalks within twenty-four hours after a snowfall. You also have the opportunity to report uncleared paths to the city. Call 519-747-6280 (Private walkways) or 519-886-2310 (Public Sidewalks) or report here. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with work or other house chores. If, for any cause, you can’t remove snow, consider speaking with our snow removal experts to help with the snow removal process.

We are proud to serve in Waterloo, ON

A fantastic place to live in, Waterloo is a small city in Ontario. this quaint city is usually joined with its nearby city, Kitchener to make up an area called Kitchener-Waterloo. Waterloo has its own prominent landmarks, cultural attractions and the city hosts several events annually. The city offers many activities for you to indulge in, including exquisite wining and dining. Here are more details about Waterloo.

Waterloo’s Landscaping and Lawn Care Service Experts

It is EDEN’s real passion to beautify the outdoor space into something amazing and not just to complete the project. We aim in giving back to mother nature as we ensure the end result of your yard to be magnificent.

EDEN gives you, our clients, exactly what they desire for and the nature what it deserves while the neighborhood what it is longing for – Outstanding Outdoor Space.
It all begins with an idea which is materialized through our expertise and the skills of our craftsmen to ensure you get the exceptional landscape design. Not all of us are born with a green thumb, but our staff sure is born with one, as they are giving uninterrupted services past a decade and a half now. Discover some of the most exciting projects we’ve had the privilege to create, and what our customers have to say about us on our reviews page.

Fall marks the best season to begin landscaping, but before we get on to it, complete fall cleanup is the first and mandatory step to be taken to preserve the look and health of your garden. The basic steps to be followed during Fall are:
Removing leaf litter from the lawn
Dethatching and possibly aeration of the lawn
Fertilizing the lawn
Overseeding the lawn
…and many more which EDEN will surely take care of. It is after this process that the actual landscaping begins where the aesthetic value of your yard is raised.

Same kind of process is also involved in Lawn Care, which is generally required during the months of March, April and May when it’s Spring in Waterloo. Winters demand a different type of service which involves snow removal as the entire city gets hidden underneath the thick sheet of snow, your yard would not be any exception to this.

So, yes EDEN is there for you at every step to retain the beauty of your outdoor oasis.

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