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Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

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Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

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Snow Removal Service in Ottawa

Winter is a beautiful season in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. As beautiful as it is, the season can also be brutal and harsh. More often, we see the streets of Ottawa, its park lots, driveways, commercial areas, market, and parks buried inches-deep with snow. 

Last year, for example, at the start of the 2020/2021 winter season, Ottawa had already seen snow cover of about 23.3 cm in November. Even when we thought things would get better after seeing a drop to 17.9 cm in December, January’s snow situation became even more fierce. At the end of January, the snow covering had become as high as 49 cm. That even became worse as it grew to 75cm in February. Interestingly, 2020 did not even come close to the fiercest snowy years in Ottawa. That is to tell you how bad the snow situation can get in Ottawa. 

That narrative goes to explain why snow removal and plowing are so frequent in Ottawa throughout the winter. By removing snow from your surroundings as soon as possible, guests will feel safe visiting and exploring your facilities. For company owners, this implies more earnings and increased visibility. 

We know how exhausting shoveling may be, and we know how much you despise it. More so, you risk injuring yourself if you attempt to clear snow on your own. Furthermore, we feel that you should not be out in the cold by yourself clearing snow on those snowy days.

Allow Eden Snow Removal Services to taking care of the snow situation for you while keeping warm in your home. If you own a business property in Ottawa, you will need our services to clear the vast area of snow cover in your premises. More importantly, the time you spend removing snow may be better used to make more money for your company.

So, if you’re looking for a competent snow removal business in Ottawa, Eden is the place. We have a team of skilled and qualified experts equipped with the best tools, technology, and trucks to give you only the best service.

Why you should use EDEN Snow Removal Services Ottawa, OH

    • Insured and professionally trained technicians 

    All of our professionals have been trained to deal with a variety of snow removal issues. We’ve been doing this for years and know precisely what it takes to provide you with the best service possible. Furthermore, all of our technicians are insured by comprehensive liability insurance.

    • We generate quotes for you in a flash

    We can create quotations for our clients in less than 2 minutes, thanks to our automated procedure. Our algorithms will instantly develop quotes for you after entering your address, allowing you to make quick decisions.

    • There are no subscription fees.

    At Eden, we offer clients the option of paying per task. That way, you may utilize our service without feeling obligated, and you’ll be able to save money if the weather changes.

    • Your Satisfaction is guaranteed.

    We always want to see our customers happy. As a result, our specialists will not rest until you are pleased with the job quality.

    • Customer Service Expertise

    We pride ourselves on how we offer the best services to our clients when they need us. To this end, we have a helpful customer service team that is accessible seven days a week to handle any issues you may have.

    • Our procedure is simple.

    You may place orders over the phone or on the internet. In any case, you will receive nothing but the most outstanding service.

    Don’t put it off until it’s too late. Contact us right now and let us handle the difficult job for you.

Snow Removal FAQs in Ottawa, OH

Wear breathable layers that you can readily remove as you warm up. Athletic clothing that wicks sweat is a great alternative. Above all, wear adequate footwear with good traction to avoid slipping.

If you want to fulfill the deadline of 7 a.m., you’ll need to clear all parking lots and pathways in one to one-and-a-half hours. This also means that de-icing operations should only take about 15 minutes.

It’s best to shovel or clear snow as soon as it falls rather than waiting for multiple snowfalls to pile up on top of one another. Otherwise, a thick coating of ice will build, making it more difficult to clear the driveway with a snow plow, blower, or shovel.

Constraints when plowing an acre with a tractor: plowing an acre takes an hour with a tractor. The tractor is available for rental for 8 hours per day. Each acre requires ten person-hours of family labor for clearing, preparing, and planting.

The removal of snow and ice from sidewalks is governed by the city’s Property Maintenance By-law No. 2005-208. It requires property owners and occupiers to clear snow and ice on or around their property. Ice that is impossible to remove should be managed with salt, sand, or gravel.

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