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Save Time, Stop Stress And Save

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Expert Recommendations for Your Yard and Landscape Planning

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

Reliable Service, Expert Crews, Picture Perfect Finish

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

No Contracts, No Commitments – We Come When You Need Us

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Artificial Grass

Starting Price $50


Starting Price $50

Initial Cleanup

Starting Price $50

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Services I need this month in Philadelphia, PA

December, January, February

Services Recommended : Snow Removal

With no contracts or seasonal fees, Eden only charges for snow removal when you need it.

March, April, May

Services Recommended : Lawn Mowing, Weed Removal, Yard Cleanup, Fall Cleanup, Leaf Raking

With several lawn mowing packages to choose from, Eden helps eliminate your outdoor chores.

June, July, August

Services Recommended : Lawn Mowing, Weed Removal, Water Features, Irrigation Systems

We specialize in landscaping services that fit your personal style and the aesthetic of your home.

September, October, November

Services Recommended : Lawn Mowing, Weed Removal, Fertilization, Aeration, Leaf Removal

Our easy, on-demand services cover all of your outdoor yard maintenance and lawn care.

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Lawn Care Services in Philadelphia

Lawn care in Philadelphia is only the beginning of property maintenance. As a homeowner who wants to have a beautiful environment, you should take lawn care seriously. However, you would not be doing a great job, except you understand how things work. Most homeowners in Philadelphia have cool-season grasses on their lawns since we live on the northern boundary of the transition zone.
In Philadelphia, PA, we usually experience four distinct seasons and all these seasons have their effects on your grass. During the snowy winter, your grasses will likely face snow mold caused by the cold. During the spring and scorching summers, your grasses might have brown patches, and the rains can also encourage the growth of weeds. While Autumn is a beautiful season in Philadelphia, it is the season when trees shed their leaves. If you are not careful, you might spend all of your days clearing dead leaves. Then there is fall and the long to-do list for you so that your lawn can blossom from its dormancy in the winter.
With a lot of time, effort, and some products, you should be able to resolve some of these problems. That is, of course, if you know what to do. Otherwise, you would be wasting your time, effort, and money without seeing any valuable results.
Why waste your time when Eden can do it all for you? Besides, we know you have an extensive list of things to do and explore in Philadelphia in your spare time. Why waste all that time on a chore when you can be enjoying yourself. If you have tried this on your own once, you will know how tiring and time-consuming it can be. Allow the experts at Eden lawn care services who enjoy outdoor tasks to take the burden off you.

Why You Need Eden Lawn Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Imagine yourself out in front of your green, lush lawn, basking in the sunshine without doing anything at all to get the beautiful lawn. That dream is exactly what Eden is willing to bring to reality.
Here at Eden, we professional service to our clients and on time too. We understand the value of time, and we know that lawn management largely depends on time. All you need is to tell us what you want, and we will do the exact same thing for you on your lawn. If you also do not know what you want, you can rest easy as we will help you figure out what is best for you, your lawn, and your pocket.
As our client, you will receive the following additional benefits from using our services:

  • All of our technicians are licensed and insured;
  • We have a customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to all of your concerns;
  • You can track the procedure on your phone.
  • We are based here in Philadelphia, which means we will be at your door right on time anytime you need us.
  • Our services are reasonably priced and affordable.

Our Lawn Care Services
We understand that no two lawns are the same. Therefore, we offer custom services for our clients in Philadelphia, PA. At Eden, we offer comprehensive lawn care services in the following areas:

  • General lawn maintenance
  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Core Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • pH Balancing / Lime
  • Power Seeding
  • Tick and Mosquito Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Weed Control
  • Debris removal
  • Landscaping
  • Fertilization and many more.

Our services are affordable and accessible. All you need to start is to visit our website and get a free estimate. Our customer service team is available all day so that you can reach us any time. When you are ready, we will send in our train technicians to carry out the job in no time.

Lawn Care FAQs in Philadelphia, PA

In Philadelphia, April is a good month to begin fertilizing your lawn.

Ideally, you should mow and rake before fertilizing to remove excess grass waste and allow the fertilizer to reach the soil more easily.

No, the absolute best time to water your lawn is the early morning, before 10 a.m.

Mowing once a week during the growing season should suffice to keep your lawn healthy.

The growth of any noxious weeds such as ragweed and poison ivy, or grass or other weeds above the height of six (6) inches, or the accumulation of other such debris, or the non-removal of the same from all real estate within the City is hereby declared to be a nuisance.

Neighborhoods We Service in Philadelphia, PA

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