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Some Of Our Landscaping Projects

Dillon K.


Hired Eden’s landscaping services two months back and my house truly has curb appeal now. Eden’s experts were very professional, easy to deal with. Thank you Eden!

Shiriley N.


Finally, I have my dream yard!! Thank you, Eden for transforming my yard to the dreamy place. Excellent services at a reasonable price.

Lira Y.


We hired Eden’s landscaping service last year to do some landscaping in our backyard. They were very professional, easy to deal with. The cost is lower than if I tried to do it myself. Thank You, Eden!

Eden Landscaping Services

Eden specializes in landscaping services that fit your personal style and the aesthetic of your home. Order any of the following online, on-demand landscaping services


Aeration helps promote lawn growth and alleviate soil compaction. Eden’s landscape professionals will perforate the soil in your yard with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.


Eden staffs certified arborists to manage your tree care needs. To help shape and keep them healthy and thriving, we will prune your trees using the proper techniques and advise on planting new ones. We also will assist in preventing and treating disease and pest infestations.!

Artificial Grass

From installation to maintenance, Eden provides services that will make your artificial turf last. Our certified professional landscape contractors can install, repair, clean and replace or remove artificial grass through our on-demand, online ordering system.


From installing a new asphalt surface to adding an overlay or sealing and patching, Eden’s trained technicians can handle any asphalt paving project with superior quality and attention to detail.

Backyard Oasis

A backyard oasis is a sanctuary, harbor, or getaway with amenities that let you relax and forget about your troubles. Some homeowners choose to turn their backyards into tranquil havens.


Driveways, walkways, custom patios or any other hardscape anchors your outdoor living space and adds to the flow of your landscape. Eden’s contractors can install any concrete, decorative feature for your yard.


Choosing the right materials, design and a trusted contractor like Eden for your backyard deck can add another dimension to a landscape. Let Eden’s landscape contractors walk you through the process that will add an outdoor living space and value to your home.


Dethatching is done to allow air, water, nutrients and fertilizer to enter the soil. It also helps your lawn to drain more effectively. Eden’s lawn care specialists will complete this service by removing the thick layer of decaying plant material that build up on your lawn.


Keeping in mind your landscaping goals and needs, Eden will deliver a custom design plan that includes concept, plant palette, planting plan, lighting, drainage, hardscapes, decks, fences, water features – anything that will fit within your budget. The possibilities are endless


Fences can add a decorative look and enhance your landscape. Eden can design and build a unique fence for your yard utilizing the design and high-quality materials you desire.


To grow green and healthy, your lawn depends on high-quality fertilizer and regular feedings. When applied at the right times, a high-quality lawn fertilizer gives turf essential nutrients that help it grow thick and resist environmental stresses, weeds and pests. Grass type determines when to fertilize.

Fire Features

Fire features add warmth, both literally and aesthetically, to an outdoor space or yard. Eden’s professionals can install, clean and maintain any gas or wood-burning fire pit, table, outdoor chimney or fireplace.

Fireplace Install

Installing a fireplace in your yard adds a cozy element to your landscape. Eden is equipped to install various types of outdoor fireplaces, including those that are wood burning, gas or electric. We will work with you on fireplace selection and identify a great location in your landscape for optimum use.


With a variety of colors to choose from, flagstone can enhance your yard and be incorporated into the overall design of your landscape. Eden’s technicians can install this durable material as a walkway, patio, or any other hardscape feature.

Hot Tubs

Make your landscape even more relaxing with the addition of a hot tub. Eden’s certified contractors can walk you through the process — from inserting the hot tub into your landscape design to installing and maintaining it. We have your relaxation needs covered.

Interlocking Stone

Versatile interlocking stone and pavers offer unique outdoor hardscapes that come in many textures, shapes and sizes. Because of their durability, interlocking stones and pavers are best for high-traffic outdoor spaces. Have Eden install and maintain your today.


Irrigation Systems

No need to worry about lugging a hose around your yard to water your lawn and plants. Eden can provide quality irrigation system installation, design and maintenance services that keep your landscape lush and healthy.

Junk Removal

Did you decide to tackle your landscape maintenance yourself and now don’t know what to do with the waste? Or are you cleaning out your garage or a room in your home and need the junk removed. Eden can do it for you! Our professional contractors can haul away trash to keep your landscape free of debris.


Eden is a full-service landscaping provider, designing and constructing unique landscaping projects with features that complement the aesthetic of your property, enhance your outdoor living space and add value and curb appeal to your home.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminating your outdoor space the proper way allows you to enjoy your yard after the sun sets with an added sense of security. Eden can install an exterior lighting system to benefit your property with selections including solar-panel powered, low voltage, LED and spotlights.

Landscape Rockery

Get creative in your landscape design by utilizing rock. Landscape rockery adds texture and definition to any yard, with little to no maintenance. Eden can design and install a patio, walkway, retaining wall, or waster feature using durable landscape rockery to fit your yard’s needs.


Mulching is the simple act of improving the quality of your soil by covering it with a porous material. This material can either be organic or inorganic – depending on the benefits you wish to acquire. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Expanding your living space can add value and enjoyment to your home. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to make the most of your landscape. Eden’s certified contractors can design and build anything from an upgraded grill with counter space to a full-service outdoor kitchen with plumbing and gas lines.


From installing a new asphalt surface to adding an overlay or sealing and patching, Eden’s trained technicians can handle any asphalt paving project with superior quality and attention to detail.


Looking to add a shaded walkway or seating area to your yard? Let Eden’s professional contractors build or install the perfect pergola to extend your outdoor living area.

Power Washing

Removing dirt and debris on your patio, deck, walkways, fence, home and other outdoor areas can brighten up your landscape and reduce wear and tear. Eden can quickly eliminate this build-up with our power washing services.

Retaining Walls

A well-placed retaining wall helps protect your landscape from erosion and runoff. Eden’s certified professionals can design and install a different types of retaining walls made with various materials that will help hold soil and rocks.

Seasonal Planters and Urns

Fresh seasonal planters can quickly and affordably enhance your landscape and add a pop of color to your home. Let Eden’s professionals design and create the perfect seasonal planter or urns that can be updated throughout the year.


A sod consists of grass and a little layer of soil beneath it held together by its root or another thin layer of material. It’s a natural bed of grass which is grown locally


The word ‘soil’ is a common term used broadly to denote the uppermost layer of the earth’s crust, which supports the growth of plants. Sometimes, the term ‘soil’ is used interchangeably with the word ‘sand.’

Sprinkler Systems

No need to worry about lugging a hose around your yard to water your lawn and plants. Eden can provide quality sprinkler system installation, design and maintenance services that keep your landscape lush and healthy.

Top Dressing

In addition to aeration, top dressing your lawn helps promote lawn growth and alleviate soil compaction. Eden’s landscape contractors will apply sand or a prepared soil mix to the surface of the lawn.

Water Features

Water features, like fountains, waterfalls and ponds, serve as focal points for many landscapes, with their soothing sounds and reflective qualities. Eden can design, install and maintain the most tranquil water feature that fits organically into your landscape design.


Why You Should Hire Professionals For Landscaping Services?

Attractive landscaping boosts the curb appeal of your property and also offers a pleasant and comfortable space to relax. There are several landscaping elements and ideas you can opt to add value to your property. However, due to lack of tools and busy schedule, many homeowners are not able to invest enough time to take care of their landscape and yard. By hiring professional landscaping services, you can achieve the garden of your dreams. Skilled hands of Eden’s Landscaping experts can transform your ideas into reality and help you maintain the beauty of your home landscape and yard. Our professional Team offers a variety of landscaping plan and its maintenance routine at a cost-effective rate. 

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