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Aeration helps promote lawn growth and alleviate soil compaction. Eden’s landscape professionals will perforate the soil in your yard with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.
Aeration helps promote lawn growth and alleviate soil compaction. Eden’s landscape professionals will perforate the soil in your yard with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

Aeration Service

Aeration involves loosening up compact soil. Aeration is the method of puncturing tiny holes in the ground to allow for better water, air, and nutrient supply to the grassroots. It is usually the first treatment plants get. The best way to maintain a lush looking lawn is to schedule frequent aeration service. Learn the types of aeration methods to help keep your lawn in good shape.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is puncturing tiny holes in the soil to allow air, water, and essential nutrients to reach the grassroots of the yard. This process allows the soil to breathe and helps loosen up compact dirt that built up over time. Aeration helps stimulate thicker and healthier lawn growth; it also helps rid of lawn thatch.

Is Aeration Important?

A healthy lawn requires constant effort to keep it nourished, and aeration is an essential part of every luscious looking lawn. However, to properly yield good results and avoid stressing the lawn, when to aerate must be carefully planned. Here are some reasons aeration should be in your lawn care routine.

• Due to the constant exposure of lawns as pathways, they can experience thinning and bad drainage.

• Soil compaction from foot traffic reduces root growth due to reduced water penetration levels.

• When your lawn starts to feel spongy, it's a sign of excess thatch and needs plugging.

• During construction, the grass grown on subsoil will be prone to compaction by construction traffic.

• If you live in an area with heavy clay soil, you'll need annual aeration to prevent a weak lawn since clay soil is easily compacted.

• The movement of vehicles and small equipment on the lawns can lead to soil compaction and reduced water absorption rate.

• If there are constant puddles of rainwater where it was previously absorbed, it’s time to call an aeration company around.

What are the Types of Aeration in Landscaping?

• Core Aeration

Core aeration uses hollow tines to remove cylindrical parts of the soil, which leaves a hole for water and nutrients to pass through to the roots. Core aeration allows the plugs of soil to break down after being distributed on the topmost layer of the earth. Moreover, lawn professionals prefer this method. Aeration is best done some days after a rainfall to help the aerator penetrate the soil easily. Core aeration helps remove compaction from the lawn and speeds up the absorption rate of fertilizers.

• Spike Aeration

This method involves puncturing holes in the lawn with an aerator that carries a sharp blade or tine. Homeowners can participate in spike aeration with the use of spike aerator 'sandals" attached to their shoes during gardening. Lawn thatch can be controlled by deep-raking the soil during aeration. However, homeowners must be careful and practice landscaping safety measures.

It’s best to aerate during the spring for easy nutrient penetration, but lawns with cool-season grasses will benefit more from fall aeration. However, spike aeration can cause more harm than good when performed on a large scale with the use of spike machines. There's a higher risk of soil compaction with the use of spike machines, especially on clay soil types. So, it is best performed on silt or loamy soil type.

• Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration is a scientific and more advanced method of aeration. It is said to yield faster results and proves to be more effective than mechanical means. Liquid aeration happens when there's the creation of microscopic pores in the soil, which acts like sponges and aids in the absorption of water and nutrient.

Also, this can penetrate every aspect of the soil, unlike traditional methods of aeration with tines. Liquid aeration improves water flow and allows for swift nutrient passage to the grassroots. Loose soil also helps lawn ventilation, which aids weed control. If the roots can quickly move, it would be easier for them to access the nutrients needed for their health.

Do You Need to Hire an Aeration Company?

Lawn aeration is a vital routine to maintain a lush yard and you need to hire an aeration company to decide what’s best for your yard. So, it is always advisable to contact an experienced professional in the landscaping field.

Eden is committed to providing landscaping services that keep your lawn healthy and lush. Book a call with Eden's professionals so they can examine your garden and determine what method works best. We are available all year round, so ensure your lawn is at its best with Eden.

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