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Eden staffs certified arborists to manage your tree care needs. To help shape and keep them healthy and thriving, we will prune your trees using the proper techniques and advise on planting new ones. We also will assist in preventing and treating disease and pest infestations.!

An arborist is a professional that analyzes both the internal and external structure of a tree, including its function, to treat and ensure it remains in good health. Another way to define an Arborist would be to call him/her a "tree doctor." They handle things like diseases, growth, pruning, cultivation, unexplainable decay, and many aspects relating to tree surgery.

Besides trees, Arborists also major in the study and management of vines, shrubs, and other woody plants. Their jobs are vaster and more generalized than a tree service technician since arborists handle the health of the whole tree, quite similar to the role of a family doctor. Read on to get a more accurate insight on the value of an Arborist.

Who Is an Arborist?

An arborist is a practitioner of arboriculture and is also known as the tree surgeon, pruner, trimmer, etcetera. These professionals are experts in the art of cultivating, managing, caring, and rehabilitation of both trees and shrubs.

Instead of focusing on maintaining an entire forest, the goal of an Arborist is the safety and health of individual trees or plants. Therefore, their scope of work is far different from that of a logger or forester, although they work in the same field.

Are Arborists Important?

Yes, they are. Now that you've got a basic understanding of an arborist's job description, let's find out why it's crucial to hire one.

  • A Credible Source of Information

An Arborist comes fully equipped with vast knowledge regarding tree care. Although their job is to inspect the health of your tree, they're also at liberty to answer any plant-related question you might have for them. They can suggest daily or weekly routines on how to effectively take care of your plant even when they're not present. *Note: Every Arborist is under oath from the International Society of Arboriculture to abide by the rules and regulations governing the tree care industry.

  • Proper insurance In Case of Risk

If an uncertified "tree doctor" were to get severely injured or die while working on your property, there's a very high possibility you will be held liable for the risk. Fortunately, a certified arborist already has insurance put in place for these risky situations, so you don't have to worry.

  • Equipped with Tools for Every Situation

Pruning a healthy tree with the same tool used on a diseased tree is a sure-fire way to spread the disease to the healthy one. Luckily, an Arborist comes fully equipped with an arsenal of clean and sharp tools for precise cuts and preventing the spread of pathogens.

  • Proof of Effectiveness

A certified arborist will have a list of previous customers for you to contact for more information about their credibility. This track record gives the arborist a better reputation and also satisfy your doubts as a customer. Feel free to request for the contact of a previous client; it's your right as a customer.

  • It Saves You Money

Although hiring an Arborist might cost you a few extra bucks, it saves you a lot more in the long run. Hiring someone else to handle your tree problems might cost you a lot of money if they do an inferior job. The smart move to make would be to call a professional and have all your worries settled.

What are the types of services arborists offer?

Here's a list of some of the services arborist offer, in case you're considering hiring one


  • Pruning

A professional Arborist can maintain and improve both the health and appearance of your plant. They also nearly remove limbs that interfere with electrical wires, thus keeping your property safe from a possible fire outbreak. Eliminating weak or dying limbs not only helps prevent potential hazards but also saves the tree from further decay.

  • Tree Removal

Do you need to remove a tree from your property as neatly as possible? As you already know, hiring anyone with a chain saw might cost you a lot more if they do a terrible job. Fortunately, an arborist can help take it down effectively or help you find new reasons why you should keep the tree.

  • Tree Care

Sometimes, Mother Nature isn't always friendly. She might stir up a terrible storm that might decimate your garden and leave your precious trees heavily damaged. Times like this would require some emergency pruning from someone who understands the internal and external workings of a tree.

  • Planting

Although arborists majorly treat or remove infected trees, their job also includes growing new plant life where necessary. They can also help with advice on which type of tree would prosper in a specific location on your property.

  • Fertilization

Thanks to their vast knowledge of tree trees, an Arborist knows the nutrients required to maintain and improve plant health. They also help with fertilizing and aerating the tree with injections or spray to reduce pests and diseases.

Hiring a Landscaping Company

In conclusion, an Arborist is worth adding to your weekly or monthly gardening to-do list if you're passionate about the health of your plants. If you wish to hire an Arborist but have no idea where to begin, why not ask for help from a professional landscaping company?

We at Eden are consistently ready to provide professional assistance regarding plant life and anything that has to do with landscaping. Call or email us today to get expert advice from our team of experts who offer quality service all year round.

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