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Some Of Our Yard Work Projects

Hazel P.


Very happy with the yard work and design. Eden’s professionals gave us fruitful suggestions. We truly value their constant work. If we decide on any more changes, Eden will be our first choice.

Noah L.


Eden’s yard work services stayed within budget. They have created an amazing lawn edging and gave beautiful appearance to my yard. Extremely pleased with their job.

Astrid G.


We hired eden last year to do some yard work in our exterior. They were very clean, courteous, and very proficient at their work. Highly recommend!

Eden Yard Work Services

Get all of your outdoor yard maintenance and lawn care completed with ease through Eden’s online, on-demand services. They include the following outdoor chores:

Spring Cleanup

An Spring cleanup help gets your yard in top shape. It includes garden bed cleanup, shrub pruning and leaf removal, as needed.

Fall Cleanup

Similar to an spring cleanup, a Fall Cleanup prepares your yard for the winter. Garden beds are prepped for the weather,

Organic Weed Control

To protect your loved ones and pets using your outdoor living space, Eden offers natural, non-chemically 

Garden Beds

Offered as a singular yard work service, in addition to being included in an Initial or Fall Cleanup service, 


Eden will prune dead or overgrown branches or stems on your shrubs to promote growth 

Leaf Cleanup/Removal

Fallen leaves can create a mess on your lawn and in your garden beds. Eden’s lawn care professionals will rake 


Why You Should Hire Professionals For Yard Work Services?

A beautiful yard is a rewarding way to enhance the curbside appeal of any property. It helps to beautify the exterior space and adds value to a home or office. Maintaining appealing look of the yard is an ongoing commitment that involves various activities such as yard clean-up, shrub pruning, tree removal, weed removal, etc. These activities need a lot of attention and time that every property owner can’t find due to busy schedules. We, at Eden, are always available to help you out. Our Team of professionals is expert in rendering amazing yard work services and will help you make an informed decision to beautify your residential or commercial property. 

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