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Fallen leaves can create a mess on your lawn and in your garden beds. Eden’s lawn care professionals will rake any fallen leaves, bag and remove them from your yard.
Fallen leaves can create a mess on your lawn and in your garden beds. Eden’s lawn care professionals will rake any fallen leaves, bag and remove them from your yard.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. It comes with shorter days, cooler temperatures and the regular greenery on trees and shrubs taking on a more vibrant, colorful hue. Eventually, the brightly colored leaves are shed and fall scattered all over lawns, sidewalks and even drainages. When this happens, it is time for leaf clean-up and removal.

Regardless of how beautiful the leaves look on your lawn, if they get too much, they can suffocate and kill the grass on your lawn. Leaf clean-up in fall is not an activity many landscapers look forward to, especially when the leaves have piled up over time. However, there are some ways to make the removal process easier and more enjoyable – even fun. We’ll be telling you some of these ways but before that, here are a few reasons why leaf clean-up is essential in landscaping.

Why Should Fall Leaves Be Removed?

While it isn’t required to clear out absolutely all the leaves on your lawn, it is advisable to remove most of the fallen leaves for the following reasons:

leaf cleanup

Thick layers of leaves on yards will prevent the grasses from getting the required oxygen to survive and will eventually suffocate those grasses.

Too many leaves can invite pests and diseases and lead to other serious issues like brown patch and snow mould.

Even if leaves are shredded, if too many is left on the lawn, it can cause a build-up of thatch on your lawn. Thatch inhibits water, nutrients, and oxygen from getting to the root zone of the grasses.

Leaves can decay on sidewalks and front decks, causing stains and even domestic accidents.

Accumulation of leaves in gutters and drainages will hinder proper water flows and leads to the creation of ice dams in winter.

What Processes are Involved in Leaf Clean-Up And Removal?

Having established why leaf removal is important, here are some of the ways to clean-up fall leaves from your yard.

Raking and Bagging

Fall is the perfect time to put in some raking hours. Get out your rake and gather those grasses together. Raking can be quite effective, especially if your yard isn’t too large. It can also be hard work too, and if care is not taken you may hurt your back. Luckily, there are different types of rakes out there now to make the work easier including

1. Ergonomic rakes that do all the bending for you

2. Rakes with foam-cushioned handles to avoid blisters and wrist and hand injuries

3. Rakes with wider prongs to reduce raking time

4. Rakes with adjustable prongs – you can widen and narrow the bow

5. “No-clog” rakes

Using a leaf blower

Whether it’s a home lawn or commercial lawn, leaf blowers are effective leaf clean-up tool. They can be loud and noisy, but it makes the clean-up process easier, and if you use a blower with a bagging system, it saves even more time and energy. Leaf blowers can also help shred the dry leaves.

What To Do With All The Leaves After a Clean Up?

Make Leaf Mold

Regardless of you chose to clean-up your yard, do not just trash the leaves recovered. Fall leaves are actually very important to your garden and lawn on the long run. They can be converted into leaf mold. Leaf mold is the term used to describe semi-rotting leaves, and when applied, it can add a high level of organic matter and nutrients to your soil. Gathered fall leaves can be used to make leaf mold at home by piling the leaves together and allowing them sit without disturbance for about one year. It can be used as mulch and for soil improvement.

Shred Leaves As Mulch

Dry fall leaves that were shredded leaves can be used as mulch. After applying the dry shredded leaves as mulch, it is best to moisten them a little so the wind doesn’t carry the leaves back into your lawn.

Note: Use only shredded leaves as mulch.

Make Compost

Whether the leaves are shredded or not, they can be added as organic components to a compost pile. If you can’t wait to turn your gathered leaves into leaf mold as stated earlier, you can add it to an already standing compost pile. The dry leaves will help speed up the compost process.

Considering cleaning up the fall leaves in your yard? Why not engage the services of a landscaping company to do it for you.

Eden has a team of seasoned professionals committed to giving you the best landscaping services possible. Give us a call for your leaf clean-up and removal today.

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