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Fertilizer For Lawns

Why Fertilize and Weed Control?  Fertilizer reintroduces key nutrients back into your soil. These nutrients help feed the lawn and promotes a greener and healthier lawn. Weed Control not only improves the aesthetics of your lawn but weeds also rob your grass of it’s nutrients, and attract insects.

Lawn Fertilization

When to Fertilize and Apply Weed Control? Fertilizing and applying Weed Control is best done in mid spring and early fall.

Weed Control Methods

Our crews offer a series of fertilizer and weed control. Applications are done in early spring,  late spring, late summer, and early fall.

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Why Fertilize?

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As humans require food to survive, similarly lawns and plants require fertilizers to survive. Now the question is why does grass require fertilizers if all the required nutrients are present in the soil and water provides other needs? Although everything is available in the soil, air and water, the grass cannot access the key nutrients from the air or soil. Thus fertilizers are required to provide them with the essential nutrients. Fertilizers are chemical substances supplied to the crops to increase their productivity. 

Soil contains a mixture of various kinds of nutritional ingredients which keep varying based on the type of the soil. So it is essential to understand the soil first, before considering the fertilizers for the plants. There are 3 key ingredients required for a plant to grow which are generally found in all fertilizers.

  • Nitrogen – Enhances the chlorophyll production making the leaves healthy (N)
  • Phosphorus – Enhances the growth of plant stems, roots and healthy blossoms, fruits (P)
  • Potassium – Enhances the plant digestion and helps in manufacturing the plant food

Benefits of using Fertilizers

The primary requirement is to know which fertilizer is best suited for lawns and the types of the plants. Along with that how often the fertilizers need to be used. 

All fertilizers come in a combination of N, P and K (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus) and a general purpose fertilizer comes with a constitution of 20N, 20P and 20K. Which means each ingredient is 20% and the remaining 40% consists of inert materials and trace elements. So you can choose the combination as per your lawn requirement. There are water based fertilizers and powder based fertilizers. Again it depends on the land, lawn and plants which need to be used.

The benefits of the fertilizers are:

  • The recovery rate is high
  • The lawn growth is enhanced
  • A protection shield is provided against the climatic conditions
  • The lawn looks fresh and green as the quality improves
  • The density of the lawn increases

Which Organic Weed Control Methods are Effective?

Organic Weed Control

Give little space for weed growth

 For lawns, ensure that there are no empty spaces in your law where the weeds can spring up. Grow and maintain a thick, healthy lawn by aerating and dethatching your yard, mowing often and adequately, frequent watering, overseeding and applying compost or organic fertilizers when necessary.

For gardens, plant disease-resistant varieties so plants can be closely spaced, spread ground covers and mulch over the open spaces in the farms and plant low growing plants in between the taller species to use up bare land areas.


Topping is the simple act of cutting off the flowers and seeds of weeds before they shed. It helps reduce the number of weed seeds in the soils and works well with annual and perennial weed species. Topping can be done by mowing or using a hand scythe.

Mulching and Newspaper covers

Mulching is one of the best organic weed control methods for gardens and vegetable beds. Mulching at the right time will smother existing weeds and prevent the germination of new ones. You can also cover the open spaces on your garden bed with newspapers before placing the mulch on it, especially for areas where the weeds are quite stubborn and much.

Home remedies

There are several simple home tricks you can employ to control the growth of unwanted plants on your lawn or garden. Some of which include;

a) Pouring boiling water over the weeds, especially weeds. You can add a little salt to the boiling water to make it more effective.

b) By spraying vinegar on the weeds; Household vinegar contains acetic acid (up to 5%) which can be used as a weed killer when sprayed repeatedly. However, you have to be careful as vinegar is a non-selective weed killer so it can kill your plants too if it comes in contact with it.areas where the weeds are quite stubborn and much.

Weed Flamers

Weed flamers are simple propane torches redesigned to burn stubborn weeds. These torches have flame nozzles that can be tuned to tiny sizes and used to target individual grasses. It is best for weeds growing along lawn edges, walkways and garden beds. Basically, you burn the weed to death!

Organic pre-emergent herbicides

These pre-emergent herbicides are made from a purely natural source, corn gluten meal, and act in a very similar manner to their chemical equivalents. It inhibits the germination of all seeds where it is sprayed and therefore requires cautious use.

Hand pulling

The traditional hand pulling methods need you to go on your hands and knees and pull the weeds out from the roots using a hand trowel. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but when done right, it’s a very effective way of natural weed control. However, nowadays, there are other useful weed-pulling implements you can use while standing like the Lee Valley Dandelion Digger and Fiskars Stand-Up Weeder.

Organic herbicides

Organic herbicides are usually made from the mixture of naturally occurring acids and oils including clove oil, acetic acid, citric acid, citrus oil and others. There are non-selective and selective options for you to choose, and they work just as effectively as chemical herbicides too.

Hiring a Landscaping Company to Fertilize and Organic Weeding For Your Yard

Fertilizing is one of the essential requirements to maintain a lush green lawn. A fertilization schedule needs to be followed along with regular mowing, trimming, weeding and cleaning. Hiring a professional landscaping company who knows when to fertilize, which fertilizer to use and how to fertilize as well. You can make your lawn the best in the area by handing over the lawn maintenance and fertilization to EDEN. You will never see grass brown on your lawn. 

Eden also offers professional organic weeding to give you that stunning yard you’ve always wanted. Our experts can determine the best organic weed control method that will produce the best results on your lawn.

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