Best Snow Removal Tools

Best Snow Removal Tools for Your Home Yard

Snow removal tools, such as Snow Blower, Snow Brush, Snow Shovel, Snow and Ice melter, Ice Scraper to name a few, are devices or appliances that are employed in removing snow after a snowfall in order to make travel easier and safer. Even though walking in the fresh snow gives a different yet lively feeling, the radiance kind of fades away when you realize that you have to shovel the driveway, rake the roof, among other chores, to get the snow off to protect your home during the winter season. 

Hence, the two main types of snow removal tools are Electric and Hand-held tools that are great options for homeowners. However, each tool has its own advantages when it comes to your varied requirements. Let’s explore them to understand which can be considered as the best overall tool for your local environment. 

1. Snow Blower

A snowblower, through its rotating spiral blade, assists you in removing snow from your driveway or sidewalk. The rotating auger picks up or scoops up the snow while propelling it into the air, up to 35 feet away, or maybe farther. 

The average cost of a snow blower depends on which type of blower you wish to buy. Snowblowers come in single-stage and two-stage units that can help you clear a depth of up to 12 inches of snow, while a three-stage unit can handle 16 inches of snow or more.

The average cost ranges from $200 to $2000. With a cost range like this, you also get options where you can opt for a single-stage snowblower with multiple speeds. 

Now that you know the major features of a snowblower, it is also worth knowing the average energy consumption of using a snowblower. Most people know that the market is equipped with both gas-powered models and electric models of snow blowers. But it does not take much time to decide that electric snow blowers are a great option over gas models since they are quiet and more eco-friendly. Nevertheless, the maximum power an electric snowblower uses ranges between 15 – 20 amps.

Snow Blower

When it comes to lifespan, with such usage and energy consumption, a single-stage snow blower can last around 10 years. A two or three-stage snowblower, on the other hand, has an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years (if they are properly maintained and stored).

Eden suggests that if someone resides in a region with heavy snowfall, they must consider getting a snowblower to acquire safer surroundings and getting the job done in a short period of time. Also, Eden themselves uses this tool for their clients with large lawn spaces.

2. Electric Single-stage Snow Thrower

Usually, single-stage blowers are referred to as electric single-stage snow throwers. The snow thrower is smaller than a two or three-stage snow blower and probably won’t cover as much ground as the latter ones. However, the electric snow throwers still get the job done. While the auger in a two-stage snow blower picks up the snow and feeds it to the impeller, which then shoots out the snow, completing a two-stage process. “Single-stage” refers to the process in which the machine scoops up the snow and throws it in a single movement. 

Following its usage, the average cost of an electric single-stage snow thrower ranges between $150 – $800. While these snow thrower machines can assist you in clearing light snow (less than 12 inches), with proper maintenance, they can last up to 7-10 years. 

Similar to the snow blowers, Eden also recommends electric single-stage snow throwers that can do the same job for a smaller space or snow depth of 6 – 12 inches. After all, Eden also utilizes these reliable tools, especially for those consumers who are environmentally minded and opt for eco-friendly options.

3. Bi-directional Wheeled Snow Pusher

A lightweight alternative to a snowblower, a snow pusher can be employed to get the snow off the driveway more easily and efficiently. A snow pusher comes with a broad blade that can push large quantities of snow farther away, but a traditional pusher can put a lot of strain on your back, especially if the snow is thicker than 6 inches. Hence, a snow pusher with wheels makes a great choice. 

The cost is a tad more expensive than a traditional shovel and can range anywhere from $40 – $300. With a price range like this, a reliable wheeled snow pusher saves you both time and energy and can last over 10 years. 

Eden suggests that you buy a wheeled snow pusher if you wish to prevent bending or scooping while clearing an evenly level deck, driveway, or path. However, Eden can use this tool for you if you need to push the snow aside, but they don’t recommend it for areas that receive heavy snowfall.

4. Roof rake & Ice Scraper

Roof rakes are specifically designed to clear snow from the roof of your house and cars with one pass. At the same time, an ice scraper is typically used to break up thick ice from a surface. They are simple to use and can last you a lifetime if you opt for a steel blade. 

You can get these particular tools at quite an affordable price range that starts from $6. 

Given their importance of usage, Eden suggests working with a roof rake that can help you remove snow from the roof since the weight of snow can result in structural roof damage or lead to the formation of ice dams, both of which should be avoided. 

Eden uses ice scrapers to crack up or penetrate ice and break it apart. However, they have experts who know how to use one without scratching or scraping the surfaces.

5. Snow Brush

Snow brushes are best suited for light to moderate snowfalls. While they are not constructed for removing high inches of snow, they can perfectly help you to brush off the windshield or the middle of the glass on larger, taller vehicles.

Tools like this are the best alternative to gas or electric operated machines that can achieve in conserving energy consumption. Snow brushes also don’t cost much and start from a reasonable $11. 

Snow brushes can last over 7 years and are highly recommended by Eden for clearing snow off small spaces, where a single stage or two-stage snow blowers can’t reach. 

Roof Rake

6. Snow Shovel

Apart from a snow brush, snow shovels are quite a handy tool if you live in a colder climate. They can be your go-to tool for varied tasks, from lifting, digging to simply clearing snow out of the way.

An alternative to energy-consuming machines, snow shovels are available at as low as $15 to super-tough aluminum shovels that can go up to $80. 

Eden recommends this tool as a must and worthy purchase due to its simple yet essential attributes. A household should always maintain a shovel if their locality or area receives light, moderate, to heavy snowfall.

7. Snow and Ice Melter

If you live in a region with frequent snowstorms and heavy snowfall, then a snow and ice melter can be the best snow removal tool you can benefit from. They should be applied before snowfall, after clearing snow, or prior to a storm to help reduce concrete damage and prevent ice from bonding. 

The average cost of ice melt starts from around $13 and can go up to $80 depending on the brand and the weight of the bag. The most crucial tool that Eden recommends for people living in a region with high snowfall is a snow and ice melter since they aid in preventing risks. 

Which Tool is Better for Snow Removal?

Two or three-stage snow blowers are a better option when it comes to snow removal since they can aid in clearing snow from large spaces in a short time. 

However, given the price range and your needs, you can opt for a single-stage electric snow blower or snow thrower, which can also get the job done efficiently but is ideal for light snow.

What are the Snow Removal Tool Accessories?

The snow removal tools accessories mean the essential accessory or part of the tool or machine that enhances its usage. 

The main snow removal tool (Snowblower) accessories are listed below.

  1. Snow Blower Cover
  2. A weight kit
  3. Snow Blower Gloves
  4. Spray to prevent snow sticking
  5. A protective floor mat
  6. Clean out tool

Which Snow Removal Tools are suggested by Eden?

Given the features of snow removal tools and their benefits, Eden suggests the following tools.

  1. Hand Snow Pusher
  2. Ice Spear/Scraper
  3. Snow Brush/Brooms
  4. Roof Rake
  5. Leaf Blower
  6. Salt and Ice Melt

Snow Thrower

In a nutshell, the best snow removal tools should not only assist you in restoring the curb’s appeal or clearing the snow, but they should also prevent the risk from dangerous ice dams or thick bonded ice. Choose the one that best suits your area and needs. For professional snow removal services with the best tools, contact Eden.

If ‘By what time will they clear your driveway?’ has been your thought all over the winter, we are here to help you easily drive away.