Old – How to Use Eden App

App Download

Download Eden by searching for: Eden Lawn and Snow. Make sure you haven’t downloaded the contractor app which is also called Eden.

Here’s what it looks like in the app store: Apple App store (iOS) on the left and Google Play (Android) on the right.

Eden Registration

Once you’ve downloaded the app, click “Create an Account” and enter in your email, choose a password or you can also login with your Facebook account. Enter your name and phone number, followed by your address. Once all of your information is entered, you’ll get a confirmation screen.

Menu Options

You can view menu options when you click on the menu icon (straight lines) at the top of your mobile screen. Based on the season, you can toggle to snow removal (blue) or lawn care (green).

Under Account, you can change/add your phone number or change your password.

Under Properties, you can edit/change/view the address that you originally included OR Add Another Property to your account. You can add in multiple addresses to your account.

Under Billing, you can change or view your credit card information.

You can also view your Wallet – to view your unique promo code you can share with others, enter someone else’s promo code if you were referred, or view your credit balance. For more information on how the Eden Wallet works – click here.

Setting Up Your First Snow Removal Job

After you submit your account information, you can then set up your first job by entering the number of cars that would fit into your driveway and the shape of your driveway and then click next. You can also enter or change these details under Properties (in the menu) or add them when you add a new Property. If you don’t have a driveway, click “don’t have a driveway.” to bypass this screen.

You can then choose (optionally) an add-on clearing or “Skip” to create the job. When you do choose an add-on clearing, the Skip button will change to Next.

You can also add in a promo code as well as comments that are unique to your property that are not covered in your job order details. These will be read by the contractor who accepts your job.

Click either Skip or Next will automatically create the job and place it in the queue for contractors to accept. You do have the option of cancelling the job prior to it being accepted by a contractor.

Setting up your First Lawn Care Job

When it’s spring, summer and fall, you’ll need to toggle to “Lawn” under the Menu. Then, you’ll have the option to do Lawn Care (grass cutting) or Yard Work only (garden beds, shrubs, or leaf cleanup).

When you choose Lawn Care, you’ll be prompted to input your approximate lot measurements and then your current lawn length. The next screen will show you an approximate quote on the lawn care. You can also choose additional yard work services Then click next or skip.

You’ll then get a summary of your quote, however it’s only an estimation and may be adjusted once a contractor is on site and has a chance to evaluate your property and work involved. You’ll be notified of any readjustments and have time to accept or not accept the recalculation. If you’re not available to accept the new quote, the job will automatically be cancelled.

Contractor Communication and Job Notifications

If for some reason, a contractor is not found in the first 5 minutes, you’ll get the following notification: “We’re sorry, all of our contractors are currently busy. We will notify you when the next available contractor accepts your job request.” At this point, your job is in the job pool and can be accepted by a contractor, so be patient!

Once your job is accepted, you will be able to send and receive messages from the contractor using the chat box function. You will also have the ability to view the contractor’s estimated time of arrival. You’ll then have 10 minutes to cancel the job. If you still want to cancel after the 10 minutes are up, please message the contractor right away as well as send a message to Kate – [email protected]

Once the contractor is on site, you’ll get a notification that he has started the job, the circle will change. Then, once the job is complete, you’ll get another notification with an “after” image of the work that you can approve. This image will also be sent to you with your invoice. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy with the job, then you will have 1 hour to dispute it by clicking the dispute button. This will get sent to our support team and we will be in touch right away.

Once you approve the work, you can share your completed work on social media and rate your contractor. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.